1. Geraldo Riviera Arming Libyan Rebels is like arming street gangs Bloods Crips and MS-13

  2. MSNBC Ed_Schultz Gets Pounded By Jeremy Scahill

  3. Black mother put jolly ranchers in her kids hair

  4. Hiccup Girl and 2 black boyfriends murder innocent white during robbery

  5. 11 yr old girl thrown off cheerleader squad for refusing to booty shake


  7. Democrats run a sleazy woman for congress in VA

  8. Racist Black gangs are targeting White men for hate crimes.

  9. Now blacks are complaining they suffer from PTSD

  10. Woman gets cut in half to save her life

  11. October fest in Germany

  12. Getting rid of whites in the military

  13. Mexican teacher in California rapes 70 students

  14. Israel kicks out kids of immigrants just like the US should

  15. Immigrants bring acid throwing culture to the US

  16. African American pastor accused of eating the poo poo gay acts

  17. Boycott Stephan Colbert for supporting illegal immigration and amnesty

  18. Mexicans Rush Citi Field with Mexican flags During AZ diamond back game

  19. Most black men can't graduate highschool

  20. Preparing for Civil War

  21. Anti-illegal-Immigration protest Rally in Arizona

  22. Sizzler Steak house raided for Hiring illegals Boycott Sizzler

  23. Woman shoots herself because she needed medical care for her arm

  24. Man hacks own arm off after he gets stuck

  25. Two faced headed kitten born

  26. 15 most peaceful countries in the world

  27. Mexican gang violence spilling over across America

  28. Another lovely immigrant isn't diversity great

  29. San Francisco declares economic war on Arizona

  30. The people who are destroying America single handly

  31. I met a guy through FACEBOOK see what happens

  32. 22 Shot, 7 Killed in Violent 12 Hours in Chicago

  33. We must create a New Human

  34. Man who was beaten by the NWO ZOG forces in MD

  35. 75% of Americans DO NOT TRUST THE US Government

  36. Time to End birth rite citizenship anchor-babies

  37. Dangerous African Drug poisoning US youth

  38. Liberal quack wants whites to stop reproducing to save the planet

  39. African Americans go buck wild in Kansas

  40. 8yr old African American hands out heroin like it's candy

  41. Man who tried to infiltrate Tea Party

  42. Grad student murdered for being white

  43. African American woman has stripper parties for kids in a trailor home

  44. Coal Burner set on fire by husband

  45. African American flashmobs now in Kansas city

  46. Crazy African American legal deposition

  47. African american man arrested for molesting children

  48. Deep sea creatures

  49. Peeping Tom

  50. NAACP complains not enough whites in black schools

  51. Illegal Alien tries to kidnap small boy

  52. Seattle Crime rates scare away Tourists

  53. Black woman hires 13 of her relatives for city job Nepotism gone crazy

  54. 79-Year-Old Woman Beat, Raped and Set on Fire, Faces the _Man_ She Says Did it

  55. Black guy caught in a chimney

  56. Hummer goes on the Scrap Heap of history

  57. Mexican drug wars worse than ever

  58. Nova Scotia doesn't like Interracial couples

  59. Teachers punished for low IQ students

  60. US soldiers catch strange virus from Haitians

  61. Pat Buchanan proves global warming is fake and it might even be beneficial

  62. Union Thugs are attacking elected officials

  63. African American Detroit school test scores lower than the thrid world


  65. Degenerate Rap Groupies

  66. African American Detroit test scores are as low as cavemen anchorman suggests Razing Detroit

  67. African American thugs kill middle eastern couple for no reason in Ohio

  68. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson may run for President

  69. Debbie Wasserman Shultz get's smacked down by Dylan Ratigan Morning Meeting 12-18-09

  70. Corrupt Clintonite caught lying watch the weasel squirm Over Helthcare bill

  71. Japanese guy marries virtual girl

  72. Is Obama deliberately trying to break the Military

  73. Buy American Movement

  74. Why the US surrendered their sovereignty to the third world

  75. Graphic details in the Sex for Phillies tickets case

  76. Racist Blaxican on Tyra Banks

  77. Obama lifts AIDS travel ban and invites them to the US

  78. Most college students addicted to speed and homosexuality is rising

  79. The cutest Baby in America

  80. Illegal Aliens set white child on fire

  81. Illegal Alien boils 2 yr old to death

  82. Brainwashed Lemming embrace suicide

  83. Illegal trades daughter for beer and beef