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  1. Songs for the Cross Centered Life Album

  2. The Story Behind the Awesome God Album

  3. Valley of Vision Album Family Involvement

  4. Valley of Vision Album Style

  5. Shannon Harris Talks About the Valley of Vision Album

  6. Why an Album Inspired by The Valley of Vision?

  7. Valley of Vision Album Interviews

  8. Recording a Father and Son Album

  9. Why the Savior Album Was Made

  10. How the Savior Album Is Different

  11. Why an Album on Suffering?

  12. Music That Serves the Lyrics

  13. Recording Vocals for the Psalms album

  14. Together for the Gospel Live Album

  15. All I Have Is Christ

  16. By This We Know Love

  17. Make Me Faithful

  18. Jesus, You're My Hope

  19. To Be Like Jesus

  20. Jesus, Thank You

  21. Somos Tus Hijos (We Are Your Children)

  22. King of Peace

  23. Only Jesus

  24. Completely Done

  25. The Name Above All Names

  26. How the Songs on Allí en la Cruz Developed

  27. How English Speaking Churches Can Use Allí en la Cruz

  28. The Story Behind Allí en la Cruz

  29. All I Have Is Christ

  30. Risen

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  43. [Private Video]

  44. [Private Video]

  45. We Have Been Healed (Live Acoustic)

  46. You Have Been Raised (Live with Choir)

  47. [Private Video]

  48. [Private Video]

  49. [Private Video]

  50. The Father's Love

  51. [Private Video]

  52. [Private Video]

  53. [Private Video]

  54. [Private Video]

  55. [Private Video]

  56. [Private Video]

  57. [Private Video]

  58. [Private Video]

  59. WorshipGod11 Slideshow

  60. Sovereign Grace Music Hymns Project Video#1