1. Midwives: breaking the stereotype

  2. Midwives: the world needs them now more than ever

  3. Elvina's Story - A Day in the Life of a Midwife in Tanzania

  4. Uganda: Act Now to Save Mothers

  5. Tanzania: Emergency Obstetric Care Campaign

  6. Citizens' Voice: Malawi

  7. Stories of Mothers lost

  8. Birth & Death - November 2012

  9. White Ribbon Alliance - Founder & President, Theresa Shaver

  10. White Ribbon Alliance - Executive Director Betsy McCallon

  11. Citizens' Voice: Using the Media, Pushing for Progress

  12. Citizens' Voice: The Big Push for Every Woman and Every Child

  13. Citizens' Voice: Using the Media, Pushing for Progress

  14. Citizens Voice Pushing for Progress in New York

  15. Wake Up Call - Women's Breakfast for Maternal Health

  16. Citizens' Voice: Keeping Promises, Measuring Results

  17. Citizens' Voice: Wake Up Call for Mothers and Babies

  18. Citizens' Voice: Historic Drop in Childbirth Deaths

  19. Citizens' Voice: Historic Commitments Made on Family Planning

  20. Citizens' Voice: Pushing for Family Planning to Save Lives

  21. Nigeria: 2012 AGM Video

  22. Burkina Faso: Avec Nous

  23. APPI Holds Safe Motherhood Seminar on IWD

  24. Tanzania: Play Your Part

  25. Tanzania: What I Want Is Simple

  26. WRA Global Patron Sarah Brown on Child Marriage

  27. Citizens' Voice: 126th IPU, Kampala Uganda, 5th April 2012

  28. Citizens' Voice: 126th IPU, Kampala Uganda, 4th April 2012

  29. Citizens' Voice: 126th IPU, Kampala Uganda, 3rd April 2012

  30. Uganda: Politicians Taking Action for Maternal Health

  31. Citizens' Voice: 126th IPU, Kampala Uganda, 2nd April 2012

  32. Citizens' Voice: 126th IPU, Kampala Uganda 1st April 2012

  33. White Ribbon Alliance - Acting Together for Change

  34. Dreams for My Daughter

  35. Tanzania: Play Your Part Film Launch

  36. Break the Silence: Respectful Maternity Care

  37. Poonam Bhagat at WRA's "Mum's Tattoo Parlour" in Jaipur

  38. La Naissance et La Mort

  39. Tanzania: Play Your Part Community Screen Filming

  40. Birth and Death - Ugandan Version

  41. Nacimiento y Muerte (Birth & Death)

  42. Make Mother's Dreams Come True This Mother's Day

  43. Tanzania: Mamma Mia March 2011

  44. Royal College of Nursing: 2011 Reception for International Women's Day

  45. WRA joins the EQUALS Soul Train & Women for Women March

  46. Djata

  47. Women: Inspiration and Enterprise - 7 Young Advocates

  48. Voices United for Change

  49. Convoy to Kampala

  50. Mother Lovers - Glastonbury 2010

  51. Stories of Mothers Saved

  52. Zimbabwe: Ms Thokozani Khupe champions maternal health

  53. Mother Lover Tattoos - Glastonbury 2010

  54. Bill Nighy's Newscast

  55. Secretary of State Douglas Alexander supports the WRA

  56. David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party UK supports the WRA

  57. Convoy to Kampala celebrates International Women's Day, Mbarara District, Uganda

  58. 100th International Women's Day March

  59. Nick Clegg, Leader of Liberal Democrats UK supports WRA

  60. Convoy to Kampala Preview: Youth for Safe Motherhood - Play Your Part

  61. Uganda Trailer: Saving Lives of Mothers and Babies

  62. My Sister, My Self

  63. Global Patron Sarah Brown delivers keynote speech to open WRA Annual Membership Meeting

  64. White Ribbon Alliance News: Naomi Campbell visits hospital in Tanzania

  65. Igniting a Global Movement for Safe Motherhood: WRA Commemorates 10 Years of Galvanizing Change

  66. Speaking Truth to Power

  67. Mama

  68. UK Minister for Foreign Affairs Ivan Lewis at Mum's Cafe, Labour Party Conference

  69. The Who's Who of Tattoos - Glastonbury 2009

  70. President Obama and his mum beamed onto the Coliseum by the Maternal Mortality Campaign

  71. Bill Nighy at No. 10

  72. Million Mums Tattooing Glastonbury 2009

  73. Visit Million Mums at Glastonbury Festival!!

  74. Latest WRA News from the Houses of Parliament

  75. Million Mums- Why Mums Matter

  76. Making a Promise to Mothers

  77. The Maternal Mortality Campaign- Play Your Part

  78. The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood- Support Us

  79. Play Your Part - pop video

  80. Convoy To Cape Town- Part Four

  81. Convoy To Cape Town- Part Three

  82. Convoy To Cape Town- Part Two

  83. White Ribbon Alliance at Glastonbury Festival 2008

  84. Convoy To Cape Town- Part One