1. Bonneville Power: Thinking, Working and Living Green

  2. BPA Turns 75, Part Two, Plugged-in

  3. BPA Turns 75, Part Two, Plugged-in

  4. Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Blue Clue (Award-Winning TV Commercial, 1986)

  5. Gas Pump - Cold Facts. Hot Ideas. (Award-Winning TV Commercial, 1986)

  6. Dragnet - Cold Facts. Hot Ideas. (Award-Winning TV Commercial, 1986)

  7. Bill Drummond, Deputy BPA Administrator at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  8. BPA Turns 75, Part One, Powerhouse of Hope

  9. Colonel Anthony Funkhouser, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers speaks at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  10. Roy Sampsel, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs speaks at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  11. Gerald Lewis, Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  12. U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.) at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  13. U.S. Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler (R-Wash.) at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  14. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (acted by Gary Stamn) at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  15. Steve Wright, BPA CEO and Administrator at BPA, Corps 75th Event

  16. Bonneville Power uses wetland mats to protect the environment (HD version)

  17. BPA Science Lab - How to Build a Turbine

  18. BPA Science Lab - The Great Marble Drop

  19. B-Dub goes after bullies

  20. Working Safely Around Power Lines - Orchard Safety Video

  21. Corona and the Power System - DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

  22. Corona Measurement - DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

  23. Conductor Sag Demonstration - DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

  24. Electrostatic Induction - DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Video

  25. How America's most powerful river fuels hope

  26. How America's Most Powerful River Fuels Hope

  27. Putting Fish Back in the Rivers

  28. Secrets of a Tribal Energy Auditor

  29. Kootenai River White Sturgeon Recovery

  30. Northwest Middle Schoolers Rule Biggest Science Bowl

  31. Huge Habitat Purchase Will Give Northwest Salmon Rest Stop in Columbia Estuary

  32. Construction to Begin on Grand Coulee Line Replacement

  33. Vernita Bar: Where Hydro Ops Have Biologists Seeing Redds

  34. I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project Public Listening Session

  35. WaferTech Innovation Uses Mild Climate to Save Energy, Money

  36. Middle Fork John Day River Wild Salmon Habitat Restoration

  37. Northwest Tribes Provide Electricity, Prove Power to Lead

  38. Locking in the Value of the Columbia River System

  39. BPA and Job Corps Partner to Protect Power Lines

  40. Big Bertha: Pumping up Energy and Water Savings with a Variable Frequency Drive

  41. Trees Cut to Protect Power Lines Will Warm Residents in Need

  42. Restored Wetland Brings Wapato Back to Yakama Nation

  43. Linemen Learn to Fly to Save One Another

  44. Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Get Helping Hand in Southern Idaho

  45. Port Angeles Pilot to Offset Tiered Rates, Integrate Wind

  46. Tacoma Power Wins BPA Energy Efficiency Award

  47. BPA Employees Help Restore Fish and Wildlife Habitat

  48. Lyle Falls Fishway Helps Klickitat River Salmon Steelhead

  49. Salmon and Steelhead Return to Eastern Oregon's Bridge Creek

  50. Lighting Efficiencies Brighten True Value's Future

  51. John Day River Irrigation Screens Protect Wild Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

  52. Value of the River - Transmission

  53. Value of the River - Flood Control, Irrigation, Navigation & Recreation

  54. Technology Innovation Makes BPA Energy Leaders

  55. Dynamic Transfer Balances Wind with Remote Control

  56. Stronger Tower Legs Use Less Steel, Save Millions

  57. Columbia Basin Fish Accords - Putting Fish Back in the Rivers

  58. Value of the River - Protecting Fish

  59. Fish Habitat Restoration Projects Support Pacific Northwest Jobs

  60. BPA Engineers Create Tower Design Software Saving Millions

  61. Keeping Quagga Mussels Out of Northwest Rivers and Lakes

  62. Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Says Energy Efficiency Can Revitalize Economy

  63. Women in Trades at BPA

  64. Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe Cuts Energy Costs by Going Ductless

  65. Umatilla Summer Steelhead Return in Great Numbers

  66. Taneum Creek's New Diversion Improves Fish Passage and Water Delivery

  67. Alcoa Intalco Works Restart Celebration 2011

  68. New Culvert Gives Salmon Access to Historic Tidal Marsh

  69. Will It Conduct? Science Experiment Inspires Next Generation of Engineers

  70. BPA Preps to Plug-In to Electric Car Savings

  71. Wits Up! Students Battle Wits at BPA Science Bowls

  72. BPA Donates ATVs to Skamania County Rescue Teams

  73. Redds Signal Salmon Boost in Basin

  74. Monmouth Gets Mammoth Makeover

  75. Manastash Creek Restoration Helps Fish and Farmer

  76. Using Science and Spill to Optimize Fish Passage

  77. LED: the Next CFL?

  78. Program Rehabs Kelts (Steelhead) for Repeat Trips Home

  79. BPA: Thinking, Working and Living Green (Green Gov Award)

  80. New Oregon-BPA Agreement Protects Willamette Habitat

  81. BPA Footage: Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey - Carlton, OR

  82. BPA Footage: Wildish Habitat - Clearwater Park and Landing, Springfield, OR

  83. Celebrating Salmon and Culture at the Festival of Nations

  84. Columbia River Google Earth Dam Tour

  85. Kids + Creek + Boots + Bugs = Fun Way to Learn Environmental Science

  86. Wild Release: Colville Confederated Tribes' Selective Salmon Harvest

  87. I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project

  88. The Greening of BPA's Fleet with Hybrids

  89. Value of the River - Wind Integration

  90. New Helicopters Assist BPA's 'Eyes in the Sky'

  91. It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Tower: Skycrane Construction on BPA's New 500kV Transmission Line

  92. BPA Footage: Skycrane Construction on McNary-John Day 500kV Transmission Line

  93. Kootenai White Sturgeon: Agencies Collaborate to Save North America's Largest Freshwater Fish

  94. BPA and Skagit Tribe Team Up for Elk and Public Safety

  95. Hemlock Dam Restoration Project Opens Up Steelhead Habitat

  96. Deputy Secretary of Energy: BPA Promotes Clean Energy Future

  97. Earn Cash for Catching Pikeminnow

  98. Science in the Spotlight: Kids Get Behind the Scenes Look at BPA

  99. Tests Prepare Power System for Big Quake