1. Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit Guitar Cover

  2. Papa Roach Still Swinging Guitar Cover

  3. Glamour Of The Kill If Only She Knew Guitar Cover

  4. Taylor Swift [We are never ever getting back together]

  5. Supersonic [Oasis] drum cover.

  6. Whistle Florida Band Cover by [Still free].

  7. We are beautiful Christina Aguilera Band Cover by [Still free].

  8. Rolling in the deep Adele Band Cover by [Still free].

  9. Boyfriend Justin Bieber Band Cover by [Still free].

  10. Violent Pornography System Of A Down guitar cover.

  11. Deadman Wonderland opening 1 [Fade One Reason] guitar cover.

  12. Naruto Shippuden opening 4 [Closer-Inoe Joe] guitar cover

  13. ATWA System Of A Down guitar cover.

  14. Naruto Opening 2 Guitar Cover [Haruka Kanata Asian Kung-Fu Generation]

  15. Three Days Grace-Just Like You guitar cover

  16. What I've done-Linkin Park guitar cover

  17. Last Ressort-Papa Roach guitar cover

  18. Waidmanns Heil-Rammstein guitar cover

  19. Get free-The Vines guitar cover

  20. Killing the name of - Rage Against The Machine - guitar cover.

  21. Don't get me wrong Clawfinger guitar cover.

  22. Between angels and insects Papa Roach guitar cover.

  23. Scars Papa Roach guitar cover.

  24. Getting away with murder Papa Roach guitar cover.

  25. Animal I have become Three Days Grace guitar cover