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  21. Total Joint Replacement at Stanford Hospital, discussed by Stuart Goodman, MD, PhD

  22. Stanford Hospital's Pankaj Pasricha discusses the Enteric Nervous System, or brain in your gut

  23. Taking Care of My Heart: Dr. Jennifer Tremmel

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  25. Taking Care of My Heart - Dr. Sandra Tsai

  26. LVAD at Stanford Hospital Replaces Need for Heart Transplant

  27. Taking Care of My Heart - Dr. Dipanjan Banerjee

  28. Taking Care of My Heart - Dr. Euan Ashley

  29. Taking Care of My Heart - Dr. Michael McConnell

  30. Taking Care of My Heart - Dr. Paul J. Wang

  31. Stanford Hospital Corporate Partners Program

  32. Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Treatment at Stanford Hospital Means Quick Recovery

  33. Expert Filter Removal at Stanford Hospital Saves Life

  34. Jennifer Tremmel, MD, discusses Women's Heart Health at Stanford Hospital

  35. Stanford Hospital Volunteers Make a Difference

  36. Stanford Hospital's Sean David, MD, on Personalized Medicine

  37. PARTNER Trial - Treatment for Severe Aortic Stenosis

  38. Ronald Dalman, MD, discusses Venous Disease and treatment at Stanford Hospital

  39. Strong For Life, a Free Exercise Program Through Stanford Hospital's Aging Adult Services

  40. Stanford Hospital Health Library Helps People Make Informed Medical Decisions

  41. Stanford Hospital's Experts Fix E. Marie's Vision and Posture Problems

  42. Take the Tube: Mass transit for lab samples at Stanford

  43. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) explained by Stanford Hospital's Euan Ashley, MD

  44. Stanford Hospital's Neiha Aurora, MD, discusses Kidney Disease

  45. Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, talks about Pain Management and Stanford Hospital's approach to treating Pain

  46. Haruko Akatsu, MD, discusses Thyroid Disorders and Treatments at Stanford Hospital

  47. Stanford Hospital's Clete Kushida, MD, PhD, Discusses Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  48. Stanford Hospital's Jaimie Henderson, MD, on Parkinson's Disease

  49. Integrative Medicine at Stanford Hospital, featuring David Spiegel, MD

  50. Susan Swetter, MD, Stanford Hospital, on Melanoma, the Most Deadly Form of Skin Cancer

  51. Stanford Hospital Employees Help Community with Rebuilding Together

  52. Stanford Hospital's Frederic Kraemer, MD, on Diabetes

  53. Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment at Stanford Hospital - Laura Resnansky's Story

  54. Rita Ghatak, PhD discusses Stanford Hospital's Aging Adults Services

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  56. Stanford Hospital's James Brooks, MD, discusses prostate cancer.

  57. Cystic Fibrosis specialist David Weill, MD, discusses treatment at Stanford Hospital

  58. Art for Health Program at Stanford Hospital Helps Patients Tap Into Creativity, Alleviate Stress

  59. Lynn Westphal, MD, discusses In-Vitro Fertilization at Stanford Hospital

  60. Stanford Hospital's Stroke Center Director, Greg Albers, MD, on Prevention, Risk Factors, Treatment

  61. New, Minimally Invasive Options for Cardiac Arrhythmia Patients

  62. PAWS (Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford): Visits from Pets Lift Spirits

  63. Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia, explained by Frank Longo, MD, PhD, at Stanford Hospital

  64. Time is Brain: How Recognizing Stroke Symptoms Saved Chris McLachlin

  65. Lung Cancer Awareness - Stanford Hospital & Clinics

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