1. Walk through the Art House

  2. Lightning bugs in the South

  3. Players only Love you when they're playin

  4. Ronnie Talkin about Important Stuff

  5. A Couple Painting and Talking about their Art (Funny)

  6. Drive down Rossvile Blvd.

  7. Toys, Toys, Toys...

  8. Ridin Dirty Alligator and Praying Mantis

  9. Dancing Cinco De Mayo Bear

  10. hio

  11. Amazing Stick Maze

  12. Freestylin in da Souf

  13. Yo Peeps, Syp wit ya Radiorebel1

  14. Mixed Media Graphics Art Set to Music

  15. Talking with Music, and Some Previously Unreleased Art by Yessickart

  16. Yessickart Paintings Explained: Crystallized Time

  17. Spoken Word and Music, Set to Mixed Media Imagery

  18. Visual Art and Spoken Word, Funny Talking with Images

  19. Ten Years of Painting in a Few Minutes...With Narration by the Artist: Steven Yessick

  20. Musical Majesties (Mountain Portalz)

  21. Destruction/Recreation Cyclez and the Inevitablez...

  22. Ecological Ideationz etc...Eh...try it, why not...

  23. Experimentationz w/ Happeningstance

  24. Interior Extrapolationz Collaborationz Da Da DA DA da

  25. Flowers Papier: Flurfle.

  26. Refelctions in Light Chasm Darkening

  27. Peaches and Freedom

  28. Which One???... Part 2

  29. Which One???...

  30. Shadow Catching / Shadow Play

  31. Breezes Moving Collage on a Snowy Day