1. David Armstrong: Regression III. ICPSR Summer Program

  2. Joshua Goode

  3. Jeff Berg, Carleton College

  4. The Data Citation Index from Thomson Reuters

  5. Measures of Effective Teaching Early Career Grants Program (1 of 3)

  6. Orientation to ICPSR Data Services: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  7. Elections, Polling, and Politics... Oh, My!: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  8. Election Data in the Classroom: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  9. SETUPS: The American National Election Study in the Classroom: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  10. ICPSR in the Classroom: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  11. Finding Hidden Treasure in the American National Election Study: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair:

  12. Latino Voting Behavior and the National Latino Survey: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  13. Minority Voting Behavior: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  14. An Introduction to the American National Election Studies: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  15. Promoting ICPSR on Your Campus: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  16. Navigating the New ICPSR Web Site: 2012 ICPSR Data Fair

  17. Kaye Marz on data harmonization

  18. Data Management Plans

  19. National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program

  20. An Introduction to NACDA: National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging

  21. Using ICPSR Data to Teach Deviance and Other Social Science Concepts

  22. When Setup Files Go Bad: Debugging SAS, SPSS, and Stata Code

  23. Depositing Data with ICPSR - Featuring the Data Deposit Form

  24. Helping Students to Measure Income and Health Inequality Using Data

  25. Inquiry-Based Learning

  26. Encouraging Students to Use Their Sociological Imagination Using Data

  27. Creating Setup Files for SPSS (Webinar)

  28. Broadening the Scope and Range of Minority Data

  29. Analyze Data Online on Demand: An Introduction to SDA (Webinar)

  30. Reading Data into SAS Using a Setup File

  31. ICPSR Turns 50 - Our Open House

  32. Jasmine Coleman on Effects of Family Structure on Age of Onset of Adolescent Substance Use

  33. Toby Flint on Perceptions of Democracy: The Middle East

  34. Emmi Obara on Immigrant Perceptions of Americanism

  35. Quentin Karpilow on Contextualizing Disparity

  36. 2011 ICPSR OR Meeting

  37. Peter Granda on Member-Funded Data

  38. Arun Mathur on ICPSR User Support

  39. Using SDA to Subset Data

  40. Resetting Option to View File Extensions in Windows 7

  41. Reading Data into SPSS Using a Setup File

  42. Using SDA for Crosstabs and Frequencies

  43. What is a Virtual Meeting?

  44. Overview of SDA and Its Features

  45. Finding and Gaining Access to Restricted Data at ICPSR

  46. Reading Data into Stata Using a Setup File

  47. Creating and Using a MyData Account