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Story of a girl Trailer

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Uploaded on Mar 5, 2008

This is my newest story which reflects on my life. You see, in my school i'm mostly known as an ice queen and stuff. Well this is sort of like a journal of mine. Exams have just ended which means i've finally got the party with us!!!


Serena Van Der Woodsen ( Vanessa anne Hudgens ) - The main character in this story. She's playing me. She may be a little mean but as the story goes on her attitude becomes nicer. She loves gossip girl and her Favorite colors Violet. She has always Loved Daniel even if she doesn't admit it. While Daniel is her first love she does have a small crush on Nathan. Her On-again off-again BFF is Brooke. They have been friends ever since Kindergarten and have always been like inseperable twins. Although Serena is often cold and sometimes disrespectful Serena shows her vulnerability and true feelings towards Brooke. Her other Bestfriend is Avril. And her soon-to-be BFF is Alexandra.

Brooke Manson ( Ashley Tisdale ) - She is Serena's bestfriend. Brooke is a very goody too shoes sort of girl. She's very sweet and loveable.Brooke may seem to be happy all the time but like everyone else she has her fair share of problems. Especially when both she and Serena fell for the same guy, Daniel. Brooke and Daniel have always been close which leads to her jealousy over Serena at certain times. She is a fannatic of One tree Hill.While Brooke and Serena and on again off again BFF's she never fails to always love Serena for who she is. While Daniel and Brooke try to maintain a relationship as planned, Brooke can't help but Fall for Nathan and somehow still be hurt by her past with Derek.

Avril Adams ( Miley Cyrus ) - A very smart girl. She was Brooke's first Bestfriend until Serena came along around Kindergarten. Avril has always worked hard. She has a baby sister and a pesky little bro. Avril has always been a shy type and was never really socially active. But when Brooke changes classes she and Serena spend more time together. Avril soon finds a place in AVA's elite social circle. Avril's favorite color is green and she adores Heroes.

Alexandra Castillejo ( Leighton Meester ) - Alexandra is a misunderstood goth. She and Brooke were the first to become BFF's then she and Serena soon became BFF's. Alexandra has always had a problem with the popular kids since they traumatized her whole freshman year. Alexandra is a HUGE fan of Gossip girl and heroes. Vincent and Alex are bestfriends until they start to feel something more for each other. While this seems like a good thing, Brenda, the queen bee, isn't about to let Alexandra get her way.

Daniel Fiyero ( Nick Jonas ) - He recently became a student at AVA one year ago. He and Brooke are very close and Brooke somehow thinks of him as a brother until she figures out she's falling for him. Only to find out Serena is too. Daniel loves war and serving his country. Daniel seems to like Brooke more because she's easier to get along with and they make sense. Daniel soon has too pick with what makes sense and what actually is.

Nathan Archibald ( Joe Jonas ) - Nathan is the most popular boy in AVA. He is new in school but everyone loves him. Brooke sees Nathan as a friend but soon falls for him while she's dating Daniel and trying to keep her jealousy over Derek and his interest in Serena on hold. Nathan is close friends with Derek and Daniel which makes things harder for Seren and Brooke. Another problem arises as Avril develops feelings for Nathan.

Matthew Leggat ( Kevin Jonas ) - He is a COMPLETE goofball! Matt has some feelings towards Serena. Although he doesn't know how to show his feelings it will be later shown if he truly loves Serena or thinks of her a joke. His favorite colos green.

Derek Ventruri ( Zac Efron ) - He and Serena used to be neighbors when they were little and also enemies. He moved away and met Brooke during Sophmore year. He and Brooke dated before things didn't go as planned which caused them to break-up. He sees Serena in AVA and there old fued comes back to life. Although he would hate to admit it he always loved Serena and always made sure she was okay and happy.

Vincent Madrigal ( Ed Westwick ) - Vincent is Alex's bestfriend. They both seem to relate to each other and he's always had a thing for her. He and Alex soon fall apart as a new girl comes in who use to know Alexandra. Now she's planning to tak everything from her. Vincent often consulys Serena when it comes to Alexandra. He is very afraid of confrontation. He know has to figure out whether The love that has always been there can survive the tension of the new love he starts to feel.

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