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Battlefield 3: Battlerecorder | A Community Request

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Published on Mar 23, 2012

"We the Battlefield community do not want a battlerecorder...WE DEMAND IT"

Far too long we've been teased about this feature coming. Confirmed messages has been retracted, and responding to the community concerning major updates via twitter is not a good way to communicate. Although the community's concerns and complaints have been heard recently due to a BF3 mass blackout, there is one single thing the community has asked for most of all, and that is the "battlerecorder" similar to what was added to Battlefield 2.

Not just to make tributes like this one, but it is a great tool to prove hacking and cheating. As well as it is a great way to get a real overview of the map when a clan is making tactics, finding chokepoints and getting ahead.

Maybe even make battlefield 3 more competetive beyond the battlelog feature(which we are greatful for). People would be more interested in finding out what happened because on the Battlefield we all know that it sometimes can be confusing and not knowing what happened.
It is a way for platoons and singular players to improve. To show their highlights, from more than one angle.

May I remind you that alot of BF2's success is owed to it's battlerecorder. With it, a revolution of videos were made; Stunt videos, clan videos, humor videos.

Who can forget MINE? MINE 2? Dice has already launched one community challenge based on the soul purpose of making a video of our moments on the battlefield in their engine.

What I hope to prove with this video is that the engine, Frostbite 2.0 is infinitly better than it looks while playing. Entire feature movies can be shot on the locations because they are so believable and visually stunning.

Who can doubt the power of machinima today? Not just the youtube channel, but where the players come together to make entertainment using a game of their choice.
And right now Battlefield 3 is that choice. If they provide us with a battlerecorder, we will dominate the machinima genre in the future.

This video is made to show an example of scenes that could appear if a tool like battlerecorder was released for public use. It was only made possible using a glitch and one of the latest released console commands. (yes that is what it has come to. (btw Dice computers run this game on servers that have rules where cheaters are banned. Taking away basic console commands that have always been there up until today won't change a thing).

With every patch we get this small hope that we finally will get the tools we've been teased about, and with the new "giant patch" it's still the case. Will we be disappointed again. Will we desperatly show others that tweet from that random guy on your forums?

Will we again have a "dispute" whether who said exactly what, when?
Why it didn't come? Why you suggest othervise before new patches? Why we make "raging" forum posts about your game?

Or will you simply answer the question everyone is asking? YES or NO?

Every time you work around questions, either to hype it, or excite the community, and not deliver on the subject, people are inevitebly going to be dissapointed.

But it could be you're actually putting it out this time, to wow us all with it's features and new ways to observe the battlefield, and I could be mistaken in how you communicate with your customers, players and haters.

If that will be the outcome, at least I made a kickass BF3 video.

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