1. Piper Christmas Greeting

  2. John Piper - Are Christians under the 10 Commandments?

  3. John Piper - Is it wrong for guys to listen to female speakers?

  4. John Piper - If you could redo one thing in your life, what would it be?

  5. John Piper - Should Christians be willing to read the books of other religions?

  6. John Piper - How do you prepare your sermons?

  7. John Piper - The Horizontal Dimension of Personal Breakthroughs

  8. John Piper - "Seeking Your Own" in Loving Others

  9. John Piper - Justification

  10. John Piper - When should you confront someone about their sin?

  11. John Piper - How do you avoid forgetting Scripture that you've memorized?

  12. John Piper - What cautions do you have for the New Reformed movement?

  13. John Piper - If you could say one thing to the next generation of church leaders, what would it be?

  14. John Piper - What has been your biggest spiritual struggle and how did you get victory?

  15. John Piper - How should different generations in a church work together?

  16. John Piper - Is there room in reformed theology for environmental concern?

  17. Don't Waste Your Life Sentence (trailer)

  18. John Piper - Is it OK for mothers to work full-time outside of the home?

  19. John Piper - Should I find a new church if mine won't support me in missions?

  20. John Piper - Money, Markets and Ministry

  21. John Piper - Is God's plan of salvation a failure?

  22. John Piper - Does God get more glory if people have free will?

  23. John Piper - Should I become a pastor if my wife isn't saved?

  24. John Piper - Is Christianity biased toward book lovers?

  25. Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God (trailer)

  26. John Piper - What should we teach about creation?

  27. John Piper - Which grieves you more: bad theology or division in the church?

  28. John Piper - What is a wife's responsibility in solving marital conflict?

  29. John Piper - What do you think about contemplative prayer?

  30. John Piper - Is it important for me to become a member of my local church?

  31. John Piper - Should pastors get PhDs?

  32. John Piper - Is it important to have your parents' blessing in marriage?

  33. John Piper - Is it OK to drink alcohol?

  34. John Piper - Why is homosexuality wrong?

  35. John Piper - At what point should I share the gospel with my neighbor?

  36. John Piper - The Call of God

  37. John Piper - Why should I resist sin if God uses it for good?

  38. John Piper - Has God predetermined every detail in the universe, including sin?

  39. John Piper - If God wants me happy why do I suffer?

  40. John Piper - What makes you happy?

  41. John Piper - Could a pastor at bethlehem have voted for Obama?

  42. John Piper - Any advice for those attending prosperity churches?

  43. John Piper - Did God make whites superior to other races?

  44. John Piper - Did Jesus' death do anything for non-Christians?

  45. John Piper - Who do you listen to?

  46. John Piper - How should you boast only in Christ when job hunting?

  47. John Piper - Demonic power and indwelling sin

  48. John Piper - Are prosperity preachers deceptive?

  49. John Piper - Should christians pray imprecatory prayers?

  50. John Piper - Why Rick Warren @ the Desiring God 2010 National Conference?

  51. John Piper - Rick Warren and the Desiring God National Conference

  52. John Piper - Should Christians take antidepressants?

  53. John Piper - Church and politics

  54. John Piper - The emergent church

  55. John Piper - Why don't other elders preach at your church?

  56. John Piper - Broken-hearted boldness

  57. John Piper - Can a person drink or smoke and be a Christian?

  58. John Piper - How should you deal with the differences in the Synoptic Gospels?

  59. John Piper - What happens to infants who die?

  60. John Piper - If your pastor asked, would you stop talking about the doctrines of grace?

  61. John Piper - Should preachers preach Christ from every text of Scripture?

  62. John Piper - What made it OK for God to kill women and children in the Old Testament?

  63. John Piper - Atheism: Laughable and blasphemous

  64. John Piper - Do you accept evolution or an old earth view?

  65. Desiring God 2010 Conference for Pastors

  66. John Piper - Can I go into missions without a college degree?

  67. John Piper - What's your vision for Desiring God for the next 25 years?

  68. John Piper - Can you offer hope to someone who's addicted to cutting himself?

  69. John Piper - Should churches train their own ministers?

  70. John Piper - The gospel saves from morality

  71. John Piper - Plant Churches

  72. John Piper - How do you relax?

  73. John Piper - Is it sin to dislike the doctrine of election?

  74. John Piper - Does everything that happens glorify God as much as possible?

  75. John Piper - A Sweet and Bitter Providence

  76. John Piper - Why do I need other people if I already have Jesus?

  77. John Piper - The Silent Destruction of the Unborn

  78. Russell Moore Defines Adoption and The Call To Care for the Orphans.

  79. John Piper - How should I deal with parents who don't acknowledge that they abused me?

  80. John Piper - Sickened By The Ugliness Of Their Own Sinfulness

  81. John Piper - Is it ever appropriate to call out prosperity gospel teachers by name?

  82. John Piper - The Bible Can't Be Boring

  83. John Piper - What are your thoughts on Halloween?

  84. John Piper - Prayer: An overflow from confidence in Christ

  85. John Piper - Who is in charge of your @johnpiper twitter account?

  86. John Piper - Should a daughter submit to an overprotective father?

  87. John Piper - How would you study the Bible with people who can't read?

  88. John Piper - Why do you think Christianity is true?

  89. John Piper - Why Christmas?

  90. John Piper - Do miracles happen today?

  91. A Sweet and Bitter Providence

  92. John Piper - If you had 2 minutes with the Pope, what would you say?

  93. John Piper - God's sovereign over resistance to Jesus

  94. John Piper - What's your stance on birth control?

  95. John Piper - Is there a relationship between unbelief and pornography?

  96. John Piper - Whoever believes will be saved

  97. John Piper - Should marijuana be legalized?

  98. The Pastor, the People, and the Pursuit of Joy: Desiring God Conference for Pastors

  99. John Piper - Should the risk of danger keep me from doing missions?