1. John Cummins: Responding to the Escalation of Student Protest

  2. Working on the Bridge

  3. Loma Prieta Earthquake -- The Bay Bridge Oral History Project

  4. Engineers -- The Bay Bridge Oral History Project

  5. Labor: Building the Bridge -- The Bay Bridge Oral History Project

  6. Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front Oral History Project

  7. The Mother of All Parties: Excerpts from Dreyer's Oral History Project

  8. Warren Hinckle discusses the rise of political consultant Clint Reilly

  9. Warren Hellman discusses working with political consultants

  10. Professor Paula Fass: On Divisions in the department over approaches to history

  11. Professor Paula Fass: On the influence of intellectual community in UCB Department of History

  12. Warren Hellman Oral History on Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

  13. Jake Warner, founder of NOLO Press describes its beginnings

  14. Richard A. Wilson: Rancher, Conservationist, Director of The Department of Forestry

  15. Richard A. Wilson Oral History Excerpts

  16. Jimmy Sings The Blues

  17. Turk Murphy, Earthquake McGoon's, and The New Orleans Revival

  18. Alice B. Toklas Oral History Excerpt

  19. F. Clark Howell: Meeting the Leakey Family and Early Prehistory Research in Africa

  20. The Piltdown Hoax and the Museum of Natural History, London

  21. Gerald Nordland SFMOMA Gallery Interview July 11, 2007

  22. Henry Hopkins SFMOMA Gallery Interview

  23. Richmond Indian Boxcar Village

  24. BCC 3/19/11 Panel on The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter

  25. The Reagan Revolution

  26. The National Debt in Historical Context

  27. Lewis Butler: On organizing the Pete McCloskey campaign for Congress in 1967

  28. Lewis Butler: Experiences in the Nixon administration during the Vietnam war

  29. Lewis Butler: California Tomorrow, Learning to work as a multiracial, multiethnic organization

  30. Lewis Butler: On determining the mission of California Tomorrow

  31. Lewis Butler: On the establishment of an agricultural preserve in Napa Valley, 1968

  32. Lewis Butler: On Owen Chamberlain and the genesis of the Ploughshares Fund

  33. Lewis Butler: On the Value of the Peace Corps

  34. The Allied Invasion of Normandy: A Life-Changing Experience: An Oral History with Walter Newman

  35. Otto Lin: Cultivating synergy between university, institute, business and government

  36. Otto Lin: China-Taiwan relations and the legacy of ITRI

  37. Otto Lin: The significance of management styles

  38. Otto Lin: Changing Taiwan, and the importance of patents in a technology-based economy

  39. Otto Lin: Entrepreneurship, from laboratory to market

  40. Otto Lin: Developing a technology-based economy: the role of government

  41. Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, African American Faculty and Senior Staff Oral History Project

  42. UC Berkeley Art Department Alumni: Sonya Rapoport and Fred Martin

  43. The Development of the Electronic Medical Record in Kaiser Permanente

  44. Dr. Cutting Reflects on the Life and Career of Dr. Sidney Garfield

  45. Portuguese in California Oral History Project, Part 3

  46. The Oakland Army Base and The American Dream

  47. America's Wine: The Legacy of Prohibition

  48. Phil Pister: Managing the Pupfish Habitat, BLM Spring

  49. Phil Pister: Rescuing the Owens Pupfish at Fish Slough, Fish in a Bucket Story

  50. Phil Pister: A Growth Economy and Global Warming: Implications for Species and Habitat Preservation

  51. Phil Pister and Roger Samuelsen on Preserving the Biotic Community, and Fishing

  52. Phil Pister and Steve Parmenter: The future of the Pupfish

  53. Phil Pister and Steve Parmenter: On constructing the pupfish refuge, a major revolt

  54. Phil Pister: On the Sports Fishing Scene at Crowley Lake

  55. Phil Pister: Rediscovery of the Owens Pupfish--Phil's Enlightening

  56. Phil Pister: Protecting The Golden Trout

  57. David Harrington Oral History Excerpt

  58. Phil Pister: Governor Pat Brown's Pack Trip to Golden Trout Country

  59. Riding the Freight Cars - Carl Rakosi

  60. John De Luca Oral History Presentation

  61. Mount Shasta Peace Mural Oral History Project // Mural Unveiling Celebration

  62. Eric Sartenaer / Phoenix Pastaficio4

  63. Eric Sartenaer / Phoenix Pastaficio3

  64. Eric Sartenaer / Phoenix Pastaficio2

  65. Eric Sartenaer / Phoenix Pastaficio1

  66. Howard Schachman 2c: The Loyalty Oath and Other Issues of Academic Freedom

  67. Howard Schachman 2b: The Loyalty Oath and Other Issues of Academic Freedom

  68. Howard Schachman 2a: The Loyalty Oath and Other Issues of Academic Freedom

  69. Lawrence Levine 7: Teaching

  70. Lawrence Levine 6: "The Fireside Chats" and the Great Depression

  71. Lawrence Levine 5: On Being Arrested for the Last Time

  72. Lawrence Levine 4: The Opening of the American Mind

  73. Lawrence Levine 3: The Unpredicatable Past

  74. Lawrence Levine 2: The Genesis of Highbrow/Lowbrow

  75. Lawrence Levine 1b: Black Culture and Black Consciousness and the Use of Theory Part 2

  76. Lawrence Levine 1a: Black Culture and Black Consciousness and the Use of Theory Part 1

  77. Christopher Lee [Chef, Eccolo] Oral History

  78. Doctor Atomic Oral History Project

  79. Call to Duty [Part 1]: Oral Histories with Women on Homefront Life During World War II

  80. Call to Duty [Part 2]: Oral Histories with Women on Homefront Life During World War II

  81. Portuguese in California Oral History Project Part 2

  82. Portuguese in California Oral History Project Part 1