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CNN Ends Interview with Bryan Fischer

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Published on Oct 16, 2012

Carol Costello ends her interview with Bryan Fischer after he makes wild claims about gay involvement in the Nazi movement and the health of homosexuals


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  1. 1697

    Beck: Romney Is George Washington And Being Guided By God

  2. 1698

    Moore: God Is Punishing America For The Sins Of Abortion And Gay Marriage

  3. 1699

    Barton: Before 2008, 100% Of Businesses Were Free And Unregulated

  4. 1700

    Barton: It Was The Government-Regulated Industries That Had To Be Bailed Out

  5. 1701

    Crampton: Gay Activists "Abhor Freedom" And Will Stop At Nothing To Intimidate Christians

  6. 1702

    Fischer: I Am A "Prophetic Voice" Warning Against The Gay Agenda

  7. 1703

    Fischer: Gay & Abortion Rights Bringing God's Wrath on America

  8. 1704

    Fr. Guarnizo: Vote Obama Out Before Democracy Collapses

  9. 1705

    Fr. Guarnizo: Church Must Castigate Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Rights Catholics

  10. 1706

    Fischer: CNN Is "What The Gay Gestapo Looks Like In Action"

  11. 1707

    Barber: "Our United States Government Has Turned Its Face From God"

  12. 1708

    D'Souza: Obama Has A "Pathological Hatred For Traditional Christianity"

  13. 1709

    Robertson: Liberals & Gays "Want a Dictatorship"

  14. 1710

    Liberty Counsel: Dan Savage Is Encouraging Violence Against Christians Like Nazis Did To The Jews

  15. 1711

    Bryan Fischer Explains Why America Exists

  16. 1712

    Barber: Personhood Amendments Are Just Like Efforts To Free The Slaves

  17. 1713

    Land: Fighting Abortion & Gay Marriage Is Like MLK Fighting For Racial Justice

  18. 1714

    Frank Wright: There Is Legislation In Congress That Will Outlaw Bible

  19. 1715

    Beck: Tea Party Is Being Attacked Just Like Wshington, Lincoln, and Reagan

  20. 1716

    Fischer: Anti-Bullying Day Like Poisoned Halloween Candy

  21. CNN Ends Interview with Bryan Fischer

  22. 1718

    Fischer: "Political Leadership Ought To Be Reserved For The Hands Of Males"

  23. 1719

    Kamal Saleem Dreams of God, speaking as an Eagle, Warning America

  24. 1720

    Saleem: Obama Establishing Islamic Shadow Government

  25. 1721

    Perkins: "We Don't Want To Encourage Folks Who Are Going To Be Voting The Wrong Way"

  26. 1722

    Beck: "I Believe [Romney] Could Be Abraham Lincoln"

  27. 1723

    Barton: Lincoln's Day Of Prayer Won The Civil War

  28. 1724

    Staver: This Election Will 'Literally' Determine 'the Survival of Western Civilization'

  29. 1725

    Threaten to Kill Obama, Get a Show on Discovery

  30. 1726

    Fischer: 'We Cannot Give One Millimeter to the Forces of Homosexual Activism'

  31. 1727

    Bachmann: Read Schlafly, Coulter and Barton

  32. 1728

    Bachmann: Obama Allowing Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operations

  33. 1729

    Joyner: It's "Mind-Boggling" That Hillary Clinton Is Advocating The Use Of Sharia

  34. 1730

    Robison: America Is Slipping "Under The Control Of Ungodly Forces"

  35. 1731

    Jackson: A Vote For Obama Is A Vote Against God

  36. 1732

    Kudlow: "A Faith-Based Life Has Got To be A More Rewarding, Fulfilling, And Better Life"

  37. 1733

    Pastor: Pray and Work to Defeat Obama

  38. 1734

    Fischer: Look At The Bright Side Of Slavery

  39. 1735

    CA Law Banning "Ex-Gay" Therapy Is Like Encouraging Alcoholism, Pedophilia & Kleptomania

  40. 1736

    Kirk Cameron: Left Tried to "Crucify Me" over Anti-Gay Statements

  41. 1737

    Perkins & Boykin: DADT Repeal A Conspiracy To Lower Military Voter Turnout?

  42. 1738

    Barton: All Legislation Should Reflect The Bible

  43. 1739

    Fischer: Liberals Can't Be Reasoned With, They Can Only Be Defeated

  44. 1740

    Jackson: The Church Must Tell Us Who To Vote For

  45. 1741

    Joyner Hopes Romney will Fulfill the 'White Horse Prophecy'

  46. 1742

    Barton: Criticism Of My Work Is Like When God And Satan Tested Job

  47. 1743

    Beck: Romney's Debate Performance Was Divine Providence

  48. 1744

    Boykin: Israel Should Strike Iran Before Obama Is Re-Elected

  49. 1745

    Robertson: God will "Take Down the Wall of Protection around this Nation"

  50. 1746

    Garlow: Nobody Is Born Gay Because Sexual Orientation Is A Modern Construct

  51. 1747

    Barber & Staver: Abortion Clinics Are Just Like Medieval Torture Chambers & Nazi Gas Chambers

  52. 1748

    More False History From David Barton

  53. 1749

    Beck: A Romney Victory Is The Work Of God

  54. 1750

    Hagee: Fasting and Prayer Ended the Civil War

  55. 1751

    Barber: The Progressive Movement Seeks to Create an 'Androgynous America'

  56. 1752

    Todd Akin Recounts Arrest at Anti-Choice Demonstration

  57. 1753

    Fischer: Thanks To DADT Repeal, We Can "Expect To See More Instances Of Pedophilia" In The Military

  58. 1754

    Fischer on Whether Obama is the Antichrist: 'It's Too Early To Say'

  59. 1755

    Bishop Paprocki: Voting Democratic puts Soul at Risk, Party backs "Intrinsic Evils"

  60. 1756

    Trump's Christian Message: Always Get Even

  61. 1757

    Donald Trump's Guide To Middle East Foreign Policy

  62. 1758

    Joyner: Gay Activists Are The Most Intolerant Group In The World

  63. 1759

    Robison: Staying Quiet on Gay Marriage Like Allowing 'Pedophiles to Play in the Public Parks'

  64. 1760

    Gohmert: Obama "Helped Jump-Start a New Ottoman Empire"

  65. 1761

    Jacobs: Obama's "Anti-Biblical" Views led to Natural Disasters

  66. 1762

    Jackson: Gay Marriage Will Open the Door to 'All Kinds of Crazy Stuff'

  67. 1763

    Jackson: Blacks are Selling Themselves into Slavery By Supporting the Democratic Party

  68. 1764

    Joel Gilbert: Obama Administration Could Be Behind Aurora Shooting

  69. 1765

    Fischer: Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality Pride Days on Horizon Thanks to 'Homosexual Lobby'

  70. 1766

    Jackson: Stop Complaining about Racism, Work with White Republicans

  71. 1767

    Jackson: Ask God to Change Election and End Curse

  72. 1768

    Jerry Boykin Explains How Progressives Are Like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Marx

  73. 1769

    Bakker: "America Is Under Curse"

  74. 1770

    Fischer Says "It's No Wonder" That Libyan Mob "Sexually Molested" Ambassador Christopher Stevens

  75. 1771

    LaHaye: If America Doesn't Bless Israel, "We're Going To Incur The Curse Of God"

  76. 1772

    Jackson: When We Solve Our Moral Problems, God Will Again Bless Us Economically

  77. 1773

    Fischer: Everything "Innocence Of Muslims" Says About Muhammad Is True

  78. 1774

    Fox News Host Wants Federal Investigation into 'South Park' for Blasphemy

  79. 1775

    Bauer: Because Of Obama's Ignorance "More Americans Will Come Home In Body Bags"

  80. 1776

    Akers: Gay Activism Is A Religion, So The Regnerus Study Is Heresy

  81. 1777

    King: Romney's Libya Statement Is A Deterrent To Terrorists

  82. 1778

    Santorum: "We Will Never Have The Elite, Smart People On Our Side"

  83. 1779

    Parker: "The HHS Mandate Has Made Sandra Fluke A National Icon For Sexual Promiscuity"

  84. 1780

    Staver: Efforts To Redefine Marriage Are "Unpatriotic"

  85. 1781

    Saleem: Terrorists using Colleges to Brainwash Students

  86. 1782

    Saleem: Hillary Clinton to Shut Churches Down Next Year

  87. 1783

    King : Obama's "Leftist Minions" Are Working To Destroy America

  88. 1784

    Ted Cruz Hails Rick Scarborough, Who Believes AIDS is God's Judgment

  89. 1785

    Bennett: The Press Attacked Romney on Libya and Tried to "Kill This Truth In The Womb"

  90. 1786

    Cameron: America Was Modeled On The "Hebrew Republic Under Moses"

  91. 1787

    Bachmann: Obama Has "Enforced Islamic Speech Codes Here In The United States"

  92. 1788

    Boykin: Christians Cannot Support The Democratic Party

  93. 1789

    EW Jackson Calls For Christians To Make A "Mass Exodus" From The Democratic Party

  94. 1790

    Jews Must Be Converted: FRC Vice President

  95. 1791

    Fischer Demands Mass Public Executions In Response To Libya Attack

  96. 1792

    Pat Robertson Explains Why Muslims 'Go Crazy' When Islam is Insulted

  97. 1793

    Raymond Raines And The Myth Of Christian Persecution

  98. 1794

    Barton: People Who Say The Constitution Is Secular Are Just 'Biblically Illiterate"

  99. 1795

    Boykin: Failure To Stop "Stealth Jihad" Is "Almost Criminal"

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