1. UTT Entrepreneurial Conference 2012 - The Making Sen$e Initiative

  2. UTT Entrepreneurial Conference 2012 -Senator the Honourable Fazal Karim

  3. UTT Entrepreneurial Conference 2012 - Senator the Honourable Larry Howai

  4. UTT Entrepreneurial Conference 2012 - Dr. Fazal Ali Act. President and Provost UTT

  5. Dr. Fazal Ali's Address to New UTT Students for the Academic Year 2012/13

  6. UTT Inter-Faith Service - 28.08.12

  7. Professor Henry Etkowitz at the Triple Helix IX International Conference

  8. Minister Fazal Karim - Olympic Gold Medallist Keshorn Walcott Visits UTT

  9. Curtis R. Manchoon - Olympic Gold Medallist Keshorn Walcott Visits UTT

  10. Dr. Varma Rambaran - Nanotechnology in Medicine

  11. Recorded Live Feed: Newly Reflected Master of Science of ICT

  12. UTT ICT Programmes

  13. Stuident Project - PDWK 110B - Land And Sea Oils Spills

  14. Student Project - PDWK 110B - Diversifying The Economy: Niche products vs Mass products

  15. Student Project - PDWK 110B - Advanced Agricultural Production Techniques

  16. Recorded Live Feed: Our Nation's Dawning - A Celebration of 50 years of Independence

  17. UTT at John S. Donaldson - The Creativity Campus

  18. Indian Arrival Day Celebrations 2012 at Point Lisas Campus

  19. 6th Business Plan Competition Ceremony - The Honourable Stephen Cadiz

  20. 6th Business Plan Competition Ceremony - FULL

  21. Senator the Honourable Fazal Karim - Launch of EITT

  22. Launch of EITT - Curtis Roland Manchoon

  23. Minister Fazal Karim speaks at MoU Signing for Growth in the Aviation Industry

  24. Senator the Honourable Devant Maharaj at MoU Signing for Growth in the Aviation Industry

  25. Curtis R. Manchoon, Chairman of UTT at MoU Signing for Growth in the Aviation Industry

  26. Curtis R. Manchoon - Launch of the UTT John S. Donaldson Port-of-Spain Campus

  27. Senator the Honourable Fazal Karim - Launch of the UTT John S. Donaldson Port-of-Spain Campus

  28. Dr. Angelo Armenti and Ron Paul on Character, Leadership and Change in Higher Education

  29. Dr. Puran Bridgemohan on Character Leadership and Change at UTT

  30. Character, Leadership and Change in Higher Education

  31. Senator the Honorable Minister Fazal Karim on Character Leadership and Change Higher Education

  32. Registration for UTT's Animation Diploma

  33. Curtis Manchoon at SSRVC Launch

  34. Andre Mangatal at SSRVC Launch

  35. Stephan Hernandez at SSRVC Launch

  36. Shivanan Singh at SSRVC Launch

  37. Senator the Honorable Minister Fazal Karim at SSRVC Launch

  38. UTT's ICT Students and Staff Interviewed on TV6 Morning Edition

  39. Sports Day 2012 - Chaguaramas March Past

  40. Sports Day 2012 - APA March Past

  41. Sports Day 2012 - Valsayn March Past

  42. Sports Day 2012 - O'Meara March Past

  43. Sports Day 2012 - Corinth March Past

  44. Sports Day 2012 - ECIAF March Past

  45. Sports Day 2012 - San Fernando March Past

  46. Sports Day 2012 - John D March Past

  47. UTT Sports Day 2012 - Pt. Lisas March Past

  48. Trinidad Space Speaking Through Indo-Trinidadian Rituals and Festivals: 1990 - 2009

  49. Seminar: Contract Law Negotiations - Justice Anthony Lucky

  50. Seminar: Marine Natural Products - Dr. Reia Guppy

  51. Seminar Dr.Hamish Mohamed Dengue Virus in Blood Donation

  52. A Trailer by Animation Students at UTT

  53. UTT Animation Students Show their Work

  54. Senator the Honourable Fazal Karim presents at the CTLPA Workshop 2012

  55. Chairman of the UTT Board of Governors - Mr. Curtis Roland Manchoon at CTLPA 2012

  56. The Chairman of the Board of Governors of UTT speaks at a Book Launch by Dr. Kumar Mahabir

  57. Seminar: Benefits of Exergy Analysis in Process Optimization

  58. Seminar - The Entrepreneurial University: Conflict, Controversy, Challenge

  59. Seminar: Dr. Hamish Mohammed - Prevalence of a Dengue Infection in a Campus in St Kitts

  60. Seminar: India - An Overview

  61. Seminar: Dr. Farid Youssef - Ethics and Leadership: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

  62. Seminar: Elucidation of Aromatic Degradation Pathways

  63. Seminar: Copyright

  64. Seminar: Latchmi Singh - The Role of Chemical Fixation

  65. Seminar: Dr. Geoffry A Haines - Using Electronic Portfolios in Physical Education

  66. Seminar: Phaedra Jaggernauth - Environmentally Friendly Catalysts in Biodiesel Production

  67. Seminar: Godfrey Ransome - Tar Sands Exploitation Using Geostatistical Analyses

  68. Seminar: Stephen Sheppard - The Evolving Role of Strategic Human Resource Management

  69. Seminar: Carlton Jackman - An Integrated Approach to Health Service Delivery in Trinidad & Tobago

  70. Seminar: The Potential Role of Algae in Meeting Future Energy Requirements

  71. Priscilla Bahaw on Entrepeneurship

  72. Priscilla Bahaw Entrepeneurship Education in Trinidad and Tobago

  73. Seminar: Mr. Michael Edwards - Patent Laws and Procedures for Filling a Patent Application

  74. Seminar: Dianne Seepersad - Non-Destructive Testing of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete

  75. Edward Bahaw - The Impact of the Energy Sector on the Non-Energy Sector of Trinidad & Tobago

  76. Eco Engineering and Responsible Entrepeneurship Dr.Ken Ganakan - 31.03.11

  77. Dr. Molly Easo Smith - Women and Higher Education

  78. Seminar: Ulrich Rauch - Moving IT to the Core of the Academic Enterprise

  79. Seminar: Stephen Sheppard - The future of work and Implications for the Managers of Tomorrow

  80. Seminar: Mathematics Bonanza - Shakuntala Devi

  81. Seminar: Rasif Ali - The Impact of the Sugar Cane Bagasse on Concrete

  82. Seminar: Michael Smith - Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Design for the Caribbean - 31.10.11

  83. Seminar: Helena Leonce - Archives and Records Management

  84. Seminar: Green Technology and Water Treatment

  85. Seminar: Mr. Stephen Debique - Crowd-Sourced Free and Open Geospatial Data

  86. Seminar: Dr. Christopher Niezrecki - Digital Correlation Applied to Structural Dynamics

  87. UTT Sports Day 2012 - Winning March Past - UTT Valsayn Campus

  88. Thumru - Tabla Playing Robot

  89. Sir Ellis Clarke on UTT - Interview with Tricia Clarke of UTT

  90. Prof. Hollis Liverpool at the Business and Students' Forum on the Life and Legacy of Steve Jobs

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  92. dms_trailer_fired.flv

  93. dms_cyborg_chicken.wmv

  94. dms_trailer_hostile_elements.flv

  95. dms_trailer_far_from_home.flv

  96. BAFT Programmes - Official Opening - 25.05.11 - Ribbon Cutting

  97. Chalkdust interview

  98. Pan Tuners Programme at UTT

  99. Tobago Gas Technology Conference 2008