1. Customary "Cold Drink On A Hot Day" (music video)

  2. Social Club "Animal Kingdom" (music video)

  3. BraveheART, JGivens, Charles Longo "James Dean Cool" (music video)

  4. Customary "Before You Leave" (music video)

  5. Chef Camer1 "Nature Calls" (music video)

  6. Stephen the Levite "S.O.S. (feat. Wes Pendleton)" (music video)

  7. Cash Hollistah "goRilla." feat. Sean C. Johnson (music video)

  8. Da Union "Un Flow" (music video)

  9. Alert312 "Vice Versa" (music video)

  10. MC Jin "Brand New Me" (official music video)

  11. Da TRUTH "J.I.F.E." (music video)

  12. NomiS "Shoot for the Moon" (music video)

  13. Coffee Jones "Album Update #2" (video)

  14. Coffee Jones "Album Update #1" (video)

  15. The Praying Mantis "Assassins & Bodyguards" (music video)

  16. FLAME "Let Go (feat. DecembeRadio)" (music video)

  17. Danny Skrpcha "(Revolution)ary Revolution episode 1" (video)

  18. Shane Kidd "Still Shining" (music video)

  19. Danny Skrpcha "Crazy" (music video)

  20. JGivens "The Atrium" (music video)

  21. Customary "Ms. Maybe (feat. Shaun B)" (music video)

  22. Flavor Fest 2012 Highlight Video

  23. God's Servant "Worthy Is The Lamb" (music video)

  24. S.O. "Tell Em All (feat. Andy Mineo)" (music video)

  25. S.O. "Lamentations (feat. Leah Smith)" (music video)

  26. Cas Metah & Wonder Brown "Drowning Man (feat. Copywrite & Elias)" (music video)

  27. Json "It's Alright (feat. Mikeschair)" (music video)

  28. Chef Camer1 "E.R. Phone Home" (Graffiti music video)

  29. DJ Aktual "Shoulder Bliss (feat. JGivens)" (music video)

  30. Customary - The Playground feat. Zabian [Recording Session] music video

  31. Doloto "Midnight Rap Sessions (Prod. by Mistapool)" (music video)

  32. Json "Brand New (feat. God's Servant & Steve T)" (music video)

  33. Timothy Brindle "True Story"

  34. Mars ILL "Breathe Slow" (Live at SonShine Fest 2012)

  35. Mars ILL "More" (Live at SonShine Fest 2012)

  36. Mars ILL "DJ Dust scratch interlude" (Live at SonShine Fest 2012)

  37. Freestyle session featuring Manchild and Jeffrey Alan (SonShine Fest 2012)

  38. KJ-52 "Live at SonShine music fest 2012" (music video)

  39. Applejaxx "Original" (music video)

  40. Mark Arthur "Attractive (feat. Kia Wise)" (music video)

  41. NomiS "Astronomy" (music video)

  42. Promise "Don't" (music video)

  43. Applejaxx "The Juice (feat. Granger)" (music video)

  44. Da' T.R.U.T.H. "The Whole Truth feat. Mia Fieldes" (music video)

  45. Griffin & Whatson "Nothing Can Stop Me" (music video)

  46. Imperial "Behind the Scenes" (album preview 2) @illect @imperialbeats

  47. Imperial "Behind the Scenes" (album preview 1) @illect @imperialbeats

  48. Yaves "O.D." (music video)

  49. Lecrae "Church Clothes" (music video)

  50. Stephen the Levite "True Story" (video interview)

  51. Tha G.I.M. "Supreme" (music video)

  52. Mr. J. Medeiros "Pale Blue Dot" (music video)

  53. S.O. "So It Begins" (music video)

  54. Sean Little "Zenith (feat. DJ Aslan)" (music video)

  55. S.O. "Sure Thing" (music video)

  56. Sean Little "Sunshine (feat. DJ Sean P)" (music video)

  57. Support the Heath McNease "Thrift Store Jesus" project

  58. FLAME "Move" (music video)

  59. Json "Goodbye" (music video)

  60. Json "Making of Growing Pains"

  61. Applejaxx & Trini "Go Hard" (music video)

  62. theBREAX "Never Arrive" (feat. Lecrae & J.R.) music video

  63. Playdough "Hotdoggin" (music video)

  64. Heath McNease & For Beat's Sake "Kain't Moov Nuthin" (music video)

  65. Joel the Custodian "The Visitors: Nativity Story" (music video)

  66. Yo'Conchus "Not Like Them" (feat. S.O. Grey & AHundred Souls) music video

  67. Young Joshua "My Life (feat. J.R.)" (music video)

  68. Benjah "Walking Out" (music video)

  69. Phanatik "Slumber Party (feat. Mac the Doulos)" (music video)

  70. theBREAX "Perfect Storm (feat. J.R.)" (music video)

  71. Lecrae "Prayin for You" (music video)

  72. theBREAX "Imagine Together (feat. R-Swift)" (music video)

  73. theBREAX "Welcome to the Show (feat. Blame One)" (music video)

  74. Benjah "Jezebel" (music video)

  75. Lecrae "Just Like You" (music video)

  76. Lecrae "Far Away" (music video)

  77. K-Drama "Get Your Weight Up" (music video)

  78. Level 3:16 "Tell Em (Internal Conflict)" (music video)

  79. Lecrae "Go Hard" (music video)

  80. DJ Anomally "All 4 You feat. Rawsrvnt and Sypreme" (music video)

  81. Izzy n The Profit "Rattle Ya Cage" (music video)

  82. Lecrae "Jesus Muzik" (music video)

  83. JGivens "Freedom" (music video)

  84. Believin Stephen "Teddy's Story feat. Calm One" (music video)

  85. NIFTY "Greater Is He feat. Tyshan Knight" (music video)

  86. Mark Arthur "Away from Here feat. J.R." (music video)

  87. theBREAX "Paper Jam" (music video)

  88. Unashamed Movie - Support the Campaign

  89. Afaar "Make Music (feat. Ruslan of theBREAX and Propaganda)" (music video)

  90. Heath McNease "Straight Outta Console: Nintendo Thumb mixtape" (video interview)

  91. Voice "When It Rains" (music video)

  92. Christcentric "Fight for the Children" (music video)

  93. Sean Demars "Slavery and Pain" (music video)

  94. Sean Demars "Dull the Pain" (music video)

  95. Verbal Kwest "Crazy Streets" (music video)

  96. Macho "Persuaded feat. R-Swift" (music video)

  97. Braille talks about "Native Lungs" album

  98. Die-Rek - Remember (music video)

  99. Braille - Feel It feat. DJ Revolution (music video)