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    Kellys Court nativity scene fox news

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    Henrico ends prayer at meetings

  3. 236 Thumbnail

    Weatherford Council Ushers In Invocation, Pledge Before Meetings

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    Complaint Made Against Hamilton County Commission's Opening Prayer

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    Continuing Coverage: Hamilton Co. Commissioners hear from residents opposed to prayer

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    Building plans progress despite objections

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    Student Sues Over Prayer at Irmo High Graduation

  8. 241 Thumbnail

    Student suing school district over graduation prayer

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    Atheist Files Complaint over Restaurant Church Promo

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    Group's Billboard Promotes Freedom From Religion

  11. 244 Thumbnail

    Texas billboard scolds bishops, urges catholics to quit church

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    Santa Monica Bans Park Nativity Scenes Amid Controversy

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    Residents, City Officials Debate Council Prayers

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    Secularist Group's Dallas Billboard Calls on Catholics to 'Quit Church'

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    Complaint Made Against Hamilton County Commission's Opening Prayer

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    Mayor: Leave Woonsocket memorial alone

  17. 250 Thumbnail

    Atheist billboard pops up in Lubbock

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    Augusta mayor moving forward with prayer breakfast

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    10 Commandments will return to Monroe Co Courthouse

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    Spotlight on Freethought (FFRF special)

  21. Thumbnail

    Spotlight on Freethought (TV version)

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    Spotlight on Freethought - abridged

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    Atheist group wants firefighter's 91-year-old war memorial and prayer removed

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    FFRF writes second letter to Marshall County schools

  25. 258 Thumbnail

    FFRF wants to display banner with nativity scene

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    ETX Nativity scene approved for 2012

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    Prayer To Stay At Huntsville City Hall, But With Changes

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    Hundreds offering support for cross

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    Henderson County delays ruling on atheist sign display

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    Rowan commissioners ignore deadline to stop prayer at meetings

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    Cross over cross at fire department

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    The Battle Behind Affordable Health Care Act

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    Bishops need not apply

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    Julia Sweeney FFRF TV Spot: Stand Up to Catholic Bishops

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    Julia Sweeney FFRF Web Ad: Stand Up to Catholic Bishops

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    Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor address Reason Rally

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    Life of Brian "I'm a Roman"

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    30 Second Julia Sweeney Ad Spot for FFRF

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    Julia Sweeney calls for separation of state and church - FFRF

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    Atheist group demands Woonsocket to remove veteran memorial, after complaint

  41. 274 Thumbnail

    FFRF's Annie Laurie Gaylor Debates Woonsocket Mayor Leo Fontaine

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    Jessica Ahlquist shares her story at the Reason Rally

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    lawmakers consider state day of prayer

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    Atheist Billboard Sends Message To Drivers In Nashville

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    FFRF National Ad Spot

  47. 280 Thumbnail

    Prayers in Meetings

  48. 281 Thumbnail

    Brown County Board prayer will continue

  49. 282 Thumbnail

    Brown County Board Continues with Prayer Despite Objections

  50. 283 Thumbnail

    National Group Complains About Prayers At Bowie High

  51. 284 Thumbnail

    Jackson Co. school board decides to keep assemblies that include religion

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    Whitefish locals comment on FFRF lawsuit

  53. 286 Thumbnail

    Whitefish Jesus statue staying put

  54. 287 Thumbnail

    Suit filed over permit renewal for Whitefish Jesus statue

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    No change to Kiel's science curriculum

  56. 289 Thumbnail

    FFRF Files Suit Over Jesus Statue

  57. 290 Thumbnail

    Group Files Suit to Remove Jesus Statue

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    Newland under fire for Ten Commandments in town hall

  59. 292 Thumbnail

    Fight over crosses at Camp Pendleton

  60. 293 Thumbnail

    Annie Laurie discusses Montana Jesus Shrine on Fox

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    'Keep Religion OUT Of Politics' billboard goes up in Rhode Island

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    Flower shops refuse deliveries to Ahlquist

  63. 296 Thumbnail

    Churches show support for Whiteville cross

  64. 297 Thumbnail

    Could Prayer Before Augusta Commission Meetings Be Illegal?

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    Warren atheist wants to place controversial sign next to nativity scene

  66. 299 Thumbnail

    Florists won't take flowers to teen involved in prayer banner

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    Resident's Express Religious Freedom Marching From Bolivar To Whiteville

  68. 301 Thumbnail

    Kiel science curriculum debate

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    Ellwood City Prepares For Court Battle Over Nativity Scene

  70. 303 Thumbnail

    Ellwood City To Move Nativity Scene In 2012

  71. 304 Thumbnail

    Atheist Group Wants to Place a Sign Next to a Nativity Scene in Warren

  72. 305 Thumbnail

    Atheists group plans to sue city of Warren over nativity display

  73. 306 Thumbnail

    Nativity Scene at the Capitol

  74. 307 Thumbnail

    Whiteville cross controversy inspires residents

  75. 308 Thumbnail

    Wisconsin-based non-profit calls for Athens nativity scene to come down

  76. 309 Thumbnail

    Town Facing Federal Lawsuit Over Crosses

  77. 310 Thumbnail

    Texas AG Backs Henderson County Nativity Scene

  78. 311 Thumbnail

    Nativity scene stirs up controversy

  79. 312 Thumbnail

    Several thousand Christians rally for their faith

  80. 313 Thumbnail

    Nativity controversy in Athens stirs emotions

  81. 314 Thumbnail

    Rival Clerics In Violent Brawl At Jesus' Birthplace

  82. 315 Thumbnail

    Local Group Leads Charge in Nativity Battle

  83. 316 Thumbnail

    Wis. non-profit group takes issue with Texas nativity scene

  84. 317 Thumbnail

    National Group Wants Courthouse Nativity Scene Removed

  85. 318 Thumbnail

    Rally for the Nativity

  86. 319 Thumbnail

    Freedom From Religion Found places sign on courthouse lawn

  87. 320 Thumbnail

    Fox Business host kicks Dan Barker off of "Follow the Money"

  88. 321 Thumbnail

    Does A Nativity Scene Belong At State Capitol?

  89. 322 Thumbnail

    Churches fighting lawsuits with white cross campaign

  90. 323 Thumbnail

    Christmas banner causes controversy

  91. 324 Thumbnail

    'Keep Christ In Christmas' Sign Stirs Controversy In South Jersey Town

  92. 325 Thumbnail

    Atheist Group Hopes to Block Texas Nativity Scene

  93. 326 Thumbnail

    Alternative Nativity Scene Set Up At Capitol

  94. 327 Thumbnail

    Atheist Display Space Puts Squeeze on Santa Monica Nativity Scenes

  95. 328 Thumbnail

    Another Nativity Scene To Be Displayed At Capitol

  96. 329 Thumbnail

    Atheists Display Beliefs Publicly

  97. 330 Thumbnail

    Texas Town Braces for Battle With Atheists Over Nativity Scene

  98. 331 Thumbnail

    Dan Barker at Canadian solstice event

  99. 332 Thumbnail

    Freedom From Religion Foundation: 2011 Year in Review