1. Beverly McIver, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013

  2. Sequoyah Aono, Third Prize, Portrait Competition 2013

  3. Jennifer Levonian, Second Prize, Portrait Competition 2013

  4. Bo Gehring, First Prize, Portrait Competition 2013

  5. Peter Frank, Juror, Portrait Competition 2013

  6. Richard Powell, Juror, Portrait Competition 2013

  7. Hung Liu, Juror, Portrait Competition 2013

  8. Alec Soth, Juror, Portrait Competition 2013

  9. Robert Frost, Portrait in a Minute

  10. Portrait of John Pelham, Confederate artillery officer, Civil War

  11. Marianne Moore, Portrait in a Minute

  12. Dancing the Dream, exhibit preview

  13. Lincoln Schatz, video artist, discusses The Network

  14. Artist Ronald Sherr on his portrait of Colin Powell

  15. The Battle of Fredericksburg

  16. Colin Powell, portrait unveiling & interview w/ Michele Norris

  17. Samuel Morse, Portrait in a Minute

  18. Richard Nixon, Portrait in a Minute

  19. Lyndon Johnson, Portrait in a Minute

  20. FDR, Portrait in a Minute

  21. FDR by sculptor Jo Davidson

  22. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Portrait in a Minute

  23. Ernest Hemingway, Portrait in a Minute

  24. Miguel Covarrubias, caricature artist of 1920s America

  25. Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at the Smithsonian

  26. Walt Whitman and the Patent Office Building, Civil War

  27. Vernon Jordan, Living Self-Portrait

  28. Google Art Project at NPG, Behind-the-Scenes

  29. A Conversation with Alice Waters

  30. 1862: The Rise of Ulysses S. Grant

  31. Rossin, artist interview

  32. Artist Zhang Chun Hong at National Portrait Gallery

  33. Portrait of George Custer as a student at West Point

  34. Munson's Hill: Battlefield Trickery in the Civil War

  35. Portraits After 5 - September 2. 2011

  36. The First Battle of Manassas

  37. Compare & Contrast, Lesson for Teachers

  38. Mobile Learning Institute at National Portrait Gallery

  39. "The Death of Ellsworth" exhibition, National Portrait Gallery

  40. A Conversation with Andrew Young

  41. Pedro Martinez, portrait presentation ceremony, National Portrait Gallery

  42. Ambrose Burnside & the 1st RI at Camp Sprague (near Washington, D.C.), 1861

  43. Hide/Seek: Introduction by co-curator Jonathan Katz

  44. Hide/Seek: Introduction by co-curator David C. Ward

  45. Hide/Seek: Self-Portrait by Romaine Brooks

  46. Hide/Seek: "What I Believe" by Paul Cadmus

  47. Hide/Seek: Portraits by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and David Wojnarowicz

  48. Hide/Seek: Marsden Hartley by George Platt Lynes

  49. Hide/Seek: "Arnold Comes of Age" by Grant Wood

  50. Hide/Seek: Portraits of Djuna Barnes and Janet Flanner

  51. Hide/Seek: "We Two Boys Together Clinging" by David Hockney

  52. Hide/Seek: "Unfinished Painting" by Keith Haring

  53. Hide/Seek: "The Mouses's Tale" by Jess (Burgess Collins)

  54. Hide/Seek: Works by Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg

  55. Hide/Seek: "Goat's Horn with Red" by Georgia O' Keeffe

  56. Hide/Seek: Portraits by Catherine Opie, Lucas Samaras, and Deborah Kass

  57. Hide/Seek: Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance

  58. Hide/Seek: "Camouflage Self-Portrait" by Andy Warhol

  59. Hide/Seek: "Painting No. 47, Berlin" by Marsden Hartley

  60. Hide/Seek: Carl Van Vechten by Romaine Brooks

  61. Hide/Seek: "Eight Bells Folly: Memorial to Hart Crane" by Marsden Hartley

  62. Hide/Seek: "Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres

  63. Conan O' Brien as seen by artist John Kascht

  64. Lincoln's Beard, interview with NPG historian David C. Ward

  65. The Life Masks of Lincoln, at National Portrait Gallery

  66. Final Q & A - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  67. Jennifer Doyle - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  68. Christopher Reed - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  69. Diana Linden - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  70. Tirza Latimer - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  71. David Getsy - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  72. Jonathan D. Katz - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  73. James Boaden - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  74. Q & A on "Racing Desires" - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium

  75. Tavia Nyong'o - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  76. Jonathan Weinberg - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  77. Q & A on "Desire at Midcentury" - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium

  78. Dominic Johnson - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  79. Introductory Remarks - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  80. Q & A on Archives - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium

  81. Joe Lucchesi - "Hide/Seek" Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery

  82. "Hide/Seek" visitor comments

  83. Steven Squyres talk, National Portrait Gallery

  84. Hide/Seek Walkthrough (HD)

  85. Hide/Seek Walkthrough

  86. Patti Smith discusses "Just Kids" at National Portrait Gallery

  87. Alfred Wertheimer, artist interview

  88. Lincoln Schatz, artist interview

  89. Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, Lecture

  90. "Portraits Alive!" 2010: Meet the Cast

  91. Norman Mineta, Portrait Presentation, National Portrait Gallery

  92. Curator's Tour: Artist Rebecca Westcott

  93. The Athenaeum portraits of George & Martha Washington

  94. Talk by artist Margaret Bowland

  95. Katharine Hepburn, Oscars & Portrait -- National Portrait Gallery

  96. Rosalynn Carter at National Portrait Gallery

  97. A Conversation with Dorothy Height - National Portrait Gallery, March 19, 1997

  98. Artist Rose Frantzen at National Portrait Gallery

  99. Elvis Scholarly Symposium, National Portrait Gallery