2. Olivia and Sophia!

  3. Jen riding the bull on her birthday.

  4. Jen and the bull

  5. Jen no bull about it

  6. Winter Interview

  7. Spinning Onrust top

  8. Waterford Erie Canal old

  9. Onrust lock 2

  10. Onrust

  11. Oldest recorded voice in the world

  12. Teddy Roosevelt speaking at Civil War Monument Rededication in Albany NY

  13. Rededication of Civil War Monument in Albany's Washington Park

  14. Rededication of civil war monument in albany's Washington Park

  15. Fireball Schenectady

  16. Fireball run leaves Schenectady

  17. Deer at peeled island

  18. electrichouse

  19. electrichouse

  20. Our Schenectady Official City Song

  21. Original song Our Schenectady which is the official city song.

  22. Onrustlaunch

  23. GMC Onrust Project Video

  24. Schenectady Stockade Flooding Mohawk River

  25. Schenectady Stockade Flooding from Irene on Mohawk River.

  26. Lock 8 Erie Canal Mohawk River Flood, Lock tenders house inundated.

  27. Jumping Jacks Scotia Flood IRENE Aug 20, 2011 Mohawk River

  28. Schenectady Stockade Flood aug 29 2011

  29. Working 19th century Westinghouse Threshing machine, made in Schenectady, NY

  30. 19th century Westinghouse Thresher in action

  31. My Ride on the ALCO Black Beast

  32. cloud seeding.m4v

  33. Olivia knows all her animals by name

  34. Poughkeepsie Walkway

  35. Poughkeepsie Walkway

  36. Poughkeepsie Walkway

  37. Chinese Lanterns float about the Poughkeepsie Walkway.

  38. Onrust and Dutch Flatbottoms

  39. P9070024

  40. P9070024

  41. Onrust and Dutch boats during Dutch Harbor Day in Sept 2009

  42. P9070013

  43. P9070011

  44. low flying helicopter during Dutch Harbor Day

  45. Onrust and Dutch Harbor Day #2

  46. Onrust in NYC

  47. IMG 0145

  48. John Harvey Fireboat spraying near the Onrust during River Day quadricentennial celebration.

  49. Biplane stunts during River Day Quadricentennial celebration over the Onrust

  50. The Onrust Maiden Voyage in NYC with Half Moon, Mystic Whaler and Cleawrater

  51. The Onrust Maiden Voyage in NYC with Half Moon and other ships

  52. The Onrust Maiden Voyage in NYC with Hal Moon and Clearwater and Mystic Whaler.

  53. The Onrust Maiden Voyage in NYC

  54. The Onrust Maiden Voyage in NYC

  55. The Onrust Maiden Voyage near the Statue of Liberty

  56. The Onrust Maiden Voyage on June 5th in NYC.

  57. The Onrust Maiden Voyage in NYC on June 5th.

  58. The Onrust "Charmers"

  59. A Private's Journal