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New Year Resolutions - 2014 awaits - Shri Mataji & Sahaja Yoga.mov

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Uploaded on Mar 25, 2010

Remember those New Year Resolutions you made a list of ..... last December...maybe....?
Learn to meditate?
Set aside some daily quite time to take stock of everything?
Get into balance?
Contemplate the universe....?
Well it's never too soon -- to get a jump start on next years -- new year resolutions early!

Why not come and join us at one of the many FREE WEEKLY MEETINGS and dip your toe in the water, learn to meditate, experience thoughtless awareness & achieve your Self Realisation.

Big words maybe ...but it couldn't be easier.....just come along and try it out. Each month hundreds -- occasionally thousands of Londoner's take the opportunity to tune in, tune up and get connected to the source that created them....
But...strange as it seems, that connection, that source, is to something deep within us...the Self....rather then something somewhere else....that connection or union is called Yoga...and when it happens spontaneously, it is called Sahaja -- Hence Sahaja Yoga Meditation....and as it is everyone's birthright -- it is free -- as it cannot be paid for!
So come along, 2013 awaits!
Regular weekly follow up meetings across London each week: http://www.sahajayogalondon.co.uk/

Dear Viewer

What is Yoga? What is meditation? how to do it? where to go, can beginners do it? - there are many questions. Here is a short feature, a slide show and animation which has played at the Ideal Home Show, Earls Court, London in March 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Hopefully it served to give viewers who were passing by, a greater insight into the subtle nature of the experience of Kundalini awakening and Self Realisation, which is Yoga!

Over 17 days hundreds of interested Londoners took the opportunity to sit down for a few moments to experience the simple meditation techniques and experience of Self Realisation which Sahaja Yoga offers. Ideal for beginners these sessions provide an easy way for everyone to try out first hand the effect of going into meditation, known as 'thoughtless awareness'. For some it is immediate, for others a little more time was required.

Amidst all the noise and stress there was an ocean of inner mental silence to be experienced. Often all 16 chairs were filled with those taking a few moments 'out' of their busy lives to go within.

Special images and graphics have been selected in order to gently introduce and draw the attention of seekers, towards various Sahaj phenomenon, such as the reality of the indwelling spirit, being able to feel the cool breeze on both the hands, decoding what is felt on the fingertips, and feeling vibrations above the head.

You don't have to spend years living in the mountains to achieve enlightenment. You don't have to give up anything or spend weeks in silence. You don't have to learn mantras or wear special clothes or even try to clear your mind. The meditation simply happens spontaneously. The classes are easy and fun, and as long as you keep up the daily ten minutes of meditation you find you are able to achieve a deep and peaceful meditation on a regular basis.

For free meetings across London: http://www.sahajayogalondon.co.uk/

Cool Breeze at the start of the feature recorded from a programme of Self Realisation with Shri Mataji in person.

Horseback Riding written & composed by Doug Nicely (California).

Celebration Song (Aarti-Instrumental) arrangement by Antonio Neglia, Victor Vertunni & Finbar Anslow (Italy).

With Best Greetings

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