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I Wish One Day.. [ A Justin Bieber Love Story] \\ Part 4

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Uploaded on Feb 22, 2010

I was watching this video called Dont Jealous me: Facebook Date and it is soo funny! I loved it cause well idk. My friend showed it to me and i loved it! Lolz

Continue from last episode!

Justin: * sings Down to Earth*
Sam: What was that for?
Justin: No reason. * sighs and Looks at the sunset* Its beautiful here? Do you come here often?
Sam: Yea.
Justin: Oh. * looks at her eyes* You're Beautiful. * smiles*
Sam: Thanks. * blushes*

* they stare at each other for a moment*

Justin: * leans in*
Sam: * leans In*

* Justin's Phone goes off*

Justin: * POV: Great.* * picks up his phone* Hello? Yea I'll be home soon. Bye. * hangs up*
Sam: Who was that?
Justin: My mom. I gotta go. * smiles*
Sam: Bye. * waves and turns to the sunset*
Justin: Bye. * leaves*
Sam: * sighs and gets up. Leaves also*

At The Foster Home..

Ms. Banks: Everyone Sit down!
The Children: * they all sit*
Sam: * comes in*
Ms. Banks: Thanks that you are here to join us... Now sit.
Sam: * sighs and sits down*
Ms. Banks: * sighs* Children... This is hard for me to say. But remember.. I love you all. And i care for you. I wish we didn't have to separate.
Natasha: What do you mean?
Maddie ( 7 years) : what's wrong?
Ms. Banks: * takes a deep breath* The Foster will be closed and you guys will be on your own from there.
The Children except for Sam: WHAT?
Ms. Banks: I'm sorry but it's not my fault. The goverment decided to. I have no choice but to. I hope you can understand.
Maddie: * crying* where will be go?
Ms. Banks: I don't know. I wish i did.
* a Group of kids start crying too*
Natasha: * upset* How much days do we have left here?
Ms. Banks: Only untill tomorrow. I'm sorry. * leaves the room upset*

At Night..

Sam: * staring into space* What am i supposed to do? * lays down and goes to sleep hugging Me. Hopkins*

The Next Day..

Sam: * gets up and changes into http://www.polyvore.com/today/set?id=... * * wakes up Natasha so she could get ready and go to school.*
Natasha: You've packed your stuff?
Sam: I'm gonna. * packs http://www.polyvore.com/leaving_packi... *
Natasha: That's all you have?
Sam: *Puts Mr. Hopkins in her bag*That's it.
Natasha: Oh. I got more than you.
Sam: Okay then.. This is really not the time to be talking about these things like this.
Natasha: Just saying..

At School ( During Lunch)

Sam: * sitting alone*
Justin and Ryan: * come over and sit next to her*
Justin: hey.
Sam: * looks down* Hi.
Ryan: * whispers to Justin* I told you it was a bad idea sitting with her. She likes to be alone. So bye* Gets up and leaves to another table*
Sam: You can leave too if you want.
Justin: I don't want to.
Sam: Fine then. But to warn you... I'm boring.
Justin: * chuckles* No you're not. You're just hard to read. * Sam looks at him* Not that way.
Sam: Oh.

* the bell Rings*

Sam: Bye. * leaves for her next class*

After School...

Sams P.O.V
As I came on the road.. I saw the Kids from the foster home outside. I went by the door and picked up my bag that was placed outside. Basically we were sitting in the city all alone. I didnt know what to do. * sighs* Life is so Hard..
As I looked to my side, I saw many kids crying and some heading to the park. Guess we are all on our own for now. Natasha looks at me depressed and asks me what are we gonna do? I dont know. But well have to survive on our own for now.
But all I know is Maddie, Natasha and I are sticking together No matter what.

End of POV
Thats it for today! Sorry may post more today but idk.

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