1. Synchronize by David Hiller - Dubstep.NET Premiere (Forthcoming on UI Music)

  2. Needing You by Bytesize (Infuze Remix) - Profound Audio

  3. Collapse by Obscenity (Forthcoming on Rottun Records)

  4. Swords Dance by Poizon (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  5. "Blow It Up" by Chimeric (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  6. Dubstep.NET Presents - Black Light by Lisa Rowe - Official Music Video

  7. In Your Hands by Virtual Riot ft. Lisa Rowe

  8. Hold Your Breath by Protohype & Kezwik (Forthcoming on Simplify Recordings)

  9. Rattle Your Chains by Timeline - Dubstep.NET Exclusive Download

  10. Circles by KDrew (Dubstep.NET Free Download)

  11. "Drift" by G Jones - SATURATE! Records (Free Download) - TRAP

  12. The Fall by At Dawn We Rage (Official Music Video)

  13. Can't Control Myself by Krewella (Candyland Remix) - Dubstep.NET Exclusive

  14. Wrecked by Killbot (Forthcoming on Dim Mak Records) - Dubstep.NET World-Premiere

  15. The Big Bang by The Slag & iNexus (Play Me & Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  16. Music For Life by Sikdope - Dubstep.NET World-Premiere

  17. The Strength Within by Phrenik (Simplify Recordings)

  18. The Creature by DrySkull (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  19. Come Alive by Mutrix ft. Charity Vance (Dubstep.NET World-Premiere)

  20. Stench Crunk by Unlimited Gravity (Dubstep.NET World-Premiere)

  21. Pulse by Singularity (Download Link in Description)

  22. Enemy Dub by NastyNasty - Dubstep.NET Exclusive

  23. Robot Love by R.O

  24. Well Oiled Machine by Terravita (Firepower Records)

  25. Freefall by Metrik (xKore Remix) - Forthcoming on Viper Recordings

  26. Bullet Train by Stephen Swartz ft. Joni Fatora

  27. Pump That Beat by Jusbe (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  28. Don't Speak by Arkasia ft. Hayley Gene (Heavy Artillery Recordings)

  29. Ennui by Au5 (Forthcoming on Atom Recordings)

  30. Heartbeats For LA by Bubblegum Sci Fi (Dubstep.NET Free Download)

  31. Drops by Melodies Influencing Actions - Dubstep.NET Exclusive

  32. 8bit Dreamz by Calvertron ft. Melleefresh (Jack Knife Records)

  33. World of Skin by Barron & 12Gauge (Forthcoming on Firepower Recordings)

  34. I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz (Liquid Stranger Remix) - Atlantic Records

  35. MDCCLXXVI by River Accorsi (Mau5trap Records)

  36. No Play Ting by MRK1 ft. Doctor (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  37. Pull Up by VGB (Forthcoming on Future Follower Records)

  38. Popo Funk by Maestro (Official Music Video)

  39. Phoenix Down by Meta (Lifted Music)

  40. The Eye by Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te (Wuki Remix)

  41. Tough Guy by Celldweller - Dubstep.NET Exclusive

  42. Bombs Away by Protohype & Init (Kezwik Remix) - Simplify Recordings

  43. Axiom ft Arielle by Coming in Static

  44. Talk About Us by Dilemn ft. Ayah Marar (AudioPorn Records)

  45. Droplitz by Jomekka (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  46. Diminuendo by The Slag (Play Me Records)

  47. Youth by Foxes (Adventure Club Remix) Khadafi Dub Edit - Music Video Debut

  48. Ill Shit by Getter (Firepower Records)

  49. Need Your Heart ft. Kai by Adventure Club

  50. Castles In The Sand by Rednek ft. Virus Syndicate (Official Music Video)

  51. Where You Wanna Go by Vaski

  52. No Stopping by Dubba Jonny (Forthcoming on Liyan Records)

  53. Dubstep.NET Presents - Nation of Wusses by Infected Mushroom (Schoolboy Remix)

  54. Heartlock by Chae Hawk (Official Music Video)

  55. Catch Me by Subshock (Forthcoming on SubHuman)

  56. Rise & Fall by Krewella & Adventure Club

  57. Gang Warz by Muffler (Bare Remix) - Forthcoming on SubHuman

  58. INNA by MRK1 ft. Trigga (Forthcoming on Profound Audio)

  59. Let Go by Kezwik ft. Mimi Page

  60. NiT GriT - No Antidote Tour 2012

  61. Electropolitics by Dabin (Apashe Remix)

  62. Music Video: "Yo!" by Mart!n McFly (The Killabits Remix)

  63. Titans by Bare (SubHuman Records)

  64. Repeating Cycles by KJ SAWKA

  65. Calling by Singularity & Sue Cho

  66. Isis by Seven Lions (Forthcoming on Viper Recordings)

  67. Deep Divide by Seven Lions (Dubstep.NET Exclusive)

  68. Slighty Mad by Emptysight (2012 Rework)

  69. Just Sayin' ft. KleptoMaddox by J.Rabbit (Ultragore Recordings)

  70. Forward Unto Dawn by Warrior Music

  71. Unlinked by Foges & Perileyes

  72. Shivers by Goolen ft. Aiva

  73. Oh No by Jakk

  74. The Island by Vaski ft. Sara Laske

  75. Purple by NiT GriT

  76. Dubstep.NET Premiere: The Dark World by Dub Scout

  77. Dubstep.NET Presents: Firestarter by KDrew

  78. Dubstep.NET Presents: Level Up by Fuzion

  79. Dubstep.NET Presents: Anubis by Zenji

  80. Dubstep.NET Presents: Levels by Filth Collins (Forthcoming on Second To None - Feb 2012)

  81. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Yemanja by N.O.H.A (Cottonmouth Remix)

  82. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Fallin' by Hooky

  83. Dubstep.NET Presents: Hold On To Love by Hirshee and Sue Cho

  84. Dubstep.NET Presents: Promises by GladKill

  85. Dubstep.NET Presents: Scorpion Move by Zedd

  86. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Sick Heavy by Tyler Clark

  87. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Floodlights by Rostik ft. Sam Barker

  88. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Out Here VIP by NastyNasty

  89. Dubstep.NET Presents: Feed Em To The Pigs by Filth Collins

  90. Dubstep.NET Presents: Exosphere Funk by Sky People

  91. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Mirror Illusion by The Digital Connection

  92. Dubstep.NET Presents: Zombie Disco by Astrex

  93. Dubstep.NET Presents: Dinner For Two by Quartus Saul

  94. Dubstep.NET Presents: Reality by Arkasia

  95. Dubstep.NET Presents: Darling by NastyNasty

  96. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Gangstaaa by Elo!i & Heights

  97. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Michael Myers is Dead by Figure

  98. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: McPanic Button by Jomekka

  99. Dubstep.NET Exclusive: Razors Anthem by Paractazor