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  1. Elephant Habitat Expansion at the Houston Zoo

  2. Baby Elephants in a Pool - Houston Zoo

  3. Baylor and Tupelo in the Pool

  4. Baylor and Tupelo

  5. Baylor Wakes Tupelo

  6. Elephant Baby Boom - Tupelo and Baylor

  7. Baylor Climbing on Tucker

  8. Baylor in

  9. Babies around the Houston Zoo

  10. Baylor learning how to dust himself

  11. Baby elephant, Tupelo down for the count

  12. Baby elephant, Tupelo nursing for the first time.

  13. Baby Baylor Getting a Bath

  14. Tucker Tantrum - baby elephant at the Houston Zoo

  15. Baby Elephant Baylor - Why Walk When You Can Run?

  16. Baby Elephant Baylor Plays with a HUGE Tree Trunk

  17. Oh Brother! Baby Elephant Baylor

  18. Baby Elephant Baylor Needs a New Pool

  19. Baylor Plays With a few "Toys"

  20. Baby Elephant Learns to Drink With His Trunk

  21. Baylor and Tucker's Playtime

  22. Baylor Plays With a Ball

  23. Baby Baylor in the baby pool!

  24. Cute Baby Elephant "Baylor" Plays With Mom

  25. ITS A BOY! Shanti and Baby Baylor Doing Fine at the Houston Zoo

  26. Elephant Kisses the Camera! Houston Zoo's Shanti Smooches

  27. Interview with Houston Zoo Directo and CEO about Mac

  28. Mac's Second Birthday

  29. Mac and Tucker End of Summer Pool Party

  30. Everybody in the Pool!

  31. First day of the new school term.

  32. Mac the Elephant Takes a Bath

  33. Mac the Elephant Plays with a Ball

  34. Baby Elephants Tupelo and Baylor Play in the Pool

  35. Baby Elephants Tupelo and Baylor Play in the Pool

  36. All About Asian Elephants!

  37. Baby Elephant Duncan's First Time Outside