1. Women can ride - Pam at the Chicago Top Gun came in 6th

  2. Woman Top Gun Novice Winner - Lynn Phillips of Georgia

  3. One of the Best Top Gun Riders

  4. Chicago Intermediate Top Gun Winner

  5. Even The Best Go Down Now and Then

  6. Top Gun Cop! How slow can you go.

  7. Women can ride - Pam at the Chicago Top Gun came in 6th

  8. New Mexico Madman Top Gun Run

  9. Woman Rider - Big Harley

  10. Harley-Davidson Side Saddle Demo

  11. Woman Motorcycle Rider, Pam, Civilian Top Gun Precision Rider

  12. Civilian Chases Motorofficer - Officer wins!

  13. Marc Ward's Civilian Top Gun Run

  14. Hey, I Can Do That!

  15. HOG Slow Ride Winner

  16. Motorcop Almost Loses It

  17. Motorcops gone wild in Nebraska

  18. Motorcops and Civilian at play

  19. Slow Harley

  20. Top Gun Practice through the Clover Leaf and Sickle

  21. Marc Side Saddle through the Clover Leaf with MotorCops watching

  22. MotorCops practice time with Marc for Top Gun

  23. Colorado MotorCops Practice - Super Riders

  24. Off Set cone weave for Women

  25. Civilian top Gun on 02 Road King April 09

  26. Pam does the cones on her new Harley Road King 3/29/09

  27. LA HOG Rally Motorcycle Demo March 2009, Marc Ward Riding

  28. Civilian side saddle practice through the cones

  29. 09 Harley Davidson Road King Civilan Top Gun Practice

  30. Harley Davidson "Snowman" course Civilian Top Gun Practice 22' - 21' - 20' cirlces

  31. Dueling Harleys

  32. Cilivan Top gun practice in Colorado on 09 Road King

  33. Doug Adrich at winter NAMM 09 at Marshall Amps breakfast

  34. Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake at Winter NAMM Marshall breakfast

  35. 09 RoadKing first practice at 23ft circle

  36. Pam does the 23ft circle on her Harley

  37. Screaming Eagle mufflers on 09 Harley RoadKing

  38. Harley Davidson Softail skill ride, Thunder in the Rockies

  39. Harley Davidson Weave and 18ft Circle Side Saddle

  40. Harley-Davidson Softail Cone Weave

  41. Harley Softail 18ft circle Side saddle

  42. Pam goes Wild after Slow Cone Weave

  43. Going round and round and round and round

  44. Harley Softail Scrap em, turn em, follow em

  45. Harley-Davidson and Suzuki play Follow the leader in Denver

  46. Tight Circle - If you can find em, grind em

  47. Todd wins his heat, slow ride, at Wyoming HOG Rally

  48. Marc Ward wins the Slow Ride, standing up on Harley

  49. Slow ride heat win by Marc Ward at Wyo state HOG rally

  50. My bike won't turn sharp enough! Figure eight destroyed!

  51. My bike loves cones! Lydia tries the figure eight

  52. Ring Drop Oklahoma HOG Rally co-winners Toby & Lynn Phillips

  53. Ring Drop Ok HOG Rally co-winners Pam Redfern & Marc Ward

  54. Lynn Phillips doing the figure eight on a Road King

  55. Marc Ward & Toby Phillips figure eight at Oklahoma HOG rally

  56. Marc Ward wins the Slow Ride in Oklahoma on Nightster

  57. Marc Ward & Toby Phillips photo finish slow ride

  58. Marc Ward wins slow ride heat on a Nightster in Oklahoma

  59. Toby Phillips and Lynn Phillips two up figure eight

  60. Lynn Phillips winning the Slow Race

  61. Lynn Phillips doing the offset cone weave on a Road King

  62. Harley Davidson practice Nebraska State Hog Rally

  63. Marc Ward on a Harley-Davidson, side saddle 20ft circle

  64. Harley Davidson playtime Nebraska State HOG Rally

  65. Skills practice on Harley Softail, Marc Ward

  66. Civilian Top Gun Run