1. MPR Behind-the-Scenes Video Tour for MPR Membership Appreciation Week: 2013

  2. Cube Critics review Ginger & Rosa, Starbuck and Smashed

  3. Visual Journalism at Minnesota Public Radio News

  4. Life in a homeless shelter through the eyes of an 8-year old

  5. Cube Critics review Olympus Has Fallen, Barbara and On the Road

  6. Cube Critics review Stoker, Lore, and Like Someone in Love

  7. Cube Critics review Jack the Giant Slayer and The Gatekeepers

  8. Competitive beardsmen

  9. MPR News Cube Critics - 02.01.13

  10. Crashed Ice course time lapse

  11. Young immigrant's journey leads to permission to stay

  12. Panel Discussion: Teaching the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862

  13. Worthington bakery brings community together

  14. EIGHTEEN MONTHS TO HISTORY: How the Minnesota marriage amendment was defeated

  15. What we don't know about the voter ID amendment

  16. 14 Minnesotans weigh in on the marriage debate

  17. Bright Ideas: Brian Horrigan

  18. The Fitzgerald Theater presents Back Home with Kevin Kling and Mason Jennings

  19. Fitzgerald Theater 2012 Kick Off

  20. An evening as a Navy SEAL

  21. Guard llamas protect Park Rapids farm

  22. Transitioning from military service to life at home

  23. Doug Powell: Bright Ideas

  24. Wits: The Mad Men Show

  25. WITS: Newsmakers with Bobcat Goldthwait and Neil Gaiman

  26. WITS: Bobcat in the Morning

  27. Bright Ideas: Jim McCorkell

  28. Bright Ideas: Maggie Koerth-Baker

  29. Wits with Wyatt Cenac and Ted Leo - News or Opera

  30. Wits: Paul F. Tompkins and Aimee Mann

  31. Wits with Fred Willard and Dan Wison - Commercial Showdown Throwdown

  32. Wits with Andy Richter and Reggie Watts - Pitch Season

  33. Wits with Tim Meadows - The Ladies Man turns public radio host

  34. Neil Gaiman reads: The Sweeper of Dreams

  35. Thank You MPR Members!

  36. Gary Eichten: Reflecting on a Career

  37. Deployment on the home front

  38. Wits: Whose Apocalypse Is It Anyway?

  39. Wits players perform "The Knowledgepocalypse"

  40. The Mountain Goats play "Rotten Stinking Mouthpiece"

  41. John Hodgman reads Wines at Wits

  42. Wits - Pop Song Correspondences: "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2"

  43. Behind the Scenes: Of Mirth and Mischief

  44. Blake Hazard, F. Scott Fitzgerald's great-granddaughter sings

  45. Thanks Bill!

  46. Wits with Neil Gaiman and Josh Ritter: Neil and Josh play What Kind of Monster are You?

  47. Josh Ritter - The Temptation of Adam (Live at Wits 6/24/11)

  48. Josh Ritter - Girl in the War (Live at Wits 6/24/11)

  49. Wits with Neil Gaiman: "I used to worry about Daleks."

  50. Wits with Neil Gaiman and Josh Ritter: The Box Dwellers

  51. Wits with Neil Gaiman: "The Day the Saucers Came"

  52. Wits with Neil Gaiman, Adam Savage, and Gollum: "I Will Survive"

  53. Wits with Neil Gaiman and Josh Ritter: Emily Dickinson - What kind of monster are you?

  54. Wits with Neil Gaiman and Josh Ritter: Song Character Revisions

  55. Josh Ritter - The Curse (Live at Wits 6/24/11)

  56. Wits with Neil Gaiman: The Problem with Saints

  57. Josh Ritter - Galahad (Live at Wits 6/24/11)

  58. Wits with Sandra Bernhard and Rosanne Cash: Bootcamp for Songwriters

  59. Wits with Sandra Bernhard: The Box Dwellers

  60. Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache (Live at Wits 5/20/11)

  61. Wits with Sandra Bernhard: A Cigarette Come To Life

  62. Wits with Chuck Klosterman: Klosterquiz

  63. Craig Finn - Western Pier (Live at Wits 4/15/11)

  64. Craig Finn - One Single Saviour (Live at Wits 4/15/11)

  65. Wits with Chuck Klosterman: The Box Dwellers

  66. Wits with Patton Oswalt: Paul F. Tompkins

  67. Wits with Chuck Klosterman: Klostermix

  68. Wits with Patton Oswalt: "Runfola Explains Her Gifts"

  69. Wits with Patton Oswalt: The Box Dwellers

  70. Wits with Patton Oswalt: Dungeons and Pattons

  71. Wits with Patton Oswalt: Second Half Scat

  72. Sheep in sheep's clothing

  73. The Clueless Soccer Dad's Guide to the Beautiful Game

  74. After the storm

  75. Stepping into a strike

  76. Stepping in during the strike

  77. Wits - Susan Orlean Reads

  78. Hoophouses help farmers extending their growing season

  79. Wits - John Moe/Susan Orlean Conversation (Part 2)

  80. Wits - George Saunders Reads

  81. Wits - John Moe/George Saunders Conversation (Part 2)

  82. Brother Ali - Tight Rope

  83. Belgians remember American soldiers for Memorial Day

  84. Talking Volumes: Monica Ali on Britishness and cultural transition

  85. Talking Volumes: Monica Ali on teaching

  86. Talking Volumes: Monica Ali on language barriers

  87. Rare birth of twin foals at University of Minnesota Vet Center

  88. Gov. Tim Pawlenty on declining federal Medicaid money

  89. Gov. Tim Pawlenty on the current mood of voters

  90. Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Minnesota's competitiveness

  91. Getting Ready for Minnesota's Fishing Opener

  92. So...you wanna make some radio?

  93. Improving the lives of Minnesota seniors

  94. Choosing home over the nursing home

  95. Springtime in Minnesota

  96. Maplewood police officer fatally shot

  97. Minnesota streetcar retirement

  98. Victims speak following Ming Sen Shiue trial

  99. Remembering car accident victims