1. Congressman Doyle offers amendment to address cyber-espionage

  2. Mike Doyle reminds Republicans why Obamacare was needed

  3. Doyle Calls on House Republicans to End the Shutdown

  4. Congressman Doyle speaks out against 37th House vote to repeal health care reform law

  5. UN shouldn't let governments censor the Internet or track users

  6. We risk catastrophic failure if we don't fix our nation's locks and dams now

  7. Congressman Doyle challenges Industry Claims about LPFM Radio

  8. Congressman Doyle addresses new models for supporting independent musicians and artists

  9. Congressman Doyle: "Let's be real with the American people" about gas prices

  10. Doyle Criticizes "Seinfeld Legislation"

  11. House passes Combating Autism Reauthorization Act

  12. Congressman Doyle calls on Republican to offer real job-creation bills

  13. Doyle Opposes Repeal of Lighting Efficiency Standards.wmv

  14. Floor Statement opposing bill to prohibit federal funding for NPR

  15. Doyle Floor statement opposing an amendment to kill the FCC's Open Internet rule

  16. Congressman Doyle Questions FCC Commissioners about Net Neutrality and the Open Internet rule

  17. Congressman Doyle questions US Steel representative about EPA GHG rule

  18. Congressman Doyle questions EPA Administrator Jackson February 9 2011

  19. Doyle Speaks Out Against Repeal of Health Care Reform

  20. Local Community Radio Act Approved by House

  21. Doyle-Smith Autism Train Act debated on House Floor

  22. Doyle questions egg company owners about salmonella outbreak

  23. Congressman Doyle calls for improved food safety in wake of salmonella outbreak

  24. Doyle asks about consumer protections in Medicare competitive bidding project

  25. Doyle calls for better oversight of deep sea oil drilling and development of safer technology

  26. Doyle secures Chairman Boucher's commitment to work on captioning services for the blind

  27. Congressman Doyle announces results of 49th Congressional Baseball Game

  28. Congressman Doyle Questions BP Chief Executive about spill

  29. Congressman Doyle confronts BP's Hayword: "You violated that trust."

  30. Doyle calls for a thorough review of the safety practices in the US oil and gas industry

  31. Doyle criticizes BP, Transocean, and Halliburton for their failure to prevent or halt oil spill

  32. House approves Autism Resolution

  33. Congressman Doyle speaks in favor of health care reform bill March 21, 2010

  34. Congress Takes Toyota Execs for a Spin - ABC News.flv

  35. Doyle pays tribute to Jack Murtha

  36. Doyle questions witnesses at hearing about privacy implications of geolocation technology

  37. 2009 12 15 House Floor consideration of Doyle LPFM bill.wmv

  38. Rep. Mike Doy'e - Statement to Congress on Health Reform Bill

  39. Congressman Doyle offers manager's amendment to his Low-Power FM radio bill October 8, 2009

  40. Doyle statement on Low Power FM bill mark-up 2009 10 08

  41. Congressman Doyle speaks in favor of American Clean Energy and Security Act June 26, 2009

  42. Doyle grills witnesses about how the car-makers decided which dealerships to close

  43. Doyle questions car-maker decisions to close particular auto dealerships

  44. Doyle questions FCC and NAB witnesses about low-power FM radio interference with full-power stations

  45. Doyle calls for passage of Local Community Radio Act

  46. Doyle calls for greater restrictions on the sale of military technology to criminals and terrorists

  47. The House clean energy bill would protect US steel industry May 19 2009

  48. Doyle blasts car warranty telemarketers for interrupting America's dinners

  49. Congressman Doyle speaks in support of Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl resolution

  50. Congressman Doyle discusses Global Warming Legislation February 5 2009

  51. Congressman Doyle's statement on the future of the Internet March 1, 2007

  52. Congressman Doyle questions FCC Commissioners December 5 2007

  53. Congressman Doyle urges House Energy and Commerce Committee to approve the Do Not Call Improvement Act October 30 2007

  54. Congressman Doyle statement on Do Not Call Registry October 23 2007

  55. Congressman Doyle Criticizes Savage Remarks about Autism on House Floor July 24 2008

  56. Congressman Doyle Calls for the sale of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve July 11 2008

  57. Congressman Doyle calls for rapid end to Iraq War February 15 2007