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  1. Are Killers Serving Life in Luxury?

  2. Kenny Chesney on Music, Love and Fame

  3. Summer Solstice: The Heat Is On

  4. 'Sugar Daddies' Hook Up with Young Women

  5. Sandusky Found Guilty in Sex Abuse Case

  6. Sandusky Guilty: Will He Appeal?

  7. Rielle Hunter Details Secret Affair

  8. Katy Perry on Russell Brand, New Movie

  9. Christie Brinkley's Ex on Nasty Divorce

  10. Flight Attendant Rant on Crashing, 9/11

  11. More Women in Their 20s Use Botox

  12. Chuck E. Cheese: Hotspot of Fights?

  13. Teens Recreate 'Project X' Parties

  14. Female Orgasm: All in Women's Heads?

  15. Finds Cheapest Gas in Town

  16. Trayvon Martin Case: Widespread Outrage

  17. Gastric Bypass Hypnosis: Thinking Thin

  18. Teen Girls and Binge Drinking

  19. JetBlue Pilot Breaks Down Mid-Air

  20. Mega Millions Madness: Beating the Odds

  21. Inside Apple: Changes Made at Foxconn

  22. Mega Millions: D(rawing) Day!

  23. Mega Millions Mania: Hunt for Winners

  24. Texas Tornado Video Shows Destruction, Twisters Rip Through Texas

  25. Grandmother Saves Boy in Tornado

  26. Teen Exorcists Claim to Purge Demons

  27. 'Choking Game' Spreads on YouTube

  28. Cell Phone Theft Crackdown

  29. Fake DEA Agents Scam Victims

  30. Alleged Murder-For-Hire Target Speaks

  31. Cramming for 'Gifted' Kindergarten Test

  32. Surviving Deadly Plains Tornadoes

  33. Catching Up With the Oldest U.S. Mom of Twins

  34. Hidden Calories: Are You Being Healthy?

  35. Dick Clark: Farewell to a TV Legend

  36. Bird Strike Grounds Delta Flight

  37. More Moms Seek Erotic Books, Films

  38. Hudson Takes Stand in Murder Trial

  39. Woman Fights to Collect from Collectors

  40. Child Vanishes From Bedroom

  41. Exclusive: American Apparel CEO

  42. Bod4God: Get In Shape to Honor God?

  43. Organ Transplants: Gift of Life

  44. Young Boy Gets a New Heart

  45. Are Airbrushed Ads Dangerous?

  46. Airline Fees: Weigh More, Pay More?

  47. Extreme Marriage Therapy: More Sex?

  48. Generation XXX: Teens Addicted to Porn?

  49. Ephren Taylor Accused of Ponzi Scheme

  50. Fugitive Adam Mayes Dead

  51. Breastfeeding Cover Mom Speaks Out

  52. Relationship Wars Go High-Tech

  53. Swingers: Hooking Up With Strangers

  54. Contentious 'Gummy Bear' Breast Implant

  55. Bruce Willis on New Baby, Movie

  56. Getting Revenge Online

  57. Katie Couric Meets the Queen

  58. What 'DWTS' Winners Have in Common

  59. Facebook Fiasco: Company Sued

  60. Boarding School for Overweight Kids

  61. Etan Patz Case: Suspect Arrested

  62. Young Football Players: Brain Concerns

  63. Record-Breaking Taxi Ride

  64. Joel Stein's 'Quest for Masculinity'

  65. Airlines' New Fees: Water, Carry-Ons

  66. Free Diving Down to the Depths

  67. 'Purple Heart Homes' for Wounded Vets

  68. Princes William, Harry Open Up on Family

  69. Jersey-Saurus: 'Real-Life' Dino Park

  70. Hunger Crisis in West Africa

  71. On the Town with

  72. Sugar: Latest Target in Diet Wars

  73. Giggle Seizures: No Laughing Matter

  74. Trainer Regains Fit Body After Weight-Gain Experiment: Fit2Fat and Back: A Weight-Gain Journey

  75. Diamond Jubilee: A Toast to the Queen

  76. White House Now Up for Grabs?

  77. The Real Downton Abbey

  78. Shrinks to the Stars

  79. Could Air France Flight 447 Have Been Saved?

  80. Air France 447 Crash Investigation

  81. Air France Flight 447: Pilot's Mistakes

  82. Patti Smith's Playlist

  83. 'Phantom' Debt Collectors Scam Americans

  84. Searching for Grizzly Bears

  85. Giant Worm: Iceland's Loch Ness Monster?

  86. Reality Contestant Accused of Lying

  87. Mysterious Yoga Retreat Death in Ariz.

  88. GMA's Robin Roberts' New Battle

  89. Teen's New Look Post-Gastric Bypass

  90. Miami's Luxury Condo Boom

  91. Does Spray Tan Pose a Health Risk?

  92. New Wave of High-Profile Hoaxes

  93. 'Zoobiquity': Animal, Human Health Links

  94. Was Murder for Hire Plotted Behind Bars?

  95. Armstrong Faces New Doping Charges

  96. Pregnant Snooki Re-Boots Image

  97. Meeting LeBron James

  98. Dangerous Games and Mischief 2.0

  99. Nik Wallenda's Stunt for the Ages

  100. Platelist: Michael Chiarello

  101. Rebuilding Haiti: Fathers Day Gifts

  102. Nik Wallenda's Niagara Falls Megastunt

  103. Sen. Rubio: WH 'Never Called Us'

  104. Mr. Mom: Stay-at-Home Dads on the Rise

  105. Can Gastric Bypass Fuel Alcoholism?

  106. Extreme Vacation: Train Like Real SEALs

  107. Deadly High-Speed Police Chases

  108. Zombie Apocalypse at Abandoned UK Mall

  109. 'Stranded Traveler' Con Targets Emails

  110. Extreme Penny Hoarders Hope to Cash In

  111. Platelist: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

  112. 'Dark Knight Rises' Fans Go After Film Critics, Rush Limbaugh

  113. Colorado Movie Theater Shooting Worst in US History

  114. Bonnie Raitt's Playlist

  115. Acts of Valor: Four Boyfriends Took Bullets to Save Girlfriends

  116. James Holmes Court Appearance: Colorado Shooting Suspect Appears Dazed in Court

  117. Cuba's Little Boxers Fight for Olympic Goal

  118. Colorado Shooting Suspect Spitting at Jail Guards

  119. Michael Jackson Family Feud: Kids Caught in Middle

  120. Why Do Women Cheat?

  121. Jeremy Renner Takes 'Bourne' Reins

  122. Brand it Like David Beckham

  123. New American Dream: Rent, Not Own?

  124. UK's Male Synchronized Swim Team Fights for Olympics

  125. Ai Weiwei 'Never Sorry'

  126. Master Any Skill in 10,000 Hours?

  127. Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies Extravaganza

  128. Parents Get Performance Anxiety Watching Kids Compete

  129. In Syria, Thousands Flee for Their Lives

  130. Olympics-Size Me: Athletes' Mega Diets

  131. Nicki Minaj: The Show Stopper

  132. Plain Jane Bandit

  133. Charity Chic: Eyewear Designer Gives Back

  134. Mad Hatters: Check Out Some of the Olympic Hats

  135. Man Becomes Genius After Head Injury

  136. God Save the Phone Box

  137. Hotel Confidential: What You Didn't Know

  138. Fitness Guru, Age 10: Is It Healthy?

  139. Elon Musk Has Sights Set on Mars

  140. Wis. Sikh Temple Shooter Was Army Vet

  141. Fourth Place Olympic Medals for Almost-Winners

  142. Ebola Outbreak in Uganda: CDC Rushes to Contain Virus

  143. Elton John, Madonna's Public Smackdown

  144. Faking It: Feds Bust Fake Louboutin Shipment

  145. Olympic Sport of Pin Trading

  146. 'Sparkle,' Whitney Houston's Final Bow

  147. Chiropractic Neurology: Miracle Method or Placebo?

  148. Bates Family of 21 Talks New Reality Show

  149. 'Big Baboon House': Monkey's 'Real World'

  150. In Syria, Civil War Tears Families Apart

  151. Break Food Addictions in 28 Days?

  152. Glamorous Synchronized Swimmers Make Big Hollywood Splash

  153. Paul Ryan Heckled in Campaign Trail Debut

  154. Lightning Chaser Seeks Moment of Strike

  155. 'Kumare': Fake Guru Earns Real Following

  156. Seriously Funny: Marc Maron

  157. In Search of the Perfect British Pub

  158. Sleep Driving: Growing Hazard on the Road

  159. Should Bullied Teens Be Getting Plastic Surgery?

  160. Brad Goreski: Superstar Stylist

  161. Extreme Strategies for Winning the Lotto

  162. Michelle Obama Hosts Kids' 'State Dinner'

  163. New Radar System to Help With Turbulence

  164. Drought, Wildfires, Heat: Summer of Hell?

  165. Boy Preacher Just Answering God's Will

  166. Close Call on the Arctic's Melting Sea Ice

  167. Being Marley: Ziggy Opens Up on Father, Music

  168. Tracking Elusive Narwhals in the Arctic

  169. Telenovelas Find New Niche in US Market

  170. Graham Spanier Says He Was Victim of Child Abuse

  171. Red Panda's Plight: Cute and Endangered

  172. Summer Camp for Atheists

  173. Hans Zimmer Talks 'DKR' Music

  174. Grandmaster Flash's Playlist

  175. Lance Armstrong Accepts Lifetime Ban from Cycling

  176. Dudeism: The Path to Lebowski Enlightenment

  177. Empire State Building Shootout Leaves 2 Dead

  178. Isaac Churns Towards Gulf States

  179. Republican National Convention: Political Frenemies

  180. Mitt Romney Nominated, But Does He Feel the Love?

  181. Paul Ryan, Gen X on the GOP Ticket

  182. Isaac Flooding Prompts Hundreds of Rescues

  183. Tea Time at the Republican National Convention

  184. Isaac Aftermath: Towns Underwater, Tornadoes

  185. Chef Adam Perry Lang

  186. RNC's Balloon Boss

  187. Basketball Wives: Evelyn Lozada Speaks

  188. Mitt Romney's Shining Moment at RNC

  189. Diving With Great White Sharks

  190. 'Less-Meatarians' Cut Down on Beef

  191. Controversial Filmmaker's Wild Shots

  192. Hate Religion, Love Jesus

  193. Michelle Obama: Wife of the Party

  194. Julian Castro Delivers Historic DNC Speech

  195. Clinton's Speech: DNC Report Card

  196. DNC: Post-Party Analysis

  197. Dems, GOP Party with Corporate Cash

  198. President Obama's DNC Finale

  199. 'Cheer': Inside the World of High-Pressure Competitive Cheerleading

  200. DJ Cassidy: Obama's Beats Master

  201. Regal 'Animal Ancestor' Portraits

  202. Surrogate, 60, Gives Birth to Grandson

  203. Obama Revealed: Bob Woodward's Explosive New Book

  204. 'Extreme Makeover' Star's Nanny Details Carjacking

  205. Fighting Pirates Overseas

  206. 5-Hour Energy Empire Under Scrutiny

  207. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE -- INTERVIEW 2012: 'Gangnam Style': A Dance Revolution

  208. Blind Chef Is 'MasterChef' Winner

  209. Before They Were Famous, They Were in Competition

  210. Proposed Ban on Magnet Toys Has Buckyballs Crying Foul

  211. American Embassies Under Siege Across Middle East

  212. Edison Nation Turns Ideas into Sellable Products

  213. Jenny McCarthy: Confessions of a Centerfold

  214. Selling Your Car: How to Get the Best Value

  215. McDonald's Calorie Counts, NYC Big Soda Ban

  216. Anacondas: Tracking Elusive Giants in Brazil

  217. Anti-American Protests Spread Across Middle East

  218. Testosterone: 'Viagra for the Boardroom'?

  219. Kate Middleton's Topless Photo Scandal

  220. On the Town with Green Day

  221. Solitary Confinement: No Way Out of the Monster Factory

  222. The JFK Tapes: Secret Oval Office Recordings

  223. Solitary Confinement: A Controversial Punishment

  224. Food 'Fix': Can Overeating Really be an Addiction?

  225. Solitary Confinement: Is It Torture?

  226. 'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars': The Competition

  227. Deepak Chopra, As Told by His Son

  228. Taming Exotic Pet Owners

  229. Mitt Romney Tapes: Candidate Stands by 'Entitled' Obama Supporters Comments

  230. The Case of the Missing iPad

  231. William, Kate Middleton File Criminal Complaint Over Topless Photos

  232. Abs, Bringing Sexy Back

  233. Best in TV: Variety Shows

  234. Was 'Anarchy' Actor on Drugs Before Killings?

  235. Ben Affleck's New Film, 'Argo'

  236. Young Mormons on a Mission

  237. Japanese Police K-9 Unit: Toy Poodles

  238. Cloud Seeders Make It Rain

  239. Platelist: Chef Jerome Chang's Delectable Desserts

  240. Taylor Swift on Her Love Life

  241. Taylor Swift: Glamour's Cover Girl

  242. Michelle Obama on Keeping Marriage, Politics Separate

  243. Melrose Place: Cast Reunion

  244. Secrets of a 48-Hour Home Appraisal Makeover

  245. GM Puts Vehicles Though Extreme Tests

  246. The Mormon Bachelor

  247. Strollers: Latest Celebrity Status Symbol?

  248. Canyoneering to Uncharted Depths

  249. GI Gnome: Combat Twist on Popular Lawn Ornament

  250. Uproar Over School Lunches

  251. Big Fat Experiment: Participants Paid to Eat Fast Food

  252. Which 'Percent' Are You?

  253. Grading the Candidates: Who Scored?

  254. Obama vs. Romney: The First Debate

  255. Michelle Obama on Helping Military Families

  256. Battle for the Arctic: Drill or Not to Drill

  257. Obama vs. Romney: The Second Debate

  258. Colo. Girl Vanishes, Parents Deny Involvement

  259. Obama, Romney: Analyze This

  260. Grading the Candidates: How Did They Do in Debate II?

  261. Real Whopper: Most Expensive Burger

  262. Female Fighter Pilot Breaks Gender Barriers

  263. Michelle Obama on Role in President's Campaign

  264. Grading the VP Candidates: Who Scored Better?

  265. Biden vs. Ryan: A Recap of the VP Debate

  266. Is a Liberal or Conservative Born or Made?

  267. 'Mom Oprah' on Her First Graduates

  268. K-Pop Boot Camp

  269. Zumba Prostitution Scandal

  270. Flamin' Hot Salt Controversy

  271. Nate Berkus: Oprah's Home Makeover Whiz

  272. 'Freaks and Creeps' of the Animal Kingdom

  273. The Great Pumpkin Frenzy

  274. Exclusive: Video Shows Drunk US Defense Contractors

  275. Mom-Shells: Struggling to Embrace Post-Baby Bodies

  276. Presidential Campaigning: Getting to Know You

  277. Rocket Man: World Record for JetLev Flight

  278. Inside MIA's Security Forces in Hijack Situation

  279. Hidden America: Chicago's Gang War Put Children in Crossfire

  280. Campaign 2012: The Final Showdown

  281. Debate Report Card: Who Won?

  282. Rod Stewart: All About Him

  283. Hidden America: Inside Chicago's Gang War

  284. The Great Debate Swap

  285. Hidden America: Chicago Gang Members on Tough Street Life

  286. Hidden America: Amid Gang War, Chicago Struggles to Create Change

  287. Bullying Tragedy: Amanda Todd's Nightmare

  288. Proof of Heaven?

  289. Bill Weir's Second Opinion

  290. Shocking Airport Security Breach

  291. Inside the New Ku Klux Klan

  292. Inside the New Ku Klux Klan

  293. Easy Money: Electronics

  294. Inside the New Ku Klux Klan

  295. Superstorm Sandy Wrecks Gas Lines in NJ

  296. School Buses Over the Limit

  297. Sandy Aftermath: NYC Hospital Evacuated, Rockaways in Rubble

  298. 'True the Vote' Volunteers Intimidating Voters?

  299. The Two Obamas: How the President Changed in Four Years

  300. Sandy-Ravaged Staten Island: Floods, Fire

  301. Superstorm Sandy: Breezy Point Residents Visit Destroyed Homes

  302. President Barack Obama Wins Re-Election

  303. Governor Mitt Romney Concedes Race to Obama

  304. Election Night 2012: What Results Mean

  305. Bradley Cooper Discusses Unusual Career, 'Sexiest Man Alive' in Nightline Interview

  306. 'Stand Up for Heroes': Disfigured Marine Finds New Hope

  307. Petraeus Resigns: CIA Director Cites Affair

  308. Petraeus Sex Scandal: New Details

  309. Man Freed Decades Later, Still Denies Ariz. Double Murders

  310. Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis, Steven Spielberg on Movie's Personal Impact

  311. Kirstie Alley's Secret Romances

  312. Walking With White Lions

  313. Michael Jackson Obsessed with Pills, Shopping, Kids, Book Says

  314. Petraeus Affair: Tampa Woman Pursued Close Ties to Top Military Officials

  315. 'The Outpost' Recounts U.S. Military Heroism in Afghan War

  316. John McAfee: Belize Police Searching for Antivirus Pioneer

  317. Patraeus Sex Scandal: FBI Agent Who Launched Investigation Revealed

  318. EDNOS: Most Dangerous, Unheard of Eating Disorder

  319. Baby Wanted: Adoptive Parents Turn to Craigslist

  320. Israel-Hamas Conflict: Rockets Fired, Death Toll Climbs in Gaza

  321. Man vs. Monster in the Amazon