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  1. Jerusalem - The Hoppers

  2. "Shoutin Time In Heaven" By The Hoppers

  3. The Hoppers - What A Lovely Name

  4. The Hoppers - Yahweh

  5. "Yes, I Am" By The Hoppers

  6. The Hoppers - That's Him

  7. The Cathedrals - Sinner saved by grace

  8. "Through The Fire" By The Crabb Family (FULL)

  9. Dottie Rambo - Sheltered In The Arms Of God

  10. The Hoppers - But For The Blood

  11. Mark Lowry & Bill Gaither Comedy/"Turn Your Radio On"

  12. Dottie Rambo - We Shall Behold Him

  13. "We Shall See Jesus" By The Cathedrals

  14. "Too Much To Gain To Lose" By Dottie Rambo & The Martins

  15. Go Ask - Bill Gaither

  16. "Through It All" By Bill Gaither & Homecoming Friends

  17. "When He Comes Down" By The Hoppers

  18. "Please Forgive Me" By The Crabb Family

  19. Dottie Rambo - I Go To The Rock

  20. "Something Beautiful" By Bill Gaither And Company

  21. "The King Is Coming" By The Gaither Vocal Band

  22. The Crabb Family ~ Please Come Down To Me

  23. Mark Lowry And Bill Gaither Comedy

  24. "Boundless Love" By The Cathedrals

  25. Dottie, Reba and Destiny - REMIND ME DEAR LORD

  26. "I've Come Too Far" By The Hoppers

  27. I've Just Started Living-The Cathedrals

  28. Dottie Rambo - He Looked Beyond My Faults And Saw My Needs

  29. Gold City - One More Time Will Do It

  30. "I'd Rather Have Jesus/Oh How I Love.." By The Crabb Family

  31. "Wonderful Grace Of Jesus" By The Cathedrals (ACAPELLA)

  32. "I'm Not Giving Up" By Gold City

  33. "Go Ask" By The Hoppers

  34. Gold City - Love Went Deeper

  35. The Hoppers - The Dove

  36. Gold City - Midnight Cry

  37. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb-The Hoppers

  38. The Crabb Family - The Reason that I'm Standing

  39. GOLD CITY -I Cast My Bread Upon The Water- With Tim Riley