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  1. Taking Time to Learn - MRU Continuing Education

  2. Early Childhood Music Programs at the MRU Conservatory

  3. MRU Conservatory Wyatt Artist in Residence Series - Russell Braun

  4. Mount Royal Conservatory and Louise Campbell Present: Sing! Adult Classes

  5. MRU Conservatory Wyatt Artist in Residence Series - Gabriela Montero

  6. Learn Agile Project Management at MRU

  7. Why Hire An Integrative Health Coach?

  8. Mount Royal University partners with Bishop Carroll High School

  9. MRU Colour-U-Blue Walk & Run: Sat, Sep 21, 2013

  10. Sheila Sanoski - Education Assistant Featured Continuing Ed Graduate

  11. [Private Video]

  12. [Private Video]

  13. [Private Video]

  14. [Private Video]

  15. Tracey Mah-Gillies is a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Champion of Learning

  16. What To Expect As a Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) at MRU

  17. MRU ContEd Yoga Therapy Champion of Learning - Carlie Nicol

  18. Yoga and Vision Therapy with Carlie Nicol and Dr. Boulet

  19. Mount Royal University's Centre for Continuous Learning

  20. Social media and augmented reality

  21. Selling your home? Put away your photos

  22. Transmedia marketing

  23. Ad-hoc networks and the future of social media

  24. Learning composition

  25. Understanding histograms

  26. Home staging tips

  27. Keeping your camera steady

  28. How to excel as a student

  29. Managing High Performance teams

  30. Integrative Health Coach program at MRU

  31. Growth in Health Coaching

  32. Jump into social media

  33. How to sound your best during a presentation

  34. Why take Undergraduate Studies 1001?

  35. Social Media Shift 2012: Bridging the gap

  36. Entrepreneurship tips

  37. What is a business plan?

  38. Condo rules of conduct

  39. Becoming a condo manager

  40. What is a business opportunity?

  41. Good-value florals

  42. Avoiding the bent-neck rose

  43. What is business success?

  44. Paying off debt

  45. Divorce and financial planning

  46. Why use a Certified Financial Planner?

  47. Insuring your financial plan

  48. Why use a property manager?

  49. Investing in condos

  50. Wills and financial planning

  51. The writing process

  52. How can a salesperson become more successful?

  53. How do salespeople qualify potential customers?

  54. What is technical writing?

  55. The benefits of keyboard shortcuts

  56. Cheaper is not always better

  57. Improving the learning process

  58. What are some key trends in events?

  59. Napkin folding demo -- the water lily

  60. Floral Design Program

  61. How can you build your power base?

  62. What is involved in nonprofit management?

  63. What is the scale and scope of nonprofit management?

  64. How can you manage conflict within your team?