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VIDCON 2012 : GloZell, Lindsey Stirling, Jimmy Wong, WilsonTech1 & More!

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Published on Jul 5, 2012

Black Nerd meets GloZell, Lindsey Stirling, WilsonTech1, etc. at VidCon.
Q: Who Did You Meet Or Would Like To Meet At VidCon?
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SPECIAL GUESTS (in Order of Appearance):
Kaleb http://youtube.com/kalebnation | http://youtube.com/60sr
The Wing Girls Jet & Star http://youtube.com/thewinggirls
Ethan Newberry TheSampler http://youtube.com/thesampler
Comediva http://comediva.com | http://youtube.com/comediva
AppChat http://youtube.com/appchat | http://youtube.com/elly
GloZell http://youtube.com/glozell1
WilsonTech1 http://youtube.com/wilsontech1
Lindsey Stirling http://youtube.com/lindseystomp
DevinSuperTramp http://youtube.com/devinsupertramp
Jimmy Wong http://youtube.com/jimmy
Mark Douglas http://youtube.com/barelypolitical
JoeNationTV http://youtube.com/joenationtv
ScreenTeam Chad & Angie http://youtube.com/screenteamshow
CSAndreas http://youtube.com/csandreas
Jaclyn Passaro http://youtube.com/passaropowerhr
Joe Badge of Shame http://youtube.com/badgeofshame
Dan Dobi http://youtube.com/dandobi
DudeItsMalia http://youtube.com/dudeitsmalia
Sawyer Hartman http://youtube.com/sawyerhartman
John's Game Channel http://youtube.com/johnsgamechannel
Seth Does Vlogs http://youtube.com/sethdoesvlogs
Seth Does Games http://youtube.com/sethdoesgames
Scooter Magruder http://youtube.com/scootermagruder
My Life After Breakfast http://youtube.com/mylifeafterbreakfast
Smooth J http://youtube.com/smoothjtheethereal
Jason Horton http://youtube.com/jasonhorton
Stewdippin http://youtube.com/stewdippin
Nikki & John http://youtube.com/nikitabanana88
DCTCool http://youtube.com/dctcool
PS4A http://youtube.com/pressstartforawesome
MGPhenom http://youtube.com/mgphenom
Ross Everett http://youtube.com/therosseverett

MUSIC: "Beverly Hills Black Nerd" & more by Brett Juilly
http://createdbybrett.com | http://youtube.com/createdbybrett

VIDCON 2012 - GloZell, Lindsey Stirling, WilsonTech1 & More YouTubers - Black Nerd Comedy -- I went to VidCon 2012 and had so much fun, I hardly filmed any of it! So I grabbed my camera and walked around with AppChat a.k.a. Elly Awesome to film a bunch of YouTubers partying in the hotel and talking about how much fun they had at VidCon. Guest appearances by Lindsey Stirling, GloZell Green, WilsonTech1, Jimmy Wong, Screen Team, Mark Douglas of BarelyPolitical, JoeNationTV, even Olga Kay... in sticker form. I also show off the amazing turnout at my VidCon panel, "How to Be Successful on YouTube... Without Being a YouTube Star!"

How to Go to VidCon 2012
How to Party at VidCon
How to Do YouTube Collaborations
How to Meet YouTubers

VidCon 2012 Party
VidCon 2012 Wrap-Up
VidCon Party
VidCon Day 0 | VidCon Day 1 | VidCon Day 2
VidCon Industry Day | VidCon Community Pass | VidCon Expo Pass

From VidCon.com: VidCon is the largest conference, convention, and celebration for people who love online video. Whether they're creators, viewers, enablers, or a mix of all three, all are welcome to learn, have fun, and enjoy some of the best content on or off the internet at VidCon 2012 in Anaheim.

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Copyright 2012 - Andre Meadows. Black Nerd Comedy.

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