1. Bouquet Battle

  2. All Wound Up, Doggy Style!

  3. World's Worst Mechanic Prank

  4. Restaurant Food Thief Caught On Camera!

  5. Bride and Groom Fight Prank

  6. Exploding Phone Booth Prank

  7. Funny Parking Fine Prank


  9. Vaseline On Shopping Cart Prank

  10. Pervert Monk Drops His Sexy Photos

  11. Trash Can Prank!

  12. Snoring on the Beach Prank

  13. Meanest Motorcycle Smoke Show Prank

  14. Crying Over a Broken Flower Pot

  15. Movers Steal Restaurant Table While Clients Are Eating On It!

  16. Concrete Slab Falls On Pedestrians

  17. Flying Candy Balloon Prank

  18. What time is... ADHD!

  19. Clumsy Waiter Serves Food Off the Floor!

  20. Zombie Apoca-CHIPS!!

  21. Pan Handling Prank

  22. Caught on Camera! Guy Falling Off a Building!

  23. Accidental Amputation!!

  24. Blind Woman Pours Water Everywhere

  25. Exploding Battery Prank!

  26. Caviar Treats Jump Around Prank

  27. Traffic Jam on Mall Escalator

  28. The Water Jug is ALIVE!!

  29. BOOM! Spraying the Customers in the FACE

  30. Wheelchair Con Artist

  31. Cashier Gives Counterfeit Money

  32. Greasy windshield prank!

  33. Toilet in the Elevator!

  34. Funny Clothesline Prank

  35. Woman Steals People's Shoes At Shoe Store

  36. Fat Man Gets Stuck In Chair

  37. When Crazy Women Attack: Puffed Rice Assault

  38. Gas Thief Caught On Camera

  39. Funny Old Man In Freezer Prank

  40. Broken Window Mix-Tape Prank


  42. Revealed Women Change Room Prank

  43. Cream Pie On Sexy Lady Breasts Prank

  44. Firecracker In Photo Booth Prank

  45. Clumsy Waiter Spills CrockPot On Clients

  46. Turtle Crossing Prank

  47. Dog Prank Dog

  48. Crazy Pay Phone Prank

  49. Sex On The Beach Prank

  50. Blind Man Pushed In Fountain

  51. The Most Clumsy Waiter Ever Spills Drinks on Everyone

  52. Insane Door Prank

  53. Sexy Lingerie Cashier Prank

  54. Un-Sexy Woman Lift Prank

  55. Super Scary Mannequin Prank

  56. Sexy Stockings Problem Prank

  57. Precious Painting Falls Disaster Prank

  58. Vicious Plant Attack Caught On Camera

  59. Instant Dog Poop Prank

  60. Ministry of Silly Hats Prank

  61. Mouse In Shoe Surprise Prank

  62. Ping Pong Balls Disaster Prank

  63. Car Destruction Prank

  64. Out Of Control Baby Stroller Prank

  65. Invisible Ink Stain Prank

  66. Funny Glued Glass Prank

  67. Car Explosion At Driving School Prank

  68. Tricked Automated Doors Prank

  69. Barking Kitten Prank

  70. Polar Bear Scare Pranks

  71. Crazy Metal Detector Prankster

  72. Funny Flour Hand Dryer Prank

  73. Girl Sleeps With Strangers Prank

  74. Car Bomb Prank

  75. People Eat Dog Food Prank


  77. SCREAMING Mussels Prank

  78. Garbage Prank

  79. Hidden Camera: Scout Steals Groceries

  80. DIY Prank Idea: Best Garden Hose Trick

  81. Tricked Parking Barrier Closes On Passing Cars

  82. Tricked By A Woman To Hold Super Heavy Box

  83. Best Parking Meter Scam

  84. Fat Man Drops Pants Gag

  85. Throwing The Towel Prank

  86. Monkey See Monkey Do Funniest Prank

  87. Funniest Car Stereo Thief


  89. Sewer Rat Surprise Prank

  90. Evil Water Hose Prank

  91. Dog Poop Prank

  92. Original Car Accident Scam

  93. Jailbreak Phone Booth Prank

  94. Best Spider Prank

  95. Reverse Squirt Gun Prank

  96. Blind Woman Sits On People


  98. Renaissance Man Scare Prank

  99. Rage Inducing Prank