1. Luminessence (Luna Mix) Activated Healing Music HD Visual Meditation with Artwork by Daniel Holeman

  2. Anima - Ocean of Heart (Vocal Mix) Beautiful Nature, Mother of Love

  3. Anima - Light of Aluna HD - Returning to The Great Mother - 2012 Alignment with The Sacred Feminine

  4. MI 528hz Frequency Solfeggio Visual Healing HD Meditation for DNA Activation and Transformation

  5. Anima - Peace Video HD - Light of Aluna - Alignment with The Sacred Feminine - Divine Angelic Vocals

  6. SOL 741hz Frequency Solfeggio HD Visual Healing Meditation for Expression & Communication

  7. RE 417hz Frequency Solfeggio Visual Healing Meditation HD for Serenity, Relaxation and Illumination

  8. UT 396hz Frequency Solfeggio Healing HD Meditation: Release Deep Rooted Feelings of Guilt and Fear

  9. Sound Medicine - Solfeggio Healing Meditation Music; Celestial Soundscapes of Transformation & Peace

  10. Mer Family - Diving deep into the Aquatic and Celestial Realms - Visionary Video

  11. Whale Song with some Beautiful Visuals and Uplifting Music

  12. Anima - Temple of the Heart Video

  13. Returning Home - Anima (Album Launch Concert Nov 2010)

  14. Lemuria HD

  15. Releasing the Past HD - Subliminal Affirmations Video for Healing and Meditation

  16. Anima (Live) - Crystaligned Dream - Part 1

  17. 'The Sixth Sun' - Dreaming of the Sun - Music Video