1. Panic Cord by Gabrielle Aplin (Jaci and Caitlin)

  2. Something I Need by One Republic (Cover by Jaci & Caitlin)

  3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Jaci&Caitlin

  4. Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran (Cover) by Caitlin & Alee

  5. Roar - Cover by Caitlin Lawless - Teen Hoot UK Artist Contest

  6. Run, Run, Run by Caitlin Lawless (Original)

  7. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran - Cover by Jaci & Caitlin

  8. Burnin' Up by Jonas Brothers (Cover by Jaci&Caitlin)

  9. I Will Wait/Breezeblocks Mashup by Caitlin&Jaci.

  10. Beauty And A Beat by Justin Bieber (Cover by Jaci&Caitlin)

  11. Headlock by Imogen Heap (Lennon&Maisy) - Caitlin & Jaci

  12. With Ur Love by Cher Lloyd - (Cover) - by Caitlin Lawless

  13. Baby, I Wanna Go Out With You (ORIGINAL) by Mary-Kate Gregory featuring C$.

  14. One More Night by Maroon 5 - Cover - by Caitlin Lawless.

  15. As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber (Cover by Lawless)--A Capella.

  16. The National Anthem sung by Lawless.

  17. Be Alright - Justin Bieber - Cover by Caitlin Lawless

  18. Call Me Maybe?

  19. Firefly - Ed Sheeran (Cover by Caitlin Lawless)

  20. One Thing by One Direction (A cappella Cover) by LAWLESS.

  21. One Thing (Cover) Preview - One Direction.

  22. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber (Cover by Caitlin Lawless)

  23. Crazier by Taylor Swift (Cover) by Caitlin Lawless

  24. You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift (Cover) - Caitlin Lawless

  25. Enchanted by Taylor Swift (Cover) - Caitlin Lawless

  26. Im Crazy For This Girl by Evan & Jaron (Cover) - Caitlin Lawless

  27. The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift (Cover) - Caitlin Lawless