1. Dynamic Base-Make Me Wonder (Max Mix)

  2. Masterboy-Is This The Love (Is This The House Techno Mix)

  3. Activate-Save Me(Birch & Chris Remix)

  4. Two Cowboys-Everybody Gonfi-Gon (It's Cool Man Remix)

  5. Anticappella-Move Your Body(Magic Domingo Mix)

  6. E-Rotic-Fred Come To Bed(Trance The Fred)

  7. Jinny-Keep Warm(Blu Peter's"New NRG" Mix)

  8. Ace Of Beat-Responsible (Radio Mix)

  9. Dj Martin Feat. Mabruka-Explosive Melody (Maxi's X-Periment Mix)

  10. The Phreaks-9700-H.N.R.G.

  11. Einstein Doctor Dee Jay-Elektro Woman (Join Mix)

  12. Ramirez-Bomba(Dj Ricci Vocal Remix)

  13. Capital Sound-Desire (Master Bait Mix)

  14. Ammonia-Down On My Level (Hard Drum)

  15. Mario Fargetta-This Time(Sexy Night)(Get Far Remix)

  16. Dj B-Here Comes The Hotstepper(Dance Version)HQ

  17. Pandora-Don't You Know(Primax O.E.Day Mix)

  18. Daisy Dee-Open Sesame(Dj Scot Project Remix)

  19. Swan-General Custer(Extended Version)

  20. Dr.Groove-Komando

  21. Imperio-Octopus

  22. Taleesa-I Found Luv(Airplay Forte)

  23. 20 Fingers-Short Dick Man(Aladino Remix)

  24. Aquarius-It Feels Like Summer(Sound Of Summer Mix)

  25. Groove Cult-Midnight Dream(Midnight Hour)

  26. Imperio-Exodus

  27. E Rotic-Sex On The Phone(Hotline Remix)

  28. Culture Beat-World In Your Hands(MKM's Danish Flex Mix)

  29. Samantha Fox-Go For The Heart(Italian EuroMix)

  30. U96-Inside Your Dreams(Intermission Remix)

  31. S.A.Y.-Music Takes You Higher(Club Remix)

  32. N Trance-Electronic Pleasure(Dj Quicksilver Remix)

  33. La Bouche-Sweet Dreams(Razormaid Mix)

  34. Netzwerk-Passion(Trance Mix)

  35. Systematic-Love Is The Answer(Trance Vision)

  36. Taleesa-Let Me Be(Spy Mix)

  37. Intermission-Six Days(Happy Nature Mix)

  38. Culture Beat-Walk The Same Line(Perky Park Mix)

  39. Anticappella-Move Your Body(Technotrance Mix)

  40. Usura -The Spaceman (Planet Mix)

  41. Fun Factory-Groove Me (Darth Vader Remix Noro)

  42. 2 Cowboys-Everybody Gonfi Gon(Valencia Mix)

  43. X Fade-Give Me More Of Your Love(KS Rave Mission)

  44. Too Kool Chris-The Roof Is On Fire(Extended Mix)

  45. Trance Mission Feat. Franca Morgano-Save Me

  46. U.S.U.R.A.-Flying High(Trance Mix)

  47. Cappella-Don't Be Proud(Techno Kingdom)

  48. B.G.The Prince Of Rap-The Colour Of My Dreams(TNT Party Prince Mix)

  49. B.G. The Prince Of Rap-Can't Love You(150 BPM Mix)

  50. Masterboy-Generation Of Love(Robotnico Acid House Mix)

  51. 2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor-Come Take My Hand(Eurodance Mix)

  52. Neuronic-Heaven(Motiv8 Club Mix)

  53. Naif-A Dream Today(Extended Mix)

  54. Photo-Don't Give Up(Tonight Mix)

  55. Kamasya-Going Away(Original Mix)

  56. Co. Ro & Taleesa- I Breakdown & Cry(B. D. Mix)

  57. Kaleidos-Take Me To The Limit(Extended Mix)

  58. Moon Bass- Get Down To The Funky Song(Extended Version)

  59. Karel-Don't Stop(Factory Team Hi Nrg Mix)

  60. Phuture Rhyme-New Phuture(New Version)

  61. Marvellous Melodicos-The Sun & The Moon(1000 Light Years Edit Mix)

  62. Nymphomania-I Want Your Body(12'' Mix)

  63. Lian Ross-Keep This Feeling(Club Mix)

  64. Object One-Terminator 2 Theme(Extended Mix)

  65. La Notte-You Make Me Feel(Space Mix)

  66. Pis Of Keik-Can You See Me

  67. Inner Planet-Good Love

  68. Increase Joy-Feel The Magic(R. A. F. Global Mix)

  69. Impero-Dance Thru The Night(Long Mix)

  70. Alexia-Number One(Remix)

  71. Hope-Tree Frog(Remix)

  72. Bang-You Know I Know(Dub Mix)

  73. Datura-Fade To Grey(Molella Remix)

  74. Usura-Sweat(Sintagma Remix)

  75. Nina-Until All Your Dreams Come True(Tranceformer Club Mix)

  76. Da Blitz-Take My Way(Bliss Team Remix)

  77. Da Blitz-Take My Way(Gabry Ponte Remix)

  78. Dj B-Here Comes The Hotstepper(Dance Version)

  79. Maxx-No More(I Can't Stand It)(Club Mix)

  80. Mr President-Up'N'Away(Club Mix)

  81. Masterboy-Is This The Love(Union Mix)

  82. Usura-Open Your Mind(Tatata Mix)

  83. Osmania-Face Of A Stranger(Extended Version)

  84. Usura-Flying High(Full Mix)

  85. Masterboy-Land Of Dreaming(Night Club Remix)

  86. Technotronic-Hey Yoh, Here We Go(Fiesta Mix)

  87. Odyssey-Talk To Me(Transmission Mix)

  88. Magic Affair-Fire(Th Rave Mix)

  89. Masterboy-Is This The Love(Big Sound Mix)

  90. 24 K-Stop The Lightning(Lightning Mix)

  91. Masterboy-Everybody Needs Somebody(Italo Mix)

  92. Technotronic-Recall(Trancecore Mix)

  93. Kalura-Pay For Love(Radio Mix)

  94. Priority-Time To Unite(Guitar Club Mix)

  95. JT Company-Live My Life(Club Mix)

  96. Sistema Rosso-Higher & Higher(Maxi Hard Mix)

  97. Mc Sar & The Real Mc Coy-Automatic Lover(Maximum Mix)

  98. Usura-Drive Me Crazy(Europe Mix)

  99. Scatman John-Scatman's World(Club Remix)