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  1. Spoon-billed Sandpiper: Hatch

  2. Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

  3. 2012: What a Year for the Birds!

  4. Tracking Backyard Birds

  5. Voices: Willow Ptarmigan

  6. Through the Lens: Yellow-billed Loon

  7. Birding Warblers

  8. Snowy Owl Invasion

  9. Explore the World of Birds and Biodiversity

  10. Voices: Common Loon

  11. Birding by Ear: Northern Cardinal Song

  12. How a Parrot Learns its Name in the Wild

  13. Voices: Barred Owl

  14. Talking with a Pale-billed Woodpecker

  15. Tracking Backyard Birds

  16. Voices: Common Nighthawk

  17. Through the Lens: Eastern Screech-Owl Camouflage

  18. Real Angry Birds: Sharp-tailed Grouse Battle

  19. How Nature Works: Red-winged Blackbird Display

  20. How Nature Works: Catbird Mimicry

  21. How Nature Works: White-winged Crossbill Feeding Technique

  22. How Nature Works: Barrier Island Foraging Strategies

  23. Through the Lens: Snow Goose Migration

  24. Voices: American Bittern

  25. Through the Lens: Birds of Australia's Northern Territory

  26. Birds of the Mississippi River Delta

  27. Archive Clips: Wood Thrush Pair at Nest

  28. Voices: Ruffed Grouse

  29. Voices: Magnificent Frigatebird

  30. Voices: Semipalmated Sandpiper

  31. Through the Lens: White-tailed Ptarmigan

  32. Through the Lens: Black-necked Stilt

  33. Through the Lens: Acorn Woodpecker

  34. How Nature Works: Gull Territoriality

  35. Get Started Feeding Wild Birds