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Nexus 7 Tablet, Jelly Bean, and More at Google I/O

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Published on Jun 27, 2012

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It's Google vs. Apple! And Microsoft! And Amazon!

During Google's annual software-developers conference this week, or Google I/O, the tech giant has unveiled the Nexus Tablet, which is running their newest Android software, Jelly Bean. The gadget is lined up to compete with the Apple iPad, recently announced Microsoft Surface, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

The company announced plans to also compete in other tech markets. Google's Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, for companies to rent computer servers to store data and power websites, a market currently dominated by Amazon Web Services, which powers the systems of thousands of companies like Netflix and Unilever.

Amazon is estimated to generate around $2 billion annually from Amazon Web Service, and Google obviously wants a piece of that pie. Also in the works—a GoogleTV revamp. This time next year, will we have ditched our pricey iPads for Nexus tablets? We don't know—Google doesn't have a gadget that sees into the future ... yet.


  1. 1

    Twitter Allows Some Users To Download Their Tweet History

  2. 2

    Google Maps Already No. 1 Free iPhone App

  3. 3

    Why Is the Air Force Launching Planes Into Space?

  4. 4

    Facebook and FBI Team To Take Down Cybercrime Ring

  5. 5

    Facebook and FBI Team To Take Down Cybercrime Ring

  6. 6

    Apple Maps Fail Almost Deadly for Several in Australia

  7. 7

    Amazing 1890s Musicbox Recreates Bird Sounds

  8. 8

    Google Pays for Drones To Bust African Rhino Poachers

  9. 9

    Apple Pours $100 Million Into U.S. Manufacturing

  10. 10

    Robot Swims 9,000 Miles From San Francisco to Australia

  11. 11

    Verizon Wants To Record You For Targeted Advertising

  12. 12

    Are You Getting "Scroogled"? Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Campaign

  13. 13

    AT&T Last in Miserable Mobile Provider Report

  14. 14

    Gmail Ups Attachment Limit to 10GB

  15. 15

    Break Out Your GIFs: Tumblr Rises to Top 10 Websites

  16. 16

    Facebook Nudges Employees To Ditch iPhone for Android

  17. 17

    Nokia Maps for iPhone and iPad Outfox Apple Maps

  18. 18

    Koreans Terrorize Airport-Dwelling Birds With Laser Robot Scarecrows

  19. 19

    Spotify Browser-Only Edition Now Available for Some Users

  20. 20

    Facebook's New "Share" Button Should Be Called "Retweet"

  21. 21

    Google Fiber Brings Blazing Internet Speed to Kansas City

  22. 22

    Dog Vacation Site DogVacay Sees Swift Rise

  23. 23

    Last-Hope Blackberry 10 Limps to Stores on Jan. 30

  24. 24

    Last-Hope Blackberry 10 Limps to Stores on Jan. 30

  25. 25

    Man Recants Sex Claims Against Voice of Elmo on "Sesame Street."

  26. 26

    Some Microsoft Surface Touch Covers Crack After Two Weeks

  27. 27

    What Is the Niantic Project? Google Is Glad You Asked.

  28. 28

    Amazon Goes After Netflix With Monthly Subscriptions

  29. 29

    Anonymous Claims Paypal Passwords Exposed For Guy Fawkes Day

  30. 30

    Microsoft Tests Its Own Smartphone

  31. 31

    Google Launches Siri Foil, but Can It Really Compete?

  32. 32

    Gmail Makeover Coming Soon

  33. 33

    Steve Jobs' Finished Yacht Operated by Seven iMacs

  34. 34

    It's Legal To Jailbreak Your iPhone, but Not Your iPad

  35. 35

    Windows 8 Officially Bows to Cautious but Positive Reviews

  36. 36

    U.S. Navy Will Have Active Lasers Within Two Years

  37. 37

    Google Street View Maps the Grand Canyon

  38. 38

    [Private Video]

  39. 39

    Illegal Downloaders Can Expect A Letter From Their ISP Very Soon

  40. 40

    $499 Microsoft Surface Sells Out—A Real iPad Rival?

  41. 41

    Should Android Users Worry About the FBI's Malware Warnings?

  42. 42

    Google Ordered to Reverse New Privacy Policy

  43. 43

    Dozens of iPad Mini Accessories Already On the Way

  44. 44

    A 3-D-Printed Guitar That Actually Sounds Good

  45. 45

    Firefox 16 Pulled After Serious Security Lapse

  46. 46

    Apple Maps Outs Secret Taiwan Military Base

  47. 47

    British Man Jailed for Facebook Posts

  48. 48

    Ready or Not, Here Comes "Angry Birds Star Wars"

  49. 49

    Zynga Stock Free Fall: Online Game-Maker Announces Reduced Revenues

  50. 50

    Real Job Listing: "Asteroid Miner"

  51. 51

    In Lost 1983 Speech, Steve Jobs Predicts the iPad and Our Wireless Future

  52. 52

    Google Passes Microsoft's Market Cap For First Time

  53. 53

    The Mystery of the "UFOs" on Google Street View

  54. 54

    Would You Give "Facebook Gift" Your Credit-Card Number?

  55. 55

    Lifelike Wax Figure of Steve Jobs Debuts in Hong Kong

  56. 56

    Google Launches Underwater "Street View"

  57. 57

    Einstein's Brain Gets Its Own iPad App

  58. 58

    Verizon's iPhone 5 Comes Unlocked

  59. 59

    Google Hosts Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn for The Internship

  60. 60

    Apple's iOS 6: New Features Picked Over by Tech Reviewers

  61. 61

    Twitch Maneuvers To Become YouTube of Video Gaming World

  62. 62

    Twitter Facelift Includes New iPad App

  63. 63

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Disses Blackberry

  64. 64

    How Instagram Led The Way on Guatemalan Volcano Eruption

  65. 65

    iPhone 5 Announcement Leaves Tech Reporters Dazzled or Underwhelmed

  66. 66

    Mark Zuckerberg Acknowledges IPO Disappointment, Predicts Facebook Rebound

  67. 67

    YouTube Introduces a New iPhone App

  68. 68

    Apple Vs. Pandora: iPhone Maker Working on It's Own Music Service?

  69. 69

    FCC To Test Mobile Broadband Speeds

  70. 70

    IPhone 5 Launch Date Set? Apple Special Event on Sept. 12

  71. 71

    Nokia To Introduce Lumia 920; Windows Smartphone With Wireless Charging

  72. 72

    Drone+, the App Counting Military Drone Strikes that Apple Killed.

  73. 73

    "Cyborg" Flesh Created With Nanowires and Human Tissue

  74. 74

    Could Hackers Create Spyware To Steal Passwords From Your Brain?

  75. 75

    Samsung Shares Dive While Apple's Soar in Wake of Ruling

  76. 76

    Amazing Wood Nanomaterial: See-Through, Stronger Than Steel, Conducts Electricity

  77. 77

    Logitech Makes the K310, A Washable Computer Keyboard

  78. 78

    Reported iPhone 5 Pieces Fit Perfectly Into Frame

  79. 79

    Hulu Shakeup Rumored as Owner Companies Vie for More Control Over Content

  80. 80

    New Flexible Robot Can Alter Camouflage, Glow in the Dark

  81. 81

    Kim Dotcom Wins Another Legal Battle in Megaupload Extradition Case

  82. 82

    Researchers Create Bionic Prosthetic Retina That Could Help the Blind See

  83. 83

    New iPhone 5 and Mini iPad Presales Rumored To Start Sept. 12

  84. 84

    Motorola Cutting U.S. Jobs, Closing Offices in Google Reorganization

  85. 85

    Leaked Kinect 2 Image Shows High Tracking Ability for Durango Xbox

  86. 86

    Google Wants To Put Your Gmail Content Into Your Search Results, But Maybe It's a Good Thing?

  87. 87

    Facebook's First Real Cash Online Gambling App Bingo Friendzy Launches

  88. 88

    New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Gets an August Release

  89. 89

    Samsung Can't Use Clips of Kubrick's Space Odyssey Against Apple Patents in Court

  90. 90

    Twitter: Now Giving You Presidential Popularity Contests, Maybe Useful Polling Data?

  91. 91

    Chrome 21 Update Features Retina Display and WebRTC Updates

  92. 92

    Twitter Reinstates Journalist Guy Adams's Account Following NBC Backlash

  93. 93

    IPhone 5 Video Supposedly Shows Housing for Apple's Next Gadget

  94. 94

    Smart Headlights That "See Through" Snow and Rain

  95. 95

    Apple's Competition for Google's Project Glass Wearable Tech

  96. 96

    Google Fiber Revs Up in Kansas City, But Will Customers Bite?

  97. 97

    OS X Mountain Lion Reviews: Heavy on Cloud, Light on New Ideas

  98. 98

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Sales Banned in EU by German Court

  99. 99

    New iPhone 5 Dock Will Make You Throw Out All Your iPhone Accessories

  100. 100

    A Technology That May Change the Face of Smartphones and Frying Pans Forever

  101. 101

    We Are All Stalking Our Exes on Facebook Like Creeps (Shocker)

  102. 102

    AT&T Jumps on The Data Sharing Bandwagon With Mobile Share

  103. 103

    iPhone 5 Rumored to Have Extra Slim Screen That Uses New Technology

  104. 104

    Now TV: BSkyB's Television and Movie Streaming Challenge to Netflix

  105. 105

    Is Time Warner Cable Asking Employees to Spy on Google?

  106. 106

    Yahoo Accounts Reportedly Hacked: 400,000 Users Could Be at Risk

  107. 107

    Software That Learns From Human Gameplay and Then Beats You

  108. 108

    New Sensor-Heavy Gloves Translate Sign Language Users' Gestures Into Text and Voice

  109. 109

    DNS Changer Malware: FBI Shutting Down Internet for Thousands Today

  110. 110

    Is an Amazon Smart Phone on the Way?

  111. 111

    Smaller Mini iPad Coming This Year from Apple?

  112. 112

    MegaUpload's Kim Dotcom: Winning in Court and New Zealand Public Opinion

  113. 113

    Scientists Use Sound To Project Images on Screens Made of Soap Bubbles

  114. 114

    Mind-reader Machine Lets You Type With Your Brain

  115. 115

    Google's Project Glass Goes Sky Diving

  116. Nexus 7 Tablet, Jelly Bean, and More at Google I/O

  117. 117

    Chrome's Awesome Lego Building Application Will Ruin Your Productivity

  118. 118

    Flashback Trojan Virus Forces Apple to Change Website Language

  119. 119

    Nintendo Announces 3DS XL, Hoping for Bigger, Better Sales

  120. 120

    Windows Phone 8: An Update, But Will Current Owners Be Left in the Dust?

  121. 121

    Paypal Redesign: Will Site Makeover Make E-Payments Even Easier?

  122. 122

    Facebook Buys Face.Com

  123. 123

    Microsoft Surface Tablet: The Next Big Player in the Tech World?

  124. 124

    Vizio's New Computers: Rivaling Apple's Sleek Designs?

  125. 125

    The Internet Could Get New Domain Names via 2,000 New Applications

  126. 126

    WWDC 2012: iOS 6, New Macbook Hardware, and Mountain Lion

  127. 127

    Large Hadron Collider Data Skewed By Moon's Pull

  128. 128

    iPhone 5 Leaks: Larger Screen, Smaller Dock, Bottom Headphone Jack

  129. 129

    Google's Map Apps War With Apple

  130. 130

    Mac Hardware Update Rumors Abound Ahead of Worldwide Developers Conference

  131. 131

    Microsoft's Windows 8 and Smart Glass: Shrewd Multiplatform Moves?

  132. 132

    Anonymous Claims Facebook Attack After Disruptions on Site

  133. 133

    Researchers Turn Living Cells Into Logic Gates, Moving Towards Cell Circuits

  134. 134

    Google+ Local Combines Zagat Reviews With Local Search

  135. 135

    Malware Worm "Flame" Steals Data, Records Audio rom Personal Computers

  136. 136

    Google Glasses Video Shows Our First-Person Future

  137. 137

    Yahoo's Axis Extension Aims for Search Success but Suffers a Security Speed Bump

  138. 138

    Moog Celebrating Robert Moog May Be Best Google Doodle Ever

  139. 139

    Scientists Successfully Store Digital Data in Living DNA Cells

  140. 140

    Google Antitrust Deadline "A Matter of Weeks," Says EU Commission

  141. 141

    Google's Knowledge Graph: Star Trek Leap or Facebook Fail?

  142. 142

    4-inch iPhone Screens May Be Coming This Year

  143. 143

    Facebook IPO: Price Raised on Investment Interest

  144. 144

    Facebook IPO comes in time for Mark Zuckerberg's 28th birthday.

  145. 145

    Maps App for iOS 6 Ditches Google, Will Have 3-D Views

  146. 146

    Wolfenstein 3-D: A Seminal First-Person Shooter Turns 20

  147. 147

    Twitter Faces off With Government Over Occupy Protester's Messages

  148. 148

    Google's Self-Driving Car in Nevada Gets License from DMV

  149. 149

    Disney's Touché Makes Awesome Touchable Digital Interface With Tables, Water

  150. 150

    Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Under Fire for Padding His Resume

  151. 151

    Survey: Facebook Privacy Concerns Leading Users to Lie About Themselves

  152. 152

    Spotify on iPad Finally, But it Won't Improve Your Friends' Musical Tastes

  153. 153

    BlackBerry 10 Released at RIM's BlackBerry World 2012 Conference

  154. 154

    Microsoft Invests $300 Million in Barnes and Noble, Nook E-Reader

  155. 155

    CISPA Passes House, Heads to Senate, Obama May Veto

  156. 156

    Apple's Big Market is Now China, But Will it Last?

  157. 157

    Mind-Reading Robot Debuts in Switzerland

  158. 158

    Google Drive Cloud Computing Service Offers Users 5-100 GB of Storage

  159. 159

    Samsung's Galaxy S III Gets a Teaser Video With an iPhone Jab

  160. 160

    Apple, Google and Other Tech Companies Fail to Stop Antitrust Suit

  161. 161

    Facebook IPO Could Come May 17

  162. 162

    North Korea's Website Cost $15

  163. 163

    Giant Angry Birds Illustration by Baltimore Biker

  164. 164

    Google Cofounder: Apple, Facebook, China Among Biggest Threats to Open Internet

  165. 165

    Skyrim Gets Xbox Kinect Voice Commands for Elder Scrolls

  166. 166

    Physicists Create Quantum Network Between Two Labs

  167. 167

    Apple Sued by Justice Department for E-Book Price Fixing

  168. 168

    Facebook Buys Instagram

  169. 169

    Nokia Lumia 900 Release: Worthy iPhone/Android Challenger?

  170. 170

    Mac Malware Flashback Trojan Infects Half a Million Computers

  171. 171

    Google Glasses: The Project Glass Parodies Have Already Started

  172. 172

    Instagram Gains 1 Million Android Users

  173. 173

    Flying Cars: Our Traffic-Avoiding Fantasy Gets Closer to Reality

  174. 174

    Credit Cards Hacked: Nearly 1.5 million Visa & MasterCard Accounts Compromised

  175. 175

    Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits China Foxconn Manufacturing Plant

  176. 176

    Microsoft's Faster Internet Plan: Browsing Made Better for Mobile?

  177. 177

    FTC Releases Online Privacy Report, Pushes for "Do Not Track" Button

  178. 178

    Facebook: Senators Schumer and Blumenthal Call for Investigation Into Employers' Login Requests

  179. 179

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Wows Users With New Interface, Video Editing Tools

  180. 180

    Apple's New iPad and Consumer Reports: Overheating, or Overblown?

  181. 181

    Teens Text 60 Times Per Day, According to Pew Study

  182. 182

    Apple Stock: APPL to Pay Quarterly Dividend to Investors From $97 Billion Cash Surplus

  183. 183

    Apple's New iPads Go On Sale Worldwide

  184. 184

    Apple Stock Shares Now Cost Almost as Much as A New iPad

  185. 185

    Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Patents

  186. 186

    New iPad Pre-Orders Already Sold Out

  187. 187

    Google Pays Prizes to Hackers it Dared To Find Chrome Weakness

  188. 188

    LulzSec Leader Turns on Anonymous, Anonymous Hacks Security Firm in Retaliation

  189. 189

    iPad 3 and iPad HD Release Rumors: The Final Countdown

  190. 190

    Awesome Speech Jammer Gun From Japan Renders You Tongue-Tied

  191. 191

    DARPA's Resource-Gathering Social Media Game Will Help Us After the Apocalypse

  192. 192

    How To Get Siri To Use Google Maps

  193. 193

    Twitter Data Will Now Be Part of TV Ratings

  194. 194

    Facebook "Nearby" App Takes on Yelp and Foursquare

  195. 195

    Instagram Walks Back Proposed Changes

  196. 196

    Why IQ Tests Are Bunk

  197. 197

    U.K. Computers May Come With a Built-In Porn Filter

  198. 198

    U.K. Computers May Come With a Built-In Porn Filter

  199. 199

    Steve Jobs Wanted To Name Safari Browser "Freedom"

  200. 200

    Peel-Off Solar Cells Could Mean Sun-Charging Phones

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