1. #SSSVEDA Day 8, Gordo Face!

  2. #SSSVEDA Day 7, Making Up is Hard to Do

  3. VidCon & the Less Than Famous Panel

  4. #SSVEDA Day 6, Get Out of the House!

  5. #SSSVEDA Day 5, Walk to Work Day

  6. #SSSVEDA Day 4, Four Friends You Can Count On

  7. #SSSVEDA Day 3, Fish Fingers and Custard!

  8. #SSSVEDA, Day2 - What would you do a 2nd time?

  9. #SSSVEDA - Day1, Introduce Yourself

  10. Tucson Tea Party Conservative Cruz - Jonathan Paton

  11. Tucson Tea Party Conservative Cruz - Mark Napier

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  14. Tucson Tea Party Conservative Cruz - Adam Kwasman

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  16. Tucson Tea Party Conservative Cruz - Jon Justice

  17. Tucson Tea Party Road Rally Saturday, September 22, 2012

  18. Gabriela Saucedo Mercer at the Border

  19. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day in Tucson from www.mikeshaw.tv

  20. Mike Juggling? on National Juggling Day!

  21. Your 2012 Annular Eclipse Guide

  22. The Dream of Reality, A Desert Wildlife Museum Adventure

  23. Mike Weather and some Adrienne and Mike Show from 1998

  24. Adrienne and Mike Noon Show Blooper

  25. GoPro Hero2 on my mind.

  26. Linda Vista Loop Sunset Time Lapse - 11/18/11

  27. Education IS Under Attack at TUSD

  28. TUSD Board Members Bored with Public Opposed to Mexican-American Studies

  29. Mexican-American Studies Problem at Tucson Unified School District

  30. Mexican-American Studies Problem in the Tucson Unified School District

  31. Trent Humphries Speaks at the Tucson Tea Party, April 30, 2011

  32. Jennifer Humphries Speaks at the Tucson Tea Party, April 30, 2011

  33. Lesley VanBorssum and a Coffee Party Panel Discussion

  34. I Am the Tea Party

  35. Tucson Tea Party Warrior School - What to Do

  36. Tucson Tea Party Warrior School - Good vs. Evil

  37. Tucson Tea Party Warrior School - Friend or Foe

  38. Tucson Tea Party Warrior School Intro

  39. Oro Valley Sunset Time Lapse from January 30, 2011

  40. Morrissey Acceptance Speech at Arizona GOP State Meeting, 01/22/11

  41. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's State of the State Address Two Days After the Tucson Shooting

  42. Tucson GOP, DEM, Tea Party Discussion on CNN Two Days After Shooting

  43. Help Send Christmas Boxes to Marines in Afghanistan

  44. Dude Caught Taking Signs in Tucson on Election Eve

  45. MoveOn.org tactics to provoke by choke?

  46. Glenn Beck talks about rock thrown through Gabby Mercer's car window and sign stealing.

  47. Nancy Young-Wright Supporter Trying to Steal the Election Materials

  48. Did Grijalva Staffer Steal McClung Signs? Fox 11 Tucson Story

  49. Grijalva Staffer Allegedly Caught with McClung Signs

  50. Giffords Supporter Chokes Conservative

  51. Schiff Predicts Hyper Inflation on Fox Business - 10/24/10

  52. Representative Pastor Doesn't Represent Arizona's District 4

  53. Ruth McClung Appears on Fox News 10/22/10

  54. Representative Pastor Doesn't Represent Arizona's District 4

  55. James T. Harris intros Jon Justice at Tucson Tea Party

  56. Tammy Bruce Speaks at the October, 2010 Tucson Tea Party

  57. Matt Perdie on What is a Tea Partier? October, 2010 Tucson Tea Party Rally

  58. Sherrif Joe Arpaio at the Tucson Tea Party October, 2010 Rally

  59. Senator John McCain Leads "GoodBye Gabby" and "So Long Raul" Chants at Tucson Tea Party

  60. Sheriff Paul Babeu Blasts Obama Administration at Tucson Tea Party

  61. Ruth McClung Receives Standing Ovation at October, 2010 Tucson Tea Party

  62. Jesse Kelly Defends Liberty and God-given Rights at Tucson Tea Party Rally

  63. John Huppenthal Speaks @ Pima County GOP

  64. Tom Horne Speaks @ Pima County GOP

  65. McCain Speaks @ PIma County GOP, Part 2

  66. Governor Brewer Speaks @ Pima County GOP

  67. McCain Speaks @ Pima County GOP HQ, Part1

  68. Ken Smalley for State Representative

  69. Ken Smalley Supports Prop 106

  70. Ken Smalley for Arizona House of Representatives - District 28

  71. Giffords is Out of Balance

  72. Giffords is Not a Blue Dog

  73. Can You Spare a Congressman?

  74. Where's Gabby?

  75. Sheriff Paul Babeu Speaks at 9/10/10 Unity Rally

  76. It's a Faint Rainbow!

  77. Ruth McClung on the Roger Hedgecock Show, August 5, 2010

  78. Blockade the Boycotter

  79. Grijalva Steps In It

  80. Ruth McClung Memorial Spot

  81. Pat Kilburn for Arizona

  82. MikeShawTV 05/14/10 05:36PM

  83. Ruth McClung is for Arizona

  84. Reasons to Vote No May 18th

  85. Gabriela Speaks City Council Meeting April 27, 2010

  86. Boycott Grijalva, Not Arizona, Vote Ruth McClung

  87. Smart Girl Politics - Border Clean-up

  88. State Senator Frank Antenori explains AZ Senate Bill 1070

  89. Boycott Grijalva

  90. Proud Balloons

  91. Jonathan Paton for Congress - Tea Party After Party

  92. James T. Harris at the Tax Day Tucson Tea Party, 2010

  93. Dr. Lee Vliet - Arizonans for Health Care Freedom

  94. Eric Ruden - Tucson First

  95. State Senator Huppenthal on Home Schooling

  96. and the Peeps

  97. Wil Obamacare cover illegals and pay for abortions?

  98. Protections Under the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act

  99. Arizona to Sue Over Obamacare