Earth Focus

  1. The Latest Green Automotive Innovations from Japan

  2. Ground to Cloud: Monitoring Brazil's Amazon Forests

  3. Earth Focus Episode 60 - Climate Science in Action

  4. Japan: Smart Green Homes on the Horizon

  5. Tanzania: Google-Powered Chimpanzee Conservation

  6. Earth Focus Episode 59 - UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals

  7. The Unregulated Wild West of Cosmetics Chemicals

  8. Brazil: Indigenous People Map Heritage with Google Earth

  9. Earth Focus Episode 58 - Asian Elephants in Peril

  10. Earth Focus Episode 57 - Faile Street: The Human Cost of Foreclosure

  11. The Fossil Fuel Connection

  12. Juneau Icefield Expedition II

  13. Michael Mann: IPCC Downplaying Higher End Scenarios?

  14. Earth Focus Episode 56 - Toxic Futures: Untold Stories of Chemical Pollution

  15. A Town Fights Back: The Toms River Story

  16. Dangers of the Deep: My Village, My Lobster

  17. Researchers Study Glaciers on Epic Juneau Icefield Trek

  18. 'Liquid Ivory' Palm Oil Rush Endagers Sumatran Elephants

  19. Childhood Cancer Clusters: Revisiting Toms River

  20. Bering Sea Canyons: New Discoveries and Conservation

  21. Brazilian City Uses People Power to Prevent Natural Disasters

  22. Greek Gold - A Blessing or a Curse?

  23. Entire Australian Town Moved to Higher Ground After Floods

  24. Cameroon's Resilient Cocoa Farmers Fight Climate Change

  25. Small Philippines Town Creates Innovative Disaster Warning System

  26. Tiny Cape Verde's Push to be a World Leader in Wind Energy

  27. Fuel Efficient Stoves Transform Lives in Haiti

  28. Earth Focus Episode 55 - Nuclear Insurance: America Goes Naked

  29. New Fracking Frontiers: Gas Exploration Goes Global

  30. Earth Focus Episode 54 - Saving the Rivers of the American West

  31. Kayaking the LA: Revitalizing an Urban River

  32. Naked America: Paying for Nuclear Disaster

  33. A Toxic Legacy: Gold Mining in Peru

  34. Europe: No to GMO

  35. Restoring the Earth: Drylands

  36. Urban Rivers: Restoring the Willamette

  37. Earth Focus Episode 53 - Restoring the Earth

  38. Hot, Smart, and Mobile Technologies

  39. Sustainable Forests Mean Economic Growth in Mozambique

  40. A Big Pill to Swallow: Elephant Contraception Catching On

  41. Discovering the Keys to Coral Restoration

  42. Earth Focus Episode 52 - Fracking Goes Global

  43. Earth Focus Episode 51 - Shades of Gray: Living with Wolves

  44. Fracking Hell? - Britain's Gas Rush

  45. Fracking Hell? - Poland's Dash for Gas

  46. Earth Focus Episode 50 - Shrimp and Smart Phones: The Toxic Side of Profit

  47. Melting Arctic: Assessing the Global Impact

  48. Fracking Hell? - South Africa's Gas Dilemma

  49. Mounting Evidence Links Wireless Devices and Cancer

  50. New Tech Helps Malawi's Forests Breath Deep

  51. Sun Chef: Solar Stoves Transform Southern Africa

  52. Landfill Power: Lighting Up Durban on Garbage

  53. Earth Focus Episode 49 - Meeting Renewable Energy Needs in Southern Africa

  54. Tainted Tin: The Deadly Cost of Smart Phones

  55. Electric Safari

  56. Earth Focus Episode 48 - Meeting Tomorrow's Food Needs

  57. Truck Farms Motor Through NYC, Spread Worldwide

  58. Solar Ship Sails Around the World

  59. Botswana Goes Solar

  60. Earth Focus Episode 47 - Africa: Climate for Change

  61. Namibia Champions Solar Smart Grid

  62. Is Human Activity Pushing Planetary Boundaries?

  63. South Africa Pioneers Micro-Hydro Power

  64. Robots: The Next Generation

  65. Why the US Economy Needs Bees

  66. Entrepreneurs: Shaping the Future

  67. Hot, Smart, Green: New Tech from Japan

  68. Abducting the Future? The War on Generation Z

  69. French Wines Going Organic

  70. America's Energy Future

  71. Drought Solutions: Better Roots Grow Plants in Stressful Conditions

  72. Nanobiotechnology: Future of Possibilities

  73. Nancy Knowlton: Oceans Under Threat

  74. Watershed: Solutions for the Future of the American West

  75. The Amphibian Crisis

  76. Alexandra Cousteau: The Nation's Endangered River

  77. The Gold Factory

  78. Earth Focus Episode 40 - Menhaden: The Most Important Fish in the Bay

  79. Earth Focus Episode 39 - American Rivers: Challenges of the Colorado and Potomac

  80. Dr. Eric Chivian on Biodiversity, Health, and Climate Change

  81. Aaron Bernstein on Biological Diversity and Medicine

  82. Bangladesh: An Uncertain Future?

  83. Hamburg: Green City of the Future?

  84. [Private Video]

  85. [Private Video]

  86. Earth Focus Episode 37 - Exposed: The Ugly Side of Food Production

  87. Grinding Nemo

  88. Earth Focus Episode 43 - Tallberg Forum 2012: Beyond Our Imagination

  89. Jan Eliasson on Global Challenges

  90. Earth Focus Episode 44 - Killing Bees: Are Government and Industry Responsible?

  91. Earth Focus Episode 46 - Exposing the Maritime Waste Oil Epidemic

  92. First Stewards: Coastal Peoples on Climate Change

  93. Earth Focus Episode 45 - Sweden: Gateway to Green Innovation

  94. Going 'Beyond Pesticides' to Save the Bee Population

  95. 'Colony Collapse Disorder' Threatens Bees, US Agriculture

  96. Earth Focus Episode 41 - Biodiversity and Health

  97. Earth Focus Episode 42 - Arise! Women Protecting the Planet

  98. Plantagon: The Future of Urban Food

  99. Solvatten: Purifying Water with Sunlight

  100. Baby Elephant Smuggling Exposed

  101. Earth Focus Interview: David Helvarg

  102. Earth Focus Interview: Glenn Baker

  103. [Private Video]

  104. Laura Seltzer on the Changing Life on the Chesapeake Bay

  105. Earth Focus: Coastlines, Coal Controversy, and Climate Change Refugees

  106. Earth Focus Interview: Hedrick Smith

  107. Earth Focus: Development Threatens the Galapagos

  108. Earth Focus Interview: Michael MacCracken

  109. Earth Focus Interview: Gawain Kripke

  110. Earth Focus Interview: Bill Benenson

  111. Earth Focus: Perils of Soy and the Future of Wildlife Filmmaking

  112. Earth Focus: Technology and the Environment

  113. James Thebaut on Water and Security

  114. Global Work Party Calls for Climate Action

  115. Chuck McCutcheon on Teaching Climate Change to Children

  116. Earth Focus: Tackling Climate Change

  117. Environmental Filmmaking: The Rising Stars

  118. Meet the 2010 Winners of Britain's Ashden Awards

  119. The Alliance for Climate Education: Climate Change for Teenagers

  120. Bob Freling on Meeting Energy Needs of the World's Poor

  121. William Reilly on the World's Growing Water Demands

  122. Earth Focus: Filmmakers on Water

  123. James Hansen on Climate Change and Judiciary Responsibility

  124. Climate Change - the Video Game

  125. Earth Focus Interview: Jennifer Redfearn

  126. Earth Focus: Episode 10

  127. Earth Focus: Episode 9

  128. Earth Focus: Episode 8

  129. Earth Focus: 2009 Environmental Film Festival

  130. Earth Focus: Episode 12

  131. Earth Focus: Episode 11

  132. Earth Focus: Episode 4

  133. Earth Focus: Episode 3

  134. Earth Focus: Episode 2

  135. Earth Focus: Episode 7

  136. Earth Focus: Episode 6

  137. Earth Focus: Episode 5

  138. Earth Focus: Greening the Military

  139. Earth Focus Interview: Gillian Caldwell

  140. Earth Focus Interview: Dailes Judge

  141. Earth Focus: Climate Change Special

  142. Earth Focus Interview: Christopher Flavin

  143. Earth Focus Interview: Mark Lynas

  144. Earth Focus Interview: Jonathan Jacoby

  145. Earth Focus Interview: Janet Larsen

  146. Earth Focus: Can We Live Within Our Planet's Boundaries?

  147. Earth Focus: Journey to Planet Earth

  148. Earth Focus Interview: Robert Corell

  149. Earth Focus Interview: Achim Steiner

  150. Earth Focus Interview: James Nations

  151. Stephen Sapienza on Clean Water in Bangladesh

  152. Water Wars with Rhett Turner & Jonathan Wickham

  153. Clean Water: A Simple Solution Saves Lives

  154. Climate Change Solutions from Africa - Spekboom

  155. Earth Focus Episode 33 - Water: Challenges and Solutions

  156. Jeffrey Patterson on Nuclear Power and Human Health

  157. Robert Alvarez on the Dangers of US Nuclear Power

  158. Sylvia Earle on the Future of the Oceans

  159. Mexico's Tortilla Crisis

  160. Earth Focus Episode 32 - Nuclear Power: Risks and Consequences

  161. Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima and the Perils of Nuclear Power

  162. Three Mile Island: The Controversy Continues

  163. Climate Change Solutions from Africa - Forests

  164. Earth Focus Episode 35 - Women and the Changing Environment

  165. Earth Focus Episode 34 - Canada's Rush for Gold

  166. The Fight for Fish Lake (Teztan Biny)

  167. An Orange Tree Sweatshop: African Migrant Workers Suffer in Italy

  168. Roger Mark De Souza on women and climate change

  169. Earth Focus Episode 36 - National Security and Climate Change

  170. Suzanne Ehlers on Women and Climate Change

  171. Climate Solutions from Africa: The Kaza

  172. Climate Change Solutions from Africa - Training & Research

  173. The Carbon Con: Investigating the True Cost of Carbon Offsetting

  174. Meet the New World Climate Leader - The United States?

  175. Murky Waters: Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh

  176. Meeting Food Needs - Solutions from Africa

  177. Genetically Modified Salmon - Coming Soon?

  178. US Mega Dairies Going British

  179. Picking Up America

  180. A Simple Solution Changes Lives in India

  181. Chernobyl - The Real Story

  182. Jonathan Watts on China's Sustainability

  183. Toxic Environments: US and China

  184. Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

  185. Birding by Ear

  186. Discovering Mount Mabu

  187. Struggling to Survive the Sundarbans

  188. The Last Mountain Filmmakers on Mountaintop Coal Removal

  189. Don Hinrichsen & Stephen Olsen: Oceans and Coasts in Peril

  190. Vegetarian Fish? A New Solution for Aquaculture

  191. The Downside of Plastics

  192. Interview with's Bill McKibben

  193. Earth Focus Episode 31 - Oceans: Turning the Tide

  194. Seafood Fraud

  195. Director Nicole Torre on "Houston We Have a Problem"

  196. Filmmaker Risteard O'Domnhaill on "The Pipe"

  197. Filmmaker Laura Israel on "Windfall"

  198. Earth Focus Interview: Ana Sofia Joanes

  199. Geothermal: Ormat Technologies Energizing Kenya

  200. Earth Focus Episode 30 - Energy and the Environment: The 2011 Environmental Film Festival