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  2. Sandy Moonert Speaks at Diversity Forum

  3. Patsy Wiggins Speaks at Diversity Forum .m4v

  4. Deanna White Speaks at The Diversity Forum

  5. Mayor Robbie Perkins and Congressman Howard Coble Speak at The Diversity Breakfast

  6. Kimberly Floyd Speaks at The Diversity Forum

  7. Dedrick Curtis Speaks at Diversity Forum

  8. Myra Massaroni Performs "God Bless America" at The Diversity Forum

  9. Dennis Quaintance and Nancy Hoffman welcome participants to Diversity Breakfast on IMPACT Greensboro

  10. Walker Sanders and David Moff make closing remarks about IMPACT Greensboro

  11. Stephanie Walker speaks about IMPACT Greensboro

  12. Michael Posey speaks about IMPACT Greensboro

  13. Marikay Abuzuaiter speaks about IMPACT Greensboro

  14. Ester Idassi speaks about IMPACT Greensboro

  15. Akir Khan speaks about IMPACT Greensboro

  16. Diversity Forum Breakfast - IMPACT Greensboro

  17. The HR Group Inc. 10 year anniversary party

  18. Diversity breakfast - LGBT David Moff.mp4

  19. Diversity breakfast - LGBT- Mac Stroupe.mp4

  20. Diversity breakfast - LGBT - Shane Burton.mp4

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  22. Diversity breakfast - Lindy Garnette presents on LGBT Issues in the Workplace.mp4

  23. How to Get An Internship

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  25. Minimize Risk During the Holiday Season 2.mp4

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  27. Gail Ostrishko - clips from Authentic Leadership

  28. Mary Rakestraw speaks at Diversity Breakfast April 2011

  29. Patsy Wiggins welcome at Diversity Breakfast April 2011

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  31. Intro to Video View

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  34. "A Seat in History" Excerpt

  35. Brittany Drakeford, "Do it Differently For Diversity"