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  1. Sunset Shot view: Glass Express Elevator at The Top of the I

  2. Hitachi/Mod. By OTIS Tower Elevator at Sheraton Pikake Terrace Hotel Waikiki 2

  3. A Revisit To An Old Favourite

  4. Schindler Modded Elevators at Low Rise Tower, Intercontinental, Country Club Plaza, MO

  5. AWESOME OLD Haughton Hydraulic Elevator Elevator - The Courtyard - Beverly Hills, California

  6. [Private Video]

  7. Riding my first Schindler 3300 MRL elevator.

  8. Sesame Street - Animal Department Store Elevator

  9. All 4 One - I Swear (2010)

  10. The Archies - Sugar, Sugar (Original 1969 Music Video)

  11. Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

  12. Send Unlimited SMS Messages using iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad !!

  13. Flying A Helicopter Over St. Louis 1080P

  14. A Shout Out For Someone Very Special: Classic Dover Elevators

  15. Contra 4 - 99 life glitch using Konami code

  16. Did it Survive? Vintage Westinghouse Traction Elevators at Tri-County Unique Bazaar in Levittown, NY

  17. [Private Video]

  18. Gary Johnson's Speech At PAUL Fest

  19. Antique old Otis lift/elevator @ Krakow Main Hospital

  20. Custom made fluorescent fixture by me ordered by a fan

  21. peabody ducks

  22. AWESOME Otis TOUCH SENSITIVE Traction Elevators @ Woodlark Bldg. Portland, OR

  23. Westinghouse Hoistway Door Interlocks... broken

  24. Rescue 911 - Episode 416 - "Potty Peril"

  25. Amazing Grace / I've Been Redeemed

  26. PSA - Don't Text or Phone while Driving

  27. Marginal Arts Festival 2012

  28. AMAZING Vintage Otis Traction Elevators at the Pioneer Building in Seattle, WA (Mom's POV)

  29. Classic Game Room - NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 review for Nintendo 3DS

  30. CGR's On This Day in Gaming - Satoshi Tajiri Born, August 28

  31. Vintage Monarch Elevator at the Princess Anne Historic Hotel in Asheville, NC

  32. AMAZING!!! 1950 Otis Pre-Lexan Traction Elevator at Houston Club Building in Houston, TX.

  33. Classic Otis Traction Freight Elevator

  34. V24 Detroit Diesel

  35. CHRISTMAS POLKA CHA CHA, original, Chuck Picklesimer, song 4

  36. The Killers - The Cowboy's Christmas Ball

  37. Mary's Boy - Boney M Christmas song

  38. Haunted Elevator!


  40. FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2A-X - Bad Name, Great Light!

  41. (Machine Room!) Having Fun with Dieselducy on the Le Chateau Village Interior Elevator

  42. [Private Video]

  43. Happy Birthday, dieselducy and XxFireKingIIIXx! Building Tour: Dynasty Mall in Houston, TX.

  44. Hudson Terrace Transformer Explosion


  46. Boeing 767-300 engine startup.MOV

  47. [Private Video]

  48. my homemade f8t5 8 watt preheat fluorescent striplight

  49. Truck catches fire, explodes

  50. 18 Wheeler Explosion!

  51. Murray State Campus Outreach Slideshow

  52. Shout to the Lord (DJ Tony Foxx remix)

  53. Newsboys-Shine

  54. I've Got Peace Like A River Kids Charge Song

  55. I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy

  56. Seek ye first the kingdom of God

  57. Amazing 1905 Otis Freight Elevator

  58. Why Does the Sun Shine- They Might Be Giants

  59. Energizer Bunny® - Darth Vader - 1994 Commercial

  60. Acai Dry Ice Rocket

  61. Calling the elevator!

  62. A Ride on Dieselducy's Scooter!

  63. Diagnosis of EZGO Gasoline Golf Cart

  64. Vintage telephone network sounds part 1

  65. BUSTED- Schindler HT Hydraulic Elevator @ Ste. 700 Expo Pkwy

  66. Behind the scenes: The dieselducy Museum

  67. Fatal UP Head-on Collision at Goodwell, Oklahoma

  68. Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange

  69. Awesome Manual-Controlled Salem Freight Elevator in Saunders Hall, Virginia Tech

  70. Monsanto--An Evil Company??

  71. Another Look at Vintage Otis Elevator Plus Photos of Mailbox Lock for Dieselducy

  72. DEFCON 16: How to make Friends & Influence Lock Manufacturers

  73. The Trucking Brand- Music Video Dedicated to Truckers

  74. DJ Roza - Super Mario Land (Invincibility) Donk Remix

  75. DuckTales (Game Boy) Music - Theme Song

  76. General Hole-Less Hydraulic Elevator at the Maryland house and Rest Area Aberdeen MD

  77. Toilet Explosion

  78. toilet explosion (part 1, the explosion)

  79. Paulina Rubio & Ronan Keating "When You Say Nothing At all"

  80. Cover of 'When You Say Nothing At All' (Ronan Keating)

  81. Awesome Scenic Otis Lexan Traction Elevator at Intercontinental Hotel, Country Club Plaza

  82. Vintage Westinghouse Traction Elevator at the Post Hotel in San Francisco, California

  83. A Door Close, a Gift, and a Light Demonstration: All Courtesy of Dieselducy!

  84. My 1925 Ford Model T - How to Start & How to Drive

  85. How to start a 1912 Cadillac

  86. NYC Vintage Subway Car Ride - Swing Dancing & Tea with Baby Soda Jazz Band 12/13/2009

  87. Otis Pre-Lexan Traction Service Elevator at Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX.

  88. Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now (Mannequin) LYRICS

  89. tim wilson trailer park

  90. Old Otis Traction Freight Elevator at Nelson Place

  91. Update.

  92. Unboxing my new HP Computer!

  93. Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply

  94. Kim Reading My ROFLcopter Poem

  95. Tejas Hydraulic Main Elevator at the UT Austin Theater Arts Building.

  96. In My Merry Oldsmobile 1931 Promotional cartoon. GM Classic Animation

  97. Ghostbusters 2 trailer (1989 original)

  98. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr. (HQ Audio)

  99. McDonald's in Los Alamos with Kim

  100. Behind the Scenes- Westbrook Hydraulic Freight Elevator, Randolph Hall, Virginia Tech

  101. Vintage Otis traction elevator at Holiday Inn, Brighton

  102. Palisades Center Elevator Emergency Phone Test FAIL

  103. A Historic 1930's High-Rise Otis Traction Elevator.

  104. Dover Traction Elevator @ The Wyndham Hotel (NOW A RENAISSANCE!) Downtown Phoenix.mp4

  105. Baxter And Sons Hydraulic Service Elevator At Bent Tree Country Club

  106. some very nice gifts from the comfort inn (elevator parts)

  107. 80,000lb truck lifts

  108. STUCK in the elevator! 1980's Reber-DEVE hydraulic elevator in Tønsberg, Norway

  109. AWSOME Concord Platform Lift at Sams Club Wausau WI

  110. Class 04 Shunter D2246 Exhauster Start Up

  111. Scariest lift/elevator ride EVER on very old Platt-Schindler service @ Guy's Hospital

  112. Unboxing master locks from dieselducy

  113. Unboxing my Elevator Parts from my friends Randy & Jeff!

  114. 1984 McDonald's Big Mac Commercial

  115. Hotel Tour, with 1920s Vintage Gated Elevator! The Biltmore, Greensboro NC

  116. Verizon - No More Unlimited Data

  117. Diggy Liggy Lo -Best version ever by Plava Trava Zaborava

  118. Country Sisters live - Diggy Liggy

  119. Sony Cyber-shot TX100V TVCF

  120. Padlock Demonstration 2 Master Padlocks

  121. Apple's view of the future from the 1990s

  122. 1980s mobile phone Tv Ad

  123. Hilarious old cellphone ads

  124. Unboxing/Testing my new Sony Cybershot DSC-TX100V

  125. schindlerteejay94s new tram trixe

  126. Gentle Giant- "Underground" in the Washington DC Metro!

  127. Mitsubishi hydraulic glass elevator at Museum of London

  128. Amazing Gated General Piston Pump Hydraulic Elevator at Kirkwood Medical Building

  129. Loco 66542 cold start attempt 3...

  130. Game Boy Camera

  131. Mini

  132. [Deleted Video]

  133. Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree/Suzy Bogguss - Vocal Cover by Diana Lynn

  134. Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Plastic Jesus

  135. NDK 2010: CaramellDansen

  136. Cascada - Truly, Madly, Deeply

  137. Eastern Michigan University's Pray-Harrold: Then to Now

  138. Rage much?

  139. Busy Bottom-Drive Traction Southern Elevator in Robeson Hall, Virginia Tech

  140. Jambalaya - Reggae Remix (Kotatua 2010)

  141. COUNTRY SISTERS - Cotton Eyed Joe

  142. A Truckers Wife

  143. Rhett Akins - Drivin' My Life Away

  144. The Terrifying Tale Of Large Marge !!

  145. Pee-wee's Big Adventure - Trailer

  146. Dieselducy- Seated Elevator Technician, Since 2012 (Virginia Tech)

  147. HAPPY Escalator Monday! Elevator ride

  148. McDonalds Exposed!!! Rare Behind The Scenes Documentary

  149. Timex Quartz commercial (1986)

  150. [Private Video]

  151. Twisted Sister - Be chrool to your scuel - 1985

  152. MUST WATCH: Nyelevators Reaction,Schindler Non Scenic Eleva

  153. US Reg'd Mail Rotary Lock Violated (Picked) Straight From Package

  154. Titan Toilet Flushing Demo

  155. Vintage Universal Traction Elevators at Showplace Antiques in New York, NY

  156. Elevator Duo - Montgomery Hydraulic Freight Elevator in Kansas City Convention Center

  157. Maximum Overdrive(1986)[DVDrip]-Spectrael.avi

  158. Evinrude cold start after 5 months of winterization

  159. Ryobi es30 Electric Start Weedeater

  160. Rudy - Wheel of Fortune Part 3 of 3

  161. Press Your Luck | Michael Larson's spins of terror

  162. Wheel of Fortune, Feb 14, 1984, Round 3, Bonus Round /Finale

  163. Santa's early gift to my mother in-law Nancy Mcdonald.

  164. Dieselducy Revisits his first McDonalds

  165. Vinton, VA Police Moped Pursuit

  166. The Sun Is A Mass of Incandescent Gas

  167. Costa Concordia Elevator

  168. Bluff City Hydraulic Elevator At University Of Memphis Music Building

  169. School Bus vs Railroad Crossing - Educational Video

  170. Vintage "Star Trek" Eberius Hydraulic Elevator at US Bank, Clayton, MO

  171. 1957 Monarch Bottom-Drive Traction Elevator @ Shenandoah Club, Roanoke, VA w. dieselducy

  172. 1997 MOWREY Hydraulic Elevators @ Embassy Suites, 8978 International Dr., Orlando, FL

  173. 2012 Timex Torture Test Commercial

  174. OTIS Lexan High Rise Service Elevator @Hawaii Honolulu Pacific Beach Hotel

  175. Busted On The Kone Elevators,The Setai,South Beach,Fl

  176. Belmont, MA: Old Beckwith Hydraulic Elevator @ Belmont Public Library

  177. 1800s House Bathroom

  178. Virginia Tech Underground- from Davidson to Burruss

  179. OTIS Freight Elevator at Kohl's at Melville Mall in Melville, NY

  180. One of Our Must See Stops in Virginia: The Dieselducy Museum of Lights :)

  181. McDonald's McCafes

  182. (Unknown Brand) Hydraulic Freight Elevator #4 at Staten Island Mall in Staten Island, NY

  183. Onspot Automatic Tire Chains

  184. Operating the Electric Garage Door Switch at Dieselducy's House w/ Cannycart

  185. Me Operating A 100 Percent Original AB See Elevator,Studio

  186. AWESOME! Amtrak P42's Blow through a Snow Bank at a Crossing on the NEC!!

  187. [Private Video]

  188. AMAZING!!! Historic Otis Bird-Caged Traction Elevator at Ellis Island Museum in Ellis Island, NY.

  189. The Lean, Mean, 32 Watt Preheat Machine!

  190. Clinton, MA: TX-10 Rides the Payne Traction Dumbwaiter @ Clinton Hospital

  191. US police arrest occupy protesters

  192. Occupiers set up living room in Bank of America lobby

  193. TSA Twisting Genitals, Treating Kids as if they should be carrying weapons! Airport scanner


  195. Super Rare Otis Lexan Hydraulic Elevator at Fine Arts Bldg, University of MO

  196. Timex Commercial - Ugly Old Lady

  197. For Dieselducy - Retake Of Both Otis elevators @ The Lahaina Wharf Cinema Center, Lahaina, Maui, HI

  198. Plaza hotel elevator

  199. AWESOME Vintage Montgomery Traction elevators @ The Ka'anapoli Beach Hotel, Ka'anapoli, Maui, HI

  200. UNBELIEVABLE Turnbull Bottom-Drive Traction Elevator at Whitman Hall at Farmingdale University