1. February 22 Morning Forecast- Gray Skies With Light Snow and Drizzle

  2. 7&4 Classroom Salute Visits Ms. Teuscher's 3/4 Grade Class at NW Academy in Charlevoix

  3. REVIBE: Remove wallpaper like a pro

  4. Foster grandparents are hoping to inspire a generation

  5. Cheboygan High School facing legal action over use of American Indian mascot

  6. Erika Erickson heads to Phoenix with Carter's Kids

  7. 7&4 Classroom Salute Visits Mrs. Walter's 1st Grade at Westwoods Elementary

  8. February 21 Morning Forecast- Rare Sunshine Across Northern Michigan

  9. All aboard for Anything Goes this weekend!

  10. Sweet folk sounds fill the air

  11. Chef Phil turnips the heat in the kitchen

  12. Construction breaks ground on $2.25 million Vogue Theatre restoration

  13. Mrs Miltner

  14. Healthy pet smiles

  15. February 20 Morning Forecast- Snow and Wind Diminishing With Sun Thursday

  16. Forever Here series

  17. Council meets to discuss terms of wolf hunt

  18. Isabella Co. armed robbery surveillance footage

  19. A Mother's Nightmare: A Struggle With Autism

  20. 7&4 Classroom Salute Stop By Westwoods Elementary and Mrs. Johnson's Class

  21. February 19 Morning Forecast- Icy Roads Giving Way to Near Whiteout Conditions!

  22. Who has been red hot in northern Michigan this year?

  23. School shooter training prepares local deputies

  24. EXTRA: Active shooter training at local school

  25. Remembering father and daughter killed in crash

  26. A Mother's Nightmare - Sneak Peak

  27. Special Report: A Mother's Nightmare PROMO

  28. DDA looking to pump the brakes on food truck decision

  29. 7&4 News Classroom Salute Heads to Mrs. Vollmer's Class at Charlevoix Elementary

  30. February 18 Morning Forecast- Snow and Icy Roads on the Way

  31. A sunny Sunday ahead

  32. Hometown Highlights February 15th

  33. Robert Wuhl

  34. TJ Miller and Sheng Wang like to talk over people

  35. John Fugelsang is the most attractive comedian ever

  36. Snow at times, cold all the time this weekend

  37. 5pm producer Katie Masters needs gas

  38. 7&4 News Checks Out Miss McGraw's Kindergarten Art Class in Charlevoix

  39. February 15 Morning Forecast- Chilly Weekend With Some Lake Effect Snow

  40. REVIBE: Transform old cabinet doors into trendy candle holders

  41. Ice rink construction outside State Theatre

  42. Chef Phil is happy as a clam

  43. One Billion Rising: Valentine's Day victory for women

  44. A Special Bond: Two mothers' lives changed forever

  45. YouTube EXTRA: Hanging out with Comedian Judah Friedlander

  46. Judah Friedlander loves Valentine's Day

  47. Jeff Garlin says the Comedy Festival is the best way to survive February

  48. UNEDITED DASH CAM: Two arrested after high speed chase in Isabella County.

  49. Colder...more snow coming

  50. Erika Erickson gets a Valentine's surprise!

  51. Dynamic Stretch: Heel sweep

  52. Name that love tune

  53. Classroom Salute Heads to Charlevoix Elementary and Mrs. Jarema's Class

  54. February 14 Morning Forecast- Lake Effect Snow and Colder Temps On Way

  55. Til Death Do Us Part: A Love Story

  56. Mike Peters Interview

  57. MADD, Michigan State Police: It's a no-brainer

  58. Snow returns Thursday

  59. Medical marijuana doc could face jail time

  60. Rival teams come together to fight breast cancer

  61. 7&4 Special: A Special Bond Promo

  62. Preschoolers turned away, not enough room

  63. Sneak Peek of the next Now You Know

  64. 7&4 Special: A Special Bond PROMO

  65. EXTRA: Peacock tries to hitch a ride in Northern Michigan

  66. 7&4 News Classroom Salute Stops By Mrs. Lane's Preschool Class at Westwoods Elementary

  67. February 13 Morning Forecas- Light Snow For Valentine's Day

  68. Famous Polish pastries for Fat Tuesday

  69. Zak Mason Interview

  70. Ducks flaunt their feathers on Front St.

  71. Facebook and surveillance help business owner hunt down suspect

  72. More snow on the way

  73. 7&4 Full Special Report: Inoperable

  74. YouTube EXTRA: Fat Tuesday Paczki filling

  75. 7&4 News Classroom Salute Visits Ms. Sexton's 2nd Grade Class in Kalkaska

  76. Fat Tuesday treats at Potter's Bakery

  77. February 12 Morning Forecast- Some Snow Valentines' Day

  78. Frankfort native wins big at Grammy Awards

  79. Budget proposals to boost DNR law enforcement

  80. 7&4 Special: Inoperable

  81. Lauren Tucker: Race to Bayshore Week One

  82. Getting ready for Relay for Life

  83. February 11 Morning Forecast- Rain Switching to Snow Showers Monday

  84. Diligent students take on 2nd grade

  85. Icy roads tonight and Monday morning

  86. Mother Nature creates prime conditions for VASA Races

  87. Quiet Tonight, Rainy Sunday

  88. Hometown Highlights February 8th

  89. Sun Saturday...mix on Sunday

  90. Port collaborative opens waterways to industry

  91. Fire rips through Morton Salt plant in Manistee

  92. Firefly supports Farm to School program

  93. REVIBE: Turn old cabinet doors into funky festive serving trays!

  94. Classroom Salute: Little minds with big aspirations

  95. February 8 Morning Forecast- Sunshine Returns to Start Our Weekend

  96. Gov. Snyder's fuel tax hits roadblock with Northern Michigan folks

  97. JIMMY JOHNS With TC Central's TJ Schepperly

  98. Athletes gear up for competition at 2013 Special Olympics Michigan Winter Games

  99. Smart911