1. Poi Lesson: Loving the 5-Beat Weave

  2. Gear Review: NinjaPoi vs G2 Flowlights

  3. New Leashes from Flowtoys: Floops!

  4. Gear Review: New Fire Poi from HoP

  5. Split-time hip reels (AKA watermill) and the MISSING REELS!

  6. Posture for Poi and Flow Arts with Kinesiologist Sarah Hamilton

  7. Poi Lesson: Nick's Favourite Stalling Pattern

  8. Poi Lesson: Getting Stalls Started

  9. Poi Lesson: Crosspoints and How to Use them

  10. Poi Spinning Lesson: Turning with Behind the Back Weaves

  11. Poi Lesson: Backward 5-Beat Weave and BTB 5-Beat Weave

  12. Poi Buzzsaws Tutorial: Learning, Turning, and Mastering

  13. Poi Spinning Tutorial: Turnies on a Wall Plane

  14. Partner Poi Spinning: 3-Beat Weave Tutorial

  15. Partner Poi Spinning: Maintaining Split-time and Same-time Tutorial

  16. Partner Poi: Getting Started: Partners, Props, and Communication Tutorial

  17. Partner Poi: Learning Fundamental Rhythms with Arms Tutorial

  18. Partner Poi: Exploring Various Positions with 3-Beat Weaves Tutorial

  19. Partner Poi: Transitions from 4-Beat Weaves to 3-beat Weaves Tutorial

  20. Partner Poi: 4-Beat Crossed-Weave Tutorial

  21. Partner Poi: Over and Under (Beginner to Intermediate Tutorial)

  22. Toroflux Attack!

  23. Poi Spinning Lesson: Wrapping Up for Short Poi (Intermediate Tutorial)

  24. Playful Playpoi Kittycat Surprise!

  25. Poi Spinning Lesson: The Antispin Fountain (Intermediate to Advanced Tutorial)

  26. Choosing Your First Poi: Length, Weight, and Grip (Poi Equipment Tutorial)

  27. Poi Fu: Split-Time Opposites with your Arms, with Turns

  28. Poi Fu: Poitruvian Man with Poi and Transitions

  29. Poi Fu: Circling your Arms in Opposite Directions, with Turns, Gracefully

  30. Poi-Fu: Turning with Extended Split-Time Arms Forwards to Backwards

  31. Poi-Fu! Circular Stepping for Poi, with Partners

  32. Poi Fu: Introducing Poitrovian Arms

  33. Poi-Fu: 3 things everyone should be able to do with their arms

  34. Playpoi Retreat Highlights - 2011

  35. poi hipsacks update (equipment review)

  36. Poi Spinning Lesson: Floating Triquetras (AKA "Time Flies")

  37. Playpoi Vlog: Swiss Retreat 2010

  38. Poi Spinning Lesson: Pendulum Antispin Swooshy Uppy Thing (AKA "Tick-Tock"))

  39. Light at the End of the (Poi) Tunnel: Poi Spinning at it's Best

  40. New Modular System LED Toys by Flowtoys (poi equipment review)

  41. 100% More Poi Spinning

  42. The Great Bali Poi Mapping Adventure Vlog #2.5: Big Rain!

  43. The Great Bali Poi Mapping Adventure Vlog 2: Poop Coffee (and 100% more ducks!)

  44. The Great Bali Poi Mapping Adventure Blog #1

  45. G's Favourite Move with Sambal (Featuring a Sea Urchin and Nick's Meow Song)

  46. Finding the G Spot on the Beach (advanced poi spinning music video tutorial)

  47. Fancy Slackline with Pav

  48. Slackline: What to do once you can walk

  49. Slackline: Getting Started and Taking your First Steps

  50. Fire Spinning in Bali, March 2010

  51. From Bali with Fire Poi

  52. Playpoi in Bali

  53. Costa Rica Flow: Fire Poi in Paradise

  54. Announcing the Playpoi T-Shirts

  55. The Beautiful thing About Ashes (Fire Poi Dance)

  56. Beginner Poi Dancing Lesson: The First Thing You Should Do With Your Poi

  57. Encyclo-Poi-dia 2 DVD trailer

  58. SLACKLINE: The Coolest Thing Since Poi!

  59. Poi Spinning Tutorial: Learning Flowers (Intermediate)

  60. Poi Dance Lesson: Stalling and Cubing (Advanced)

  61. Poi Dance Lesson: No Beat Windmill (Intermediate)

  62. Poi Lesson: Whirling and Footwork (with extended VJlucidTV visual remix)

  63. Poi Dancing Tutorial - How to Spin Triquetras (Intermediate)

  64. Gear Review: Pro Series Chain Cords from HoP

  65. Poi Spinning Tutorial ~ Wall Plane Flowers (Advanced)

  66. Poi Spinning Tutorial - How to Learn the Fountain (beginner)

  67. Flow Temple Promo: Hone Your Own Flow

  68. Alien Jon Spinning in Airport

  69. Poi Tutorial: Advanced 2 Beat Weave (Intermediate)

  70. Poi Spinning Lesson: How to Beautify Butterflies (Intermediate)

  71. The (not) 1.5 Beat Unweave (AKA Pendulum Weaves)

  72. Poi Spinning: More Thoughts on the 4 X 4 Fountain (intermediate)

  73. Ball Bearing Swivels now on Homeofpoi.com!

  74. Beach Vlog: Triquetra/Extension Mode Switches

  75. Making Double Staffs

  76. Poi Spinning Lesson: Behind The Back Weave (Advanced)

  77. Poistory: Fire spinning with Nick and Yuta.

  78. Gear Review: Erik's Flag Poi! (And the Mirror Incident)

  79. Poi Dancing Lesson: Playing Along the Tracks Split-Time

  80. Playpoi ~ Show Your Poi with Brandon

  81. It's my birthday!

  82. Playpoi Retreat Promo - Costa Rica

  83. Fire Spinning at the Yoga Barn with Wah!

  84. The History of Poi Dancing

  85. Beginner Poi Spinning Lesson: The Fountain

  86. Going Beyond the Poi Spinning Basics

  87. Beginner Poi Spinning Lesson: Commentary on Placing a Poi

  88. Poi Dancing Lesson: Turning Freely with Split-time Opposites

  89. Beginner Poi Spinning Lesson: Commentary on Turning with the Weaves

  90. Beginner Poi Lesson: Commentary on One-Handed Butterfly

  91. Poi Basics Beginner Series: How to Learn Poi with Ease

  92. Beginner Poi Dancing Lessons: Commentary on the Reel Turns

  93. Beginner Poi Dancing Lesson: Commentary on Turning with One Poi

  94. Yalang Yalang Fire Show

  95. Beginner Poi Dancing Lesson: Linking Weaves and Butterflies

  96. Nick Vs Yuta: Poi Spinning Showdown in Tokyo

  97. Poi Spinning to Hip Hop with LED balls

  98. Beginner Poi Dancing Lesson: Fun things with Butterfly

  99. Beginner Poi Dancing Lesson: Linking Weaves and WIndmills