1. The Importance of Grant Writing to K-12 Public Education

  2. North Country Matters: Town of Potsdam Update

  3. Stone Valley: What A Raquette

  4. Pat Brady: Outlines Budget Issues Facing the Potsdam Central School District April 11th 2013

  5. Norwood/Norfolk, NY: Critical Education Issues for the District April 11th 1

  6. Tom Burns: Strategies to Maintain Educational Solvency in Fiscally Challenging Times

  7. Superintendent Pat Brady discusses the Financial Situation of the Potsdam Central School

  8. The Human Wrong Campaign: Human Trafficking

  9. River University On the Hudson River Summer 2013

  10. NYS Assemblywoman Addy Russell: NYS State Eduation Budget 1-31-2013.mov

  11. The Women's Equity Agenda 2013: NYS Assemblywoman Addy Jenne Russell

  12. const island segment

  13. Potsdam Central Capital improvement Project.mov

  14. Matt Doheny (R) Candidate for the NYS 21st Cong Dist.mov

  15. Senator Pattie Richie.mov

  16. Sallie Brothers: St. Lawrence County update Oct. 18th 2012.mov

  17. Marie Regan Potsdam Check Up.mov

  18. Congressman Bill Owens Candidate for the 21 cong, Dist NY

  19. Joseph Chilelli candidate for 118th Assembly Dist. NY.mov

  20. Butler Conversation

  21. Tresidder Conversation

  22. What the Captain Saw.mov

  23. The North Creek Mouse Story

  24. Caroline Cam In the Bowsprit net stowing the Jib

  25. Clearwater Climb to the Top of the Mast

  26. Caroline POV: Water Chestnut Pull.mov

  27. Pulling Water Chestnuts Day2.mov

  28. My Dirty River song

  29. River University/Clearwater Day 1.mov

  30. Constitution Island Marsh Field Trip.mov

  31. North Country Matters Redistricting

  32. North Country Matters Education

  33. Rep Bill Owens Town Hall Meeting.mov

  34. Finding Common Ground on Education

  35. Exploiting Sustainability... A Discussion with Bill Vitek

  36. Deborah Rogers hydrofraking.mov

  37. Dave Fenton Potsdam Village Administrator.mov

  38. Finding Common Ground on Windpower.mov

  39. Marie Regan & Bob Burns.mov

  40. alternatives to dissolution for the Village of Potsdam NY.mov

  41. Steve Yurgartis Mayoral Candidate Village of Potsdam

  42. Norwood Demolition Derby July 4, 2011

  43. Village of Potsdam, NY Public Hearing for comments on possible Dissolution

  44. Orchestra of Northern NY: Mars God of War, Holst

  45. HD Recipient John Lancaster at the 2011 Clarkson University Commencement

  46. President Collins speaks of the Heinrich Family at the Clrkson 2011 commmencement

  47. Sunday Music Society

  48. Primer on Redistricting

  49. The World in Potsdam part1.mov

  50. Russell Findley 3.mov

  51. Russell Findley 2.mov

  52. Russell Findley 1.mov

  53. Addy Russell pt3.mov