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  16. Christians in Syria live in fear

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  18. Romney campaign's spin on leaked tape

  19. Amanda Knox's ex says they're like brother, sister

  20. China's first goldfish beauty pageant

  21. Mitt Romney says his dad grew up poor

  22. When self defense laws don't work

  23. Mitt Romney says Pres. Obama believes in redistribution

  24. Toy truck helps boy yank tooth

  25. One on One with Wyclef Jean

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  28. Could Jesus have had a wife?

  29. When popcorn meets voice activation.. the Popinator

  30. Marine killed by Afghan soldier he was training

  31. CNN Student News - 9/20/12

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  34. Prophet Mohammed cartoons in France

  35. Rare look inside military-ruled Myanmar

  36. Rapper Psy brings "Gangnam Style" to U.S.

  37. Effects of proposed Medicaid overhaul

  38. Resignations after Fast & Furious report

  39. Obesity projections for America

  40. Marine killed by Afghan soldier

  41. U.S. leads Persian Gulf exercise

  42. Nun offers oasis of hope for refugees

  43. Denzel Washington hails real heroes

  44. Wyclef Jean on his love of politics

  45. "Only in America": As good as gold

  46. Driver harasses cyclists as cameras roll

  47. Deaf motorcross rider succeeds, inspires

  48. Drug addiction rampant on Kabul streets

  49. Muslims send condolences to Stevens family

  50. Billboard asks for help solving murders

  51. Singapore: The future of F1 finance?

  52. Chinese protesters surround U.S. ambassador car

  53. Trump on Romney's "47 percent" remarks

  54. Voter fraud or voter suppression?

  55. Sen. Dick Durbin on Romney's Remarks

  56. Romney attacks Obama 'redistribution' stance

  57. Wyclef Jean book explores Fugees breakup

  58. Obama's 2009 Cairo speech: A look back

  59. U.S. set for huge naval Persian Gulf exercise

  60. Mom gets $350 for unsupervised play dates

  61. Romney defends his '47%' comment

  62. Jimmy Carter's grandson helps distribute Romney tape

  63. CNN's John King: We were on food stamps

  64. Cute crying kids disturb live television

  65. Japanese firms hit by China violence

  66. Big turnaround for Japan Airlines

  67. Michael Vick helps park get a second chance

  68. Obama: President has to work for everybody

  69. Stop sign cameras bring in more fines from drivers

  70. CNN Student News - 9/19/12

  71. Who Romney's 47% really are

  72. Killer flag fumes?

  73. Fewer patrols with Afghan forces after insider attacks

  74. Osteen on negative political campaigns

  75. Dancing royals: Will and Kate shake it

  76. Pilot demands info during security scare at JFK

  77. Will and Kate greeted by topless dancers

  78. Borger: Romney has a businessman's approach

  79. Bedouin leader stands up to traffickers in Sinai

  80. Designer Mark Fast makes knitting 'sexy'

  81. Derrick Rose breaks down during an Adidas product launch

  82. From fat to ultra-fit father

  83. Ironman champ: "Your mind matters more"

  84. Openly gay bishop: We're making headway

  85. Turkey's unending conflict at home

  86. Take a Look at This!

  87. Stars explain why they joined 'Idol'

  88. Kids eating salt at adult-sized amounts

  89. Video: Libyans try to save Chris Stevens

  90. Anti-Japanese protests rage in China

  91. West Bank cost of living sparks protests

  92. Romney defends hidden camera remarks

  93. Jesse Ventura: 'Mitt Romney lives in a world I don't live in'

  94. Jesse Ventura's take on SEAL book

  95. Jason Puracal is released from jail in Nicaragua

  96. Ventura's take on 9/11: 'They wanted it to happen'

  97. Mitt Romney explains controverisal fundraiser video

  98. Innocent American jailed in Nicaragua

  99. Endeavour shuttle piggybacks 747