1. 7-19-13 "Hoaxes" Screencast overview

  2. Superspreaders could make coronavirus the next SARS: experts.mp4

  3. Problems Into Opportunity.mp4

  4. Linking with stops in English.mp4

  5. Best Value Places Project

  6. Evolution vs Intelligent Design from Ancient Aliens TV Series (History Channel)

  7. Advanced ESL class at Hartley House on 12-21-12 (HD).mp4

  8. Thomas Paine Quote 12-23-1776.mp4

  9. "The Longest Wait: Billie D. Harris".MP4

  10. The Cosby Show for ESL

  11. Zodiac Signs for ESL.mp4

  12. How we use mixedink in adult ESL classes

  13. Laid off banker now sells weed legally and makes more money...

  14. Similar Apes Sit Together.mp4

  15. Thanksgiving part 1 from the History Channel.mp4

  16. Barry Beach Wrongfully imprisoned short version.m4v

  17. Thought Groups reading about Miranda Rights.mp4

  18. julien.m4v

  19. 09 14 2003 capoeira nacao batizado

  20. Ty and Attila practicing some kicks

  21. do medical testing on criminals instead of apes?

  22. Masha tells us why she likes oral presentations in an ESL class

  23. Veronica

  24. beauty shop part 2

  25. beauty shop part 1

  26. shooting rampage and gun control

  27. Is global warming real

  28. Mohamed

  29. Do you believe telekinesis is possible?

  30. Should abortion be legal?

  31. Dog Cloning

  32. Opposite of Hartley House

  33. Finding Hartley House

  34. Is it OK to spy on your teenage child?

  35. Have Aliens Really Visited Us?

  36. next step in eating local?