1. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) at Soda Summit 2014

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  14. National Soda Summit - Call to Action

  15. National Soda Summit - Overcoming Challenges

  16. Featured Speaker - The Honorable Rosa DeLauro

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  18. Connecting Advocacy Needs

  19. Exploring Emerging Issues

  20. The Inside Story of Soft-Drink Marketing

  21. The Impact of Sugary Drinks in Communities of Color

  22. National Soda Summit - Exploring Emerging Issues

  23. Plenary Speaker - Thomas Farley

  24. Plenary Keynote - Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

  25. Public Responses: Improving the Beverage Environment

  26. Introduction - Taking on Soda

  27. Welcome & Overview

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  29. School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable

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