1. Pinklon Thomas vs Luis Acosta someone gets stopped TKO'd

  2. Matthew Franklin vs Marvin Johnson 2 Classic SLUGFEST Matthew Saad Muhammad

  3. Matthew Franklin vs Marvin Johnson Classic SLUGFEST Matthew Saad Muhammad

  4. Ray Boom Boom Mancini vs Livingstone Bramble 2

  5. Ron Lyle vs Joe Bugner

  6. Stunning brutal KNOCK OUT KO Corrales Castillo II

  7. Corrales Castillo KNOCK OUT Brutal Beat Down TKO 2 warriors plus BLOOD

  8. Livingstone Bramble Crushes Destroys stops KNOCKS OUT Ray Mancini

  9. Pinklon Thomas vs Tim Witherspoon

  10. Evander Holyfield beats Riddick Bowe FAN MAN fight!!!!

  11. George Foreman destroys KNOCKS OUT Joe Frazier KO brutalizes

  12. Evander Holyfield BEATS Riddick Bowe

  13. MIKE Weaver vs James Tillis

  14. Edwin Rosario KO Livingstone Bramble

  15. Lennox Lewis KO Knocks OUT Tommy The Duke Morrison

  16. Muhammad ALI vs Henry COOPER 2

  17. Salvador Sanchez vs Danny Red Lopez 1 TKO Stopped KO

  18. Michael Dokes vs Jimmy Young

  19. Ike Williams Beau Jack LEGENDS almost a death fight TKO

  20. Carlos Monzon Rodrigo Valdez--- Someone gets KNOCKED DOWN

  21. Firefighter Rescue Amazing Crew

  22. Muhammad ALI beats Besmanoff

  23. Evander Holyfield vs Ray Mercer KNOCKDOWN!

  24. Muhammad ALI knocks out KO's TKO Floyd Patterson

  25. Hagler DEMOLISHES Hamsho tko KNOCK OUT KO

  26. Earnie Shavers Battle Royale with Larry Holmes

  27. Muhammad Ali Beats Ken Norton

  28. George Foreman destroys ANNIHILATES wrecks KO KNOCK OUT Smokin Joe Frazier

  29. George Foreman battles KNOCK OUTS fights SLUGFEST Ron Lyle WAR! KO

  30. Ike Ibeabuchi Knocks Out KO Chris Byrd

  31. Ray Mercer destroys dominates knocks out Tommy Morrison KO

  32. Ali almost KNOCKS OUT Joe Frazier

  33. Bert Cooper vs RAY MERCER

  34. Marvin Hagler destroys Hamsho KO TKO BRUTALIZED www.sweetfights.com

  35. Evander Holyfield Knocks OUT Henry Tillman

  36. Mike Tyson KNOCKS OUT destroys Tyrell Biggs www.sweetfights.com

  37. Evander Holyfield Beat up and almost KO by Riddick BOWE

  38. Aaron Pryor destroys KO knockout Alexis Arguello

  39. George Foreman knocks out KO Mike Jamieson destroyed

  40. George Foreman KO's knocks out Gladislan Mijangos

  41. George Foreman KO's knocks out KO Ken Lakusta

  42. Sugar Ray confuses frustrates and makes Roberto Duran QUIT

  43. Rocky Marciano vs Ezzard Charles 2 KNOCK OUT

  44. Jack Dempsey Gene Tunney

  45. George Foreman KNOCKS OUT MOORER

  46. Ray Mancini vs Duk-Koo-Kim

  47. Muhammad ALI TKO'S Joe FRAZIER knock out

  48. George FOREMAN TKO'S George Chuvalo

  49. Muhammad ALI knocks OUT Zora FOLLEY

  50. Emile Griffith Benny Paret KO Dies

  51. Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Patterson KNOCK out sweetfights.com

  52. Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton II sweetfights.com

  53. Muhammad Ali vs Joe FRAZIER II revenge. sweetfights.com

  54. Muhammad Ali vs Jimmy Ellis knock out TKO sweetfights.com

  55. Muhammad Ali vs Ron LYLE knock out TKO SWEETFIGHTS.COM

  56. Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston 2 knock out TKO sweetfights.com

  57. Muhammad Ali vs Jerry Quarry 2 knock out TKO sweetfights.com

  58. Muhammad Ali vs SONNY Liston knock out TKO sweetfights.com

  59. Mike Tyson KNOCKS OUT KO Jose Ribalta

  60. Mike Tyson KNOCKS OUT KO Pinklon Thomas.

  61. Roberto Duran KNOCKS OUT Davey Moore KO

  62. Mike Tyson Mitch BLOOD Green.

  63. Mike Tyson Tony Tucker

  64. Mike Weaver KNOCKS OUT Carl Williams

  65. ALI knocks out Jimmy Ellis KO

  66. Larry Holmes defeats Ray Mercer LEGEND

  67. Marvin Hagler vs Vito Antuofermo

  68. Bruce Curry Monroe Brooks KNOCK OUT great fight

  69. Muhammad ALI knocked down by Joe Frazier

  70. Sugar Ray Robinson KNOCK OUT Gene Fullmer

  71. Sugar Ray leonard KNOCK OUT Thomas Hearns

  72. Sugar Ray leonard KNOCKS OUT Donny LaLonde

  73. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Johnny Gant TKO knock out

  74. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Prada

  75. Evander Holyfield TKO Hasim Rahman brutal

  76. Diego Corrales Jose Luis Castillo KNOCK OUT

  77. Muhammad ALI's LAST ever KNOCK OUT vs DUNN Fight

  78. Muhammad ALI vs Dunn KNOCK OUT pt2

  79. Muhammad ALI vs Dunn KNOCK OUT part 1

  80. Ossie Occasio vs Dwight Qawi part II

  81. Ossie Occasio vs Dwight Qawi

  82. Evander Holyfield vs Rick Parkey KNOCK OUT

  83. John Tate vs Teofilo Stevenson KNOCK OUT

  84. Marvin Hagler vs Wilford Scypion KNOCK OUT

  85. Marvin Hagler vs Vito Antuofermo II KNOCK OUT

  86. Marvin Hagler vs Juan Roldan KNOCK OUT

  87. Roy TIGER Williams vs Earnie Shavers

  88. Mike Weaver vs Scott leDoux

  89. Michael Dokes vs Mike Jameson

  90. Larry Holmes vs Mike Tyson part II KNOCK OUT KO fight

  91. Roberto Duran Wilfred Benitez FINAL ROUND's

  92. Impossible Dream George Foreman Heavyweight Championship WIN history

  93. George Foreman vs Michael Moorer KNOCK OUT

  94. Wilfred Benitez vs Roberto Duran

  95. Micky Ward vs Shea Neary

  96. Marvin Hagler KO's THOMAS HEARNS knock out

  97. Marvin Hagler vs John The Beast Mugabi

  98. Wilfred Benitez

  99. Johnny Bumphus W 15 Lorenzo Garcia