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  1. Welcome to SOCAP12 by Kevin Jones

  2. Impact Accelerator @ SOCAP presented in collaboration with Halloran Philanthropies

  3. Blueprint to Scale: Enterprise Philanthropy - Katherine Fulton

  4. Gender Lens Investing - Jackie VanderBrug

  5. How Do We Build the New, Democratic Economy We Need? - Gar Alperovitz

  6. Greetings from the Global Impact Investing Network - Luther Ragin

  7. An Introduction to HUB:CREATE - Rebecca Petzel

  8. Whole-Portfolio Activation to Mission: A Way to Play BIG

  9. When Did it Change for You?

  10. The New Connectivity: Storytelling for the Digital Age

  11. About the HUB at SOCAP12

  12. Impact Investing: What We Have Learned, What Lies Ahead - Judith Rodin

  13. Impact Investing - Panel

  14. Priming the Pump: The Case for a Sector-Based Approach to Impact Investing

  15. Entrepreneur Roundtable

  16. Introduction to Jeff Raikes by Lisa Hall

  17. Markets for Good: An Information-Powered Social Sector

  18. From Greening the Ghetto to Impact Fund - Majora Carter

  19. Rewriting the Term Sheet: a Grand Unified Theory of Impact Investing

  20. Water for 100 Million - Paul Polak

  21. Entrepreneur Pitches with Impact Accelerator @ SOCAP

  22. Blue Economy - Oceanographer Sylvia Earle

  23. Building a Global Movement

  24. To Franchise or not to Franchise - International Replication Demystified

  25. Bottom of the U.S. Pyramid: Frugal Innovation for Our Communities

  26. The Gender Lens on Energy Investment: Women for Women Initiatives

  27. Civic Ventures: Putting people at the center of change

  28. Welcome - Jonathan Axtell

  29. Entrepreneur Pitches with Impact Accelerator @ SOCAP - Part 2

  30. USAID - Wendy Abt

  31. SOCAP Soul - Jarrod Shappell

  32. Changing the Rules of the Economic Game

  33. Local Economies: Real Prosperity Starts Here

  34. Dropping the Discount Talk

  35. Crowdfunding: Opening the Door to the Average Person

  36. Investment and Overshoot: a New Framework

  37. Wrap-up announcement - Penelope Douglas

  38. Closing Plenary - Making Meaning Matter through Forecasting Hope