1. New Years Eve Party, 2012, in a minute

  2. Dusty and Huckabee Share a Carrot

  3. Dueling Mice

  4. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (Illustrated)

  5. Pig Racing at the NC State Fair (2012)

  6. Dusty and Huckabee Eat Breakfast, Part III

  7. Red Ear Slider Turtles Swimming Around

  8. DodgeBulls -- Dodgeball at Defy Gravity!

  9. Main Street (Greenville, NC)

  10. Coal Glen Mine (song)- with photos from the incident

  11. The Fox - Song (Illustrated)

  12. Dinosaur Barista

  13. The Lonely Cabbage Song

  14. Screech Owl Panting at Eno River Festival

  15. The Gibson Brothers - Lonesome Road Blues at Eno River Festival

  16. Dinosaur Barista

  17. King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O on Ukulele

  18. Wool E. Bull and His Little Bulls

  19. Tour de Fat, Durham, NC 2012

  20. Travelin' Man-- Doc Watson's Version from Ballads from Deep Gap

  21. The Cat Came Back (with Cat Memes!)

  22. Trouble in Mind on the Ukulele

  23. My Ducks Eating Weeds

  24. Steamroller

  25. I Got a Smile Too

  26. Whiskey in the Jar- Dubliners Cover on Ukulele

  27. A Duck Is Born

  28. The Niels Bohr Song

  29. Paul Cezanne Song

  30. Heart and Soul on the Otamatone

  31. Dusty and Huckabee Eat Breakfast, Part 2

  32. Started with Some Lonely

  33. Natural Man

  34. Can't Get High

  35. Spinach for Sale sings Union Maid

  36. Spinach for Sale sings "Seattle"

  37. Spinach for Sale Sings "Keep Your Head Down"

  38. Spinach for Sale sings Love's Delinquent Daughter

  39. Spinach for Sale sings Can't Get High

  40. Spinach for Sale sings Mama Tried

  41. Spinach for Sale Sings Wagon Wheel

  42. Spinach for Sale Sings I Hear them All

  43. Dusty and Huckabee Eat Breakfast