1. DSWT Anti-Poaching Rangers Graduate from Manyani Academy

  2. Ngasha

  3. The rescue of Rukinga

  4. The rescue of Teleki

  5. Dollars for Dung - The Results!

  6. Dollars for Dung!

  7. Mwende, ex-orphan Mulika's first wild born calf, playing with Benjamin

  8. The Rescue of Faraja

  9. The rescue of Kinango

  10. The rescue of Kwale

  11. Kasigau, Ishanga, and Makireti move to Ithumba Unit

  12. The rescue of Nyika

  13. The Rescue of Bomani

  14. Mwende' progress at Ithumba

  15. The rescue of Lorian

  16. A day in the life of the DSWT's Ithumba orphans

  17. Murera's progress at the Nairobi Nursery Unit

  18. The orphans' project in action -- Kilaguni's journey

  19. An elephant's life has ended

  20. Shira returns to Voi

  21. Ndara Treatment.mp4

  22. The Rescue of Balguda

  23. The Rescue of Barsilinga

  24. The Rescue of Maralal

  25. Olare's Story

  26. The Rescue of Kanjoro

  27. Murera's Rescue

  28. The Rescue of Lumo

  29. The Rescue of Sonje

  30. The Rescue Story of Lemek

  31. Moju's Story

  32. Yatta's first born wild calf

  33. Dame Daphne Sheldrick talks about her autobiography (2012)

  34. Layoni, Dabassa & Rombo move to Voi

  35. The Rescue of Orwa

  36. Lissa's 4th wild born baby

  37. The Rescue of Kithaka

  38. The Rescue of Sasab

  39. Rescue of Layoni

  40. Mulika and her wild born baby

  41. Rescue of Ishaq-B

  42. Mulika with her new born calf Mwende

  43. The rescue of orphaned baby elephant Kasigau

  44. Helping a baby elephant at Tarhi, Tsavo East National Park

  45. The Rescue of Rombo

  46. DSWT Windmills: Providing water & supporting life in Tsavo

  47. Rescue of orphan elephant Dabassa

  48. Kalama, Chemi Chemi & Ololoo's new life at Ithumba

  49. Loisaba comes home

  50. The rescue of Mumbushi

  51. Loisaba comes home

  52. Murka, Kitirua and Naisula make the journey to Ithumba in the Northern area of Tsavo East

  53. Olare, Kibo and Kandecha graduate to Ithumba

  54. Solio Update - May 2011

  55. Head Keeper Edwin Lusichi talks about the DSWT on radio East FM.

  56. Radio interview: Day in the Life of a Keeper

  57. Dame Daphne Sheldrick speaking from her home

  58. Kainuk's Progress at the Nursery March 2011

  59. An elephant is born

  60. DSWT Elephant Orphans' Project