1. Happy 4th of July from Pittsburg State University!

  2. John Lance Arena - Renovations Montage 3

  3. John Lance Arena - Renovations Montage 2

  4. John Lance Arena - Renovations Montage 1

  5. Preserving history is student's future

  6. Showing his Gorilla Pride!

  7. 2012 Pitt State Football Open : the making of

  8. PSU Students+Trampoline = benefit for Special Olympics

  9. Pitt State faculty explore "Course Redesign"

  10. 2012 PSU Fraternal Leadership Summit

  11. Special guests help students move-in at Pitt State!

  12. 2012 Pitt State Sorority Bid Day!

  13. PSU celebrates residence hall renovation

  14. 110th Opening Faculty Meeting

  15. International Orientation Week at Pitt State!

  16. PSU Health and Wellness program gets a big boost!

  17. Kansas Health Foundation Grant Announcement (full press conference)

  18. Pitt State Study Abroad - Peru 2012

  19. Gorilla Gatherings Video (july 2012)

  20. Gorilla Spotlight: Delia Lister

  21. Sustainability... it's easy

  22. 2012 Pitt State Football Season Teaser

  23. Gorilla Spotlight: Dr. Bienvenido "Dean" Cortes

  24. recycling is a beautiful thing

  25. Pitt State helps kick-off annual Farm Show!

  26. History Snapshot: Centennial Bell Tower

  27. Ticket office has new location on campus!

  28. PSU makes parking permit changes

  29. Pitt State's "Gorilla Spotlight: Cate Breneman"

  30. Pitt State's Marching Band records for major Hollywood film (backstage pass)

  31. Pitt State's campus is buzzing with renovations and deferred maintenance projects!

  32. Pitt State hosts NW Arkansas Gorilla Gathering!

  33. Pitt State begins renovations at Carnie Smith Stadium!

  34. 'Science Through Gardening' -Pitt State's Nature Reach Summer Program

  35. Pitt State's Zach Waggoner wins big at ADDY Awards!

  36. Pitt State's Casting course draws talent from around the world!!

  37. Inside the "Pitt C.A.R.E.S." program at Pittsburg State University!

  38. PSU officials recap 'historic' legislative session

  39. Kauffman Stadium - Behind the Scenes with Pitt State

  40. Pitt State coaches throw out honorary first pitch at Kauffman Stadium!

  41. Mascots Gus the Gorilla and KC Sluggerrr - DANCE PARTY !

  42. Read Kansas Read PSA (Anthony Abenoia)

  43. Read Kansas Read PSA (Alexa Bordewick)

  44. Read Kansas Read PSA (Tim Beck)

  45. Read Kansas Read PSA (Lane Lord)

  46. 2012 Memorial Day observance at Pittsburg State University's Veterans Memorial

  47. Commencement Ceremony - College of Business - Spring 2012

  48. Gus helps kick off "Read Kansas Read" summer reading program in Topeka!

  49. Commencement Ceremony - College of Technology - Spring 2012

  50. Commencement Ceremony - College of Education - Spring 2012

  51. Commencement Ceremony - College of Arts and Sciences - Spring 2012

  52. Renovation begins at John Lance Arena with Sustainability being a major focus!

  53. SP2012 Commencement - Regent Logan's Address

  54. Pitt State's English 771 class gets creative with final project!

  55. SP2012 Commencement - President Scott's Address

  56. SP2012 Commencement - Regent Christine Downey-Schmidt's Address

  57. Pitt State ROTC Commissioning Spring 2012

  58. Pitt State dedicates new Outstanding Senior Walk!

  59. Once a Gorilla... Always a Gorilla

  60. Historic Agreement helps transfer students earn degree!

  61. Pitt State's Spring Fling 2012

  62. Pitt State Gorilla Dash 2012

  63. Pitt State hosts "Technolympics" for Joplin's East Middle School!

  64. Pitt State takes another big step forward concerning University Sustainability!

  65. 2012 Meritorious Achievement Awards at Pitt State!

  66. Pitt State's 2012 Football Season Preview

  67. Pitt State's 2012 BIG EVENT!

  68. Pitt State hosts "Teacher Interview Day" at the Weede!

  69. Pitt State Nursing students host "The Teddy Bear Clinic" at Northeast Elementary in Arma!

  70. Another Example of how Pitt State is "Going Green"

  71. Pitt State - The Colors of Spring

  72. PSU Jazz 1 Presents "Everything in it's Right Place"

  73. PSU Jazz 1 Presents "Its Bynne Reel" by Michael Brecker and arranged by Check Owen

  74. PSU Jazz 1 presents "Too Close for Comfort" by James Bock arr. Bill Holman

  75. Pitt State hosts Nursing Career Day!

  76. Oval Time - Swing A Thon & Mustashio Bashio

  77. Pitt State hosts PATH Fair (Personal Actions to Health)

  78. Gorilla fans gather before the big Elite 8 game and give a warm sendoff to the team!

  79. Pitt State goes "Backstage" with Jay Nash!

  80. "Champions Play Here" - A Look Around San Antonio's NCAA Women's DIV-II ELITE 8 !

  81. PSU Women help serve San Antonio community during the championship week!

  82. PSU Women's Basketball team arrives in San Antonio!

  83. Jay Nash - Personal Message to Pitt State!

  84. Severe Weather Awareness Session

  85. Severe Weather, Fire and Safety Session

  86. International Food and Culture Fair 2012

  87. National Pi Day... Pitt State style!

  88. PSU Women's Sweet 16 Basketball Highlights vs. Emporia State

  89. NCAA South Central Region Tournament Champions - Pitt State cutting down the net

  90. Pitt State introduces a new honors society on campus!

  91. Fine and Performing Arts Center Major Gift Announcement March 8th, 2012 (entire program)

  92. Pitt State makes a major announcement about the Fine and Performing Arts Center!

  93. Dr. Grant Moss - Outstanding Faculty Recipient for 2012

  94. Dr. Paul McCallum - Outstanding Faculty Recipient for 2012

  95. Dr. Craig Fuchs - Outstanding Faculty Recipient for 2012

  96. Broadcasting Excellence - CAPS13

  97. Family and Consumer Sciences Career Day!

  98. PSU Community Campaign Kickoff Breakfast!

  99. See who was honored with the Ralf J. Thomas Distinguished Service Award